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Paranormal Phenomena - Psychic Predictions 2014

Predictions are fun, especially when you have proven psychics! I am reading a web site and commenting on the predictions made. Let's see if you agree. Looking back on the past year will tell us if any of these came true, so far! Enjoy!

The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Sunday August 17 2014: Ferguson Update, Max Keiser

On this special live Sunday, August 17 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, host David Knight uncovers the truth behind what really happened last night in Ferguson, Missouri, with Infowars reporters Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs, who were on the ground breaking curfew to display the First Amendment. Knight also blasts the “sketchy” grand jury indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other efforts to turn traditionally conservative states like Texas blue. On today's show, we'll also air special reports from Alex Jones breaking down evidence of government weather manipulation programs past and present, and look at the future of currency with economist and documentary film maker Max Keiser. Tune in at from 4pm to 6pm CT.

ALERT! Mob Destroys 'Ebola' Center In Liberia, Infected People Flee In All Directions!

Residents of a Liberian slum have looted a quarantined clinic for patients suspected of carrying the deadly virus, carrying off items including "bloody sheets and mattresses," now officials fear "Ebola could soon spread through the capital's largest slum."

The facility held approximately 30 patients, most of whom fled during the raid by area residents angry that patients were brought to the location from other parts of Monrovia. The patients are set to be transferred to the Ebola center as Monrovia's largest hospital once they are located, again.

West Point residents went on a "looting spree," stealing items from the clinic that were likely infected, said a senior police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press. The residents took medical equipment and mattresses and sheets that had bloodstains, he said.

... "All between the houses you could see people fleeing with items looted from the patients," the official said, adding that he now feared "the whole of West Point will be infected."

Cold War Alert! Standoff Between NATO and Russia Escalates!

Tensions rise as allies become enemies and enemies begin preparing for war. In the newest threat of global catastrophe, the U.S. and other NATO countries have screamed their warnings to Russia in an effort to calm this new Cold War that seems to be occurring. Undoubtably, we'll see this escalate, forcing Russia to strengthen it's partnerships with Iran, India, and of course, China.

Tensions boil over Ukraine as Russian convoy waits
Diplomatic efforts to douse an international firestorm over claims that Ukraine's forces destroyed Russian military vehicles ratcheted up Saturday as Moscow demanded that Kiev allow its mammoth aid convoy to cross the volatile border.
Kiev said Wednesday it could allow the aid to enter the country after it was inspected by Ukrainian border guards and foreign monitors.
Obama taunts Putin:
Obama joins EU in announcing expanded economic sanctions against Russia
Obama plans meetings with Baltic leaders, sending a message to Russia
Obama Warns Russia Against Further Intervention in Ukraine

ALERT! Widespread Militarization of Police Forces In America! $2.6 Billion Worth of Equipment!

I-Team is uncovering thousands of pieces of military equipment meant for the battlefield that are instead now in the hands of local police forces statewide.

From high powered military grade rifles to combat helicopters, law enforcement agencies statewide are cashing in on a federal program that provides battle-ready equipment to agencies in your backyard. For the past two decades, Illinois officials have used the Federal Law Enforcement Support Office or LESO 1033 program to outfit law enforcement departments with the latest in military grade equipment and technology. Distribution of weapons as part of the program has come under new scrutiny after the widespread utilization of military grade equipment this week to counter protests in Ferguson, Missouri after a police officer shot and killed teenager Michael Brown there this past weekend.

The Gaza War - It is all about The Oil

17.08.2014 News from many: Thank You for watching, appreciated! Published on Aug 17, 2014 Nafeez Ahmed: As Israel's energy issues become more pronounced, repeated military incursions into Gaza show that dominating and exploiting its offshore gas reserves is an increasingly important issue

Science & the Future, Ebola & Biowarfare -- Coast To Coast AM - August 6, 2014

Coast To Coast AM - August 6, 2014 Science & the Future, Ebola & Biowarfare

Guests:     Michio Kaku, Steve Quayle

In the first half, theoretical physicist, author, and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku, discussed cutting edge research into the mind, as well as news in cosmology and physics. We're entering a "golden age of cosmology" with exciting questions about the nature of the universe on the brink of being solved, he remarked. And with the discovery of some 2,000 exoplanets orbiting other stars, we can do an unprecedented census of our own "backyard" in the Milky Way galaxy, he noted. In physics, looking beyond the Higgs Boson particle, we hope to find "sparticles," high-vibrating super-particles that could be related to the Big Bang, he continued.

In the frontiers of mind science, we have the development of the Connectome project, by which we can map all neural pathways of the mind, and bring back memories, sensations, and emotions. And so in the not-so-distant future, "we'll have two discs, one that is the genome by which we can bring back our body, and the other is the Connectome, by which we'll be able to bring back our mind. And you put it together, and what you get is immortality," he declared. Kaku also spoke about how a downloaded mind, instead of living in a computer, could control a robot body as its surrogate, and how this would be especially ideal for space exploration.


In the latter half, author and researcher Steve Quayle talked about the Ebola outbreak, biowarfare, genetic experimentation, and related topics. The US govt. actually patented a number of deadly Ebola strains, and Quayle believes the disease may have been biologically manipulated so that it could become airborne. A person can be a carrier of Ebola for up to two weeks before showing symptoms, and this is an indicator "that this is a biowarfare weapons agent that has been released on purpose. I don't think it's the final release, but a 'test and tweak' release," to see how different populations and gene groups respond, he asserted. Quayle related the mysterious deaths of microbiologists as part of a plan to hide the tracks of those connected to the biowarfare research.

In the bioweapons development arena, "you never generate a pathogen, without concurrently generating a vaccine," and accordingly, it's been announced that a vaccine for Ebola is ready for testing, Quayle stated. The goal of the Illuminati is to reduce the world's population, and with their bio-engineered weapons they can be race, and gene-type specific-- "and Africa has always been called the test tube of wicked men's inventions," he remarked. He also touched on such subjects as the missing Malaysian jet, End Times prophecy, stargates, and the Nephilim's agenda to create hybrids.

News guests: Mitch Battros, Lauren Weinstein, Robert Zimmerman

Ferguson Killing - Real Death, or Staged Agitation Propaganda

 More on control through staged violence

Before you riot... make sure what you're rioting over is real. Before you protest, make sure you're not being sucked into a trap. There is shockingly little evidence that the "Michael Brown" murder is real, and a great deal of evidence that it is FAKE.

Agitation propaganda is the art of stirring people's emotions to do things they would otherwise not do. Often, it is used to prod people into violence, or bait them into a trap.

The Saint Louis military occupation has been planned and exercised singe 2012... just as the military occupation of Boston had been planned for years before the fake Boston Matathon "bombing."


The governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency and imposed an overnight curfew in Ferguson on Saturday, in an attempt to quell disturbances that have rocked the city since police shot dead an unarmed teenager a week ago.

The unexpected announcement by Jay Nixon, made at a raucous press conference, marked another shift in law enforcement tactics which have veered from overtly militarised to inclusive and conciliatory in an effort to contain protests over last Saturday’s killing of Michael Brown, 18.

Nixon, a Democrat, said the latest measure were necessary after a small group of looters smashed windows, lobbed bottles and ransacked three stores on Friday night. The looters sabotaged not community’s peaceful protests, he said.

“We must have – and maintain – peace,” he said. “The eyes of the world are watching.” The curfew was scheduled to start at midnight and be lifted at 5am, local time.

As the curfew approached, hundreds of people gathered in the main street where clashes have taken place over the past week.

Dozens of police officers dressed in riot gear, some holding assault rifles, started filing in more than two hours before midnight, lining the street and guarding store fronts from potential looters. Several people called abuse to them as they passed.

Ferguson Demonstrators Defy Martial Law Tensions rise in the wake of Friday night's looting and vandalism Below: Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson talks to Infowars prior to the curfew restriction, but is vague on curfew violation repercussions. reporters discover a martial law command center erected overnight in Ferguson, Mo., after last night’s chaos, where police in Ferguson fired tear gas amid more looting. Police presence is in question after St. Louis County and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers left the scene in Ferguson once looters began attacking businesses overnight.

Protesters believe the media has started to confuse the difference between themselves and the looters. Fights have begun on the streets as well as social media with some believing this has become similar to a game of chess.

According to one peaceful protester, several of them literally put their bodies in between the looters and the different businesses. She feels their efforts were forced after several police officers got into their cars and drove away.

Armored vehicles rolled back onto the streets of Ferguson early Saturday, as riot police faced off with looters in the Missouri town gripped by protests since the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teen. The violence broke the brief period of calm that had settled over Ferguson, Missouri, after outrage over the shooting of Michael Brown spilled over.

Protests had started off peacefully in Ferguson on Friday night. Rev. Jesse Jackson linked arms with protesters, leading them in prayer and urging them to “turn pain into power” while fighting back non-violently,
Ferguson Fuels ‘kill switch’ Debate
Could give law enforcement the power to shut down cellphones during emergency situations, possibly including public demonstrations Let’s be honest – Ferguson, Missouri is under military occupation right now, and the entire world is watching in horror as militarized police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at unarmed protesters. Yes, the rioting and looting in Ferguson needed to be stopped. order out of chaos However, there is no excuse for the brutal tactics now being employed. , police snipers were even using laser scopes to target protesters that were obviously unarmed. Sadly, this is just a preview of what is coming to America in the years ahead. As the economy falls apart and people become even more angry and even more frustrated, there will be a lot more incidents of civil unrest like we have just witnessed in Ferguson. federal government and our overly militarized police will seek to crush those uprisings with overwhelming disaster movie.

Financial Meltdown - End of No-Alternative-To-Dollar Era

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert note that as the Empire collapses, they’ve killed all the boogeymen and yet blood for oil has not helped create escape velocity. They also discuss what the return of humpback whales and great white sharks to the waters off Manhattan can tell us about the end of a monoculture in fiat currencies where the dollar has reigned supreme. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson about the war machine, Judge Griesa's ruling, super imperialism and the end of a 60 year cycle in which there was no alternative to the dollar.

ALERT -- Ferguson protesters defy curfew

Tear gas, smoke grenades deployed as Ferguson protesters defy curfew : Police fired tear gas and smoke canisters at protesters after imposing a curfew over Ferguson from midnight on Saturday as Missouri governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency.

7 arrested, 1 shot during Ferguson curfew

FERGUSON, Mo. - Seven people were arrested and one person shot early Sunday in Ferguson, Mo., as police and protesters clashed again in a haze of tear gas despite a curfew that took effect at midnight.

Death Penalty Debunked By Stefan Molyneux

Death Penalty Parasitism

How does the death penalty fit into the non-aggression principle? How should contemporary society handle murders or rapists without warehousing them?

Includes: Conjugal visits for Charles Manson, the myth of soft-science and using collective guilt to extracting stuff from the general population.

24 Strawberry Plants in About 4 Square Feet!

A raised bed garden makes it easy to work and if you're growing colorful things, like strawberries, Swiss chard or variety lettuce, it can be a showpiece. I am sharing a stack design with you here and hope that you will have the pleasure of a raised bed garden and enjoy some fresh fruit or veges with friends, family or coworkers!
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