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Obama Authorizes 'Airstrikes' On ISIS In Iraq!

President Barack Obama announced Thursday night he had authorized the U.S. military to launch targeted airstrikes if needed to protect Americans from Islamic militants in northern Iraq. (Aug. 7)

President Obama has authorized airstrikes against ISIS militants in Iraq "if necessary" to prevent potential genocide against religious minorities. Speaking from the White House tonight, the president also announced that the U.S. is conducting a humanitarian aid drop for thousands of religious minorities stranded on a mountaintop after Islamic militants forced them to flee.

ROAD TO WW3? Nuclear War Coming To America!

Alex Jones talks with Joel Skousen about the geopolitical climate and what we need to be prepared for.

Nuclear war is already here. You just didn't notice. Reactor 5 at Fukushima melted down and no one even noticed. Massive anchovy kills and starfish wasting has gone completely unreported. the so called "news team" missed the fact that fish kills are up 50% from last year. Seals and other mammals are showing up with radiation sickness...yet the big story is some garbage about people who have cross the border so many time's it's a joke. Report real the nuclear holocaust that has stricken Japan again. Mountains of Tsunami debris discovered....crickets from the media. How sad. How the mighty have fallen.

The Central Bankers/US Government Push To War Is Now In Overdrive

Australian unemployment is rising faster than economist believed it would. German economic data has turned really bad. U.S. Treasury looking to keep cash reserves just in case there is another disaster like 911.Russia ban on food is going to cost Europe $16bn. White House has the 2nd Amendment on their website convincing everyone the government gives the people their rights. Canada is now supplying military assets to Ukraine. NATO suspends cooperation with Russia. President Obama is deciding to use airstrikes in Iraq, he will need Congress's approval to do so. Ebola scare is growing, President says not worry the problem is contained.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Elie "Weasel" Wiesel - (8/5/14)

China’s service sector the lowest in nearly 9 years, many banks are easing mortgage lending standards & Elie Wiesel claims to have “seen Muslim children used as human shields".

The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Thursday August 7 2014: Bill Bonner, Joel Skousen

On the Thursday, August 7 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones breaks down an internal report revealing that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has the potential to supecede the Federal Reserve's dollar system within the next 12 years, as outlined by a whistleblower. Alex also looks at why Russia appears to be flying nuclear bombers into northwestern U.S. air defense identification zones, and Russia's ban of food certain food products from the West, in response to sanctions. On today's show, Jones welcomes author and economist Bill Bonner to speak about his latest book Hormegeddon, a work describing what happens when you have too much of a good thing in a public-policy context. Jones also speaks with political scientist, constitutional philosopher and self-sufficiency expert Joel Skousen to discuss why people who live near densely populated areas on the east coast should develop contingency retreat plans, especially in light of the upcoming hurricane season. Alex also exposes MIT's latest technology created to intrude in people's private lives in the most minimally invasive way possible.

Hamas, ISIS & Putin: stage-managed Rothschild fronts

Hamas, ISIS & Putin: stage-managed Rothschild fronts

The Rothschilds don't publish books to make money. They publish books for mind control and for distorting truth. They created Nazism, they financed Hitler, they ordered their nazi pawns to murder non-zionist jews in their IG Farben concentration camps and now they finance neonazis to deny that Frankist Jews like Rothschilds, Warburgs and Rockefellers were involved in financing the Nazi-Zionists. They promote Holocaust denying, because very important in the Frankist Jewish strategy is creating more hatred of jews. Thanks to the Rothschilds the nazis could escape to the USA, USSR, Spain, Israel, South Africa and Argentina, once a country where Theodor Herzl planned to create a jewish state (Andinia Plan)

Obama may be Assassinated in his Second Term

The Hebrew word 'napal' which can mean to fall down and die is used in Jeremiah 50:31-32 regarding the leader of the End Time Babylonians. This 'arrogant one' is Obama; will he be assassinated in his Second Term?

Why The World is Descending into Chaos

Currency War Goes HOT as Russia Retaliates Against Economic Warfare!

A currency war is undoubtedly upon us and we watch it accelerate as Russia has sanctions imposed on it by various nations around the world. Meanwhile, central banks are printing money beyond anything which has ever been seen, in a race to the bottom, engaging in their own currency wars.

There is no country or market to turn to anymore except because of the COLLAPSE making its way through the system, leaving the only choice REAL assets.

former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton declared that under the president’s ineffective leadership, “the world’s descending into chaos” and if America continues to pull back internationally, "you're going to have anarchy increasing."
Russia Sanctions Accelerate Risk to Dollar Dominance
While no one’s suggesting the dollar will lose its status as the main currency of business any time soon, its dominance is ebbing. The greenback’s share of global reserves has already shrunk to under 61 percent from more than 72 percent in 2001.
Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy
Faced with Western sanctions, Moscow resorts to food fight

Expect The Price Of Food To Skyrocket. Here's Why. By Gregory Mannarino

PREPARE NOW! First Food Then Energy Prices Are About To Skyrocket. By Gregory Mannarino

While the western powers sanctions are targeting Russian individuals and parts of the Russian financial system, Putin is targeting the food supply of the west. By Putin targeting imports on agriculture, he is going to wreak havoc on the farming industry which has the potential to drastically raise the already inflating price of food. This will directly hurt American consumers. It's a brilliant tactic actually. Initially expect a surplus of food however as the farming industries profits fall due to this mechanism, food prices will rise dramatically. America and European nations are now engaged in an unwinnable war with Russia.

Terrible Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense show August 6th 2014

Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense show August 6th 2014

Turan (Tim) Rifat was born in Brighton in 1957. He has a university science degree and another in education. Whilst doing his Ph.D., the author decided he’d had enough of mechanistic science, so for the past 15 years he has been
researching the paranormal, with the aim of developing its physics, as well as carrying out numerous workshops on healing and personal development. His research task took rather longer than imagined, and led to some unfortunate confrontations with ‘evil’ forces-MI5 being the least of these. Recently, he set up Paranormal Management Systems (PMS), the only company in Europe with expertise in biophysical RMCT that can come close to what the Russians have developed and which outstrips the US knowledge base in the biophysical area.
PMS evaluates this military-domain RMCT material and develops it in terms of its applications for business in enhancing profitability and performance. Turan Rifat offers courses and consultancy in the RV/RI field. He is currently writing a book, Remote Viewing: The Story of the Real X-Files, and is planning to follow up this article with one on ESP and telepathy, with reference also to synthetic telepathy

Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers: How to Use Military Psiops for a Competitive Edge Paperback by Tim Rifat

Putin allows racist laser show of Obama swallowing banana and imposes food sanction on the US

Barack Obama Was The Subject Of A Racist Laser Show At The Moscow Embassy Last Night.
(Huffington Post) A racist laser artwork of President Barack Obama swallowing a banana has been projected onto the facade of the US embassy in Moscow, wishing the US leader a 'happy birthday'.

On the front of the imposing building in the city's Presnensky District late Monday night, the green laser beams etched the words 'Happy Birthday Obama' on the day the President turned 53.

An image of the President in a party hat, with a banana moving into his mouth was then played out.

A group calling itself 'The Moscow Student Initiative' claimed responsibility for the projection, posting on its VK social media page: "Laser show at the US Embassy in Moscow as a gift to Barack Obama".
The group describes themselves as "an art group, a circle of common interests, activists, students, patriots".

"On the night of August 4, activists of the Moscow Student Initiative projected an extraordinary image on the US embassy. The image resembled the face of Barack Obama. The composition was animated and there was a diving banana in the mouth of the US President. At the end was the inscription 'Happy Birthday Obama'."

Ridus, a citizen journalism website in Moscow, said one man was detained by police after the images were projected.

The group also claimed responsibility for a banner close to the consular building for the US Embassy, which compared him to the 'Three Wise Monkeys'.
The banner reads: "Don't see. Don't hear. Truth for no one" — according to a translation by the Washington Post.

And on its VK page, Russia's answer to Facebook, the students also posted pictures of a sculpture of a white American with its arms folded and another two arms in its ears.

On its folded arms it says 'American democracy', with its body painted in the colours of the American flag and dollar bills stuffed in its folded elbows and armpits.
The group has previously projected #SaveKidsFromUkraine onto the Embassy building, in protest at US support for Ukraine's new pro-Europe government, which has been forcing out pro-Russia rebels in the countries East, causing civilian casualties.

Obama "swallows" banana in Moscow Obama "swallows" banana in Moscow Obama "swallows" banana in Moscow Obama "swallows" banana in Moscow Obama "swallows" banana in Moscow

John Stossel -- Big Brother's Little Helper

John Stossel talks about how and why government regulation is commonly deployed by cronies to ward off competition to their friends and reduce opportunity for all.

EBOLA OUTBREAK: Experimental Drug MZAPP Working Well On U.S. Patients

We are being told that a new expermental drug is having some success in combatting ebola. MZAPP is being used on the U.S. citizens flown home to an Altanta hospital. This begs the question why then the drug is not being given to those over in the epicentre of the outbreak?

David Icke -- Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality

David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda
Some David Icke Quotes :
A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

In the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke

The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke

Russia Strikes Back: Bans products from EU, US, Australia, Norway, Canada

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway. The ban will last a year, starting August 7.

Obama Wines and Dines African Dictators as Ebola Spreads

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David discuss: the latest on the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the decision to send infected patients to Germany and the US for treatment; the conflict in Gaza and what it has done to the population of the world's largest open-air prison; and the latest moves on the Eastern European chessboard as Putin bristles at Poland's "Ukraine invasion" fears.


Second US aid worker infected with Ebola arrives in Atlanta

Specially equipped plane carrying 59-year-old Nancy Writebol transports victim to Emory University hospital A second American aid worker infected with the deadly Ebola virus while responding to the outbreak in west Africa arrived in the US on Tuesday.

A specially equipped plane carrying 59-year-old Nancy Writebol took off from the airport in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, late on Monday night. The plane made a refuelling stop in Maine before arriving in Atlanta on Tuesday morning.

Brantly and Writebol contracted Ebola while working in Liberia for a North Carolina-based evangelical Christian group, Samaritan’s Purse.

Brantly arrived in the US over the weekend, and was taken to the Atlanta hospital’s isolation unit, which is said to be among the best in the country. On Sunday, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr Thomas Frieden, said Brantly’s condition had improved. zmap drug

Meanwhile, doctors at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City say they are running tests on a man who had recently traveled to “a west African country where Ebola has been reported”.

In an apparent attempt to avoid hysteria, U.S. health authorities are withholding details about a number of suspected Ebola victims from the public. During a segment concerning the admission of a potential Ebola victim at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed that there have been at least six cases at the hospital which prompted doctors to test for Ebola but that the details were not divulged publicly.

“There have been about a half a dozen patients who have had their blood tested because of concern, those particular patients their stories were not made public,” said Gupta, adding, “I’m not sure if that’s because of heightened concern by the hospital or what that means exactly.”

Gupta also appeared to suggest that patients being tested for the Ebola virus were not being kept in isolation when he stated, “This isn’t the kind of thing that they worry about spreading to other patients in the hospital, spreading to people who are walking around the hospital. This is not an airborne virus.”

Gun confiscations and martial law are both plausible government responses to an Ebola outbreak in America considering recent policies by the Obama administration and the fact that the military has been preparing for domestic deployment for the past several years.

Back in 2009, CNN reported that U.S. Northern Command (Northcom) wanted to “establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities” in the event of a severe outbreak in America.

“The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency,” wrote CNN correspondent Barbara Starr. “There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military.”

Despite repeated assurances that the Ebola virus cannot be transmitted via airborne particles, the CDC is concerned about that very outcome and has directed airline staff to take steps to prevent the spread of “infectious material through the air.”

While Ebola is highly contagious, the risk of a full blown pandemic has been downplayed by health authorities because, according to our current understanding of the virus, Ebola, “is not airborne and is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids, including sweat and blood.”

However, with concerns rising that the current strain of the virus, which is the worst in history and has killed 887 people, could in fact be airborne, the Centers For Disease Control has implemented steps to prevent its spread via international air travel.

A CDC advisory entitled Interim Guidance about Ebola Virus Infection for Airline Flight Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel reveals that the federal agency is concerned about airborne contamination.

NATO says "Russia" could be poised to invade Ukraine

NATO says "Russia" could be poised to invade Ukraine
(Reuters) - Russia has amassed around 20,000 combat-ready troops on Ukraine's eastern border and could use the pretext of a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission to invade, NATO said on Wednesday. Stating the conflict in Ukraine was fueled by Russia, NATO said in a statement that the troop build-up had further escalated "a dangerous situation".

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