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Joseph Stalin's Humanzee Experiments

The humanzee (also known as the Chuman or Manpanzee) is a hypothetical chimpanzee/human hybrid. Chimpanzees and humans are closely related (sharing 95% of their DNA sequence and 99% of coding DNA sequences), leading to contested speculation that a hybrid is possible.

The Ivanov experiments

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was the first person to attempt to create a human--ape hybrid. As early as 1910 he gave a presentation to the World Congress of Zoologists in Graz, Austria, in which he described the possibility of creating such a hybrid by artificial insemination.

In 1924, while working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Ivanov obtained permission from the Institute's directors to use its experimental primate station in Kindia, French Guinea, for such an experiment. Ivanov attempted to gain backing for his project from the Soviet government. He dispatched letters to the People's Commissar on Education and Science Anatoliy Vasilievich Lunacharsky and to other officials. Ivanov's proposal finally sparked the interest of Nikolai Petrovich Gorbunov, the head of the Department of Scientific Institutions. In September 1925 Gorbunov helped allocate US$10,000 to the USSR Academy of Sciences (now the Russian Academy of Sciences) for Ivanov's human-ape hybridization experiments in Africa.

In March 1926 Ivanov arrived at the Kindia facility, but stayed only a month without success. The Kindia site, it turned out, had no sexually mature chimpanzees. He returned to France where he arranged through correspondence with French Guinea's colonial governor to set up experiments at the botanical gardens in Conakry.

Ivanov reached Conakry in November 1926 accompanied by his son, also named Ilya, who would assist him in his experiments. Ivanov supervised the capture of adult chimpanzees in the interior of the colony, which were brought to Conakry and kept in cages in the botanical gardens. On February 28, 1927, Ivanov inseminated two female chimpanzees with his own sperm. On June 25, his son inseminated a third chimpanzee with his sperm. The Ivanovs left Africa in July with thirteen chimps, including the three used in his experiments. They already knew before leaving that the first two chimpanzees had failed to become pregnant. The third died in France, and was also found not to have been pregnant. The remaining chimps were sent to a new primate station at Sukhumi.

Although Ivanov attempted to organize the insemination of human females with chimpanzee sperm in Guinea, these plans met with resistance from the French colonial government and there is no evidence such an experiment was arranged there.

Upon his return to the Soviet Union in 1927, Ivanov began an effort to organize hybridization experiments at Sukhumi using ape sperm and human females. Eventually in 1929, through the help of Gorbunov, he obtained the support of the Society of Materialist Biologists, a group associated with the Communist Academy. In the spring of 1929 the Society set up a commission to plan Ivanov's experiments at Sukhumi. They decided that at least five volunteer women would be needed for the project. However, in June 1929, before any inseminations had taken place, Ivanov learned that the only postpubescent male ape remaining at Sukhumi (an orangutan) had died. A new set of chimps would not arrive at Sukhumi until the summer of 1930.

Rumored humanzees

There have been no scientifically verified specimens of a human/ape hybrid. A performing chimp named Oliver was popularized during the 1970s as a possible chuman/humanzee, but genetic tests conducted at the University of Chicago concluded that, despite Oliver's somewhat unusual appearance and behavior, he was a normal chimpanzee: he had the same number of chromosomes as normal chimpanzees. The "hybrid" claims may merely have been a promotional gimmick. Despite the dismissal of the claim, Oliver's representational legacy persists in popular culture. The decades-long speculation about his possible human-chimp hybrid origins led to numerous references, many satirical or at least intended to be humorous. For example, the Church of the SubGenius, which has a feast day or holy day (and sometimes several) every day of the year, designates October 20 The Feast of Saint Oliver the humanzee.

In addition, some musical outfits reference Oliver's legacy, such Ontario's The Humanzees. Depictions like these generally ignore or predate the proof that Oliver is not a hybrid. Oliver has been regularly discussed by Karl Pilkington on The Ricky Gervais Show, in a feature called "Monkey News".

The Truth About The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the on going Israeli/Palestinian conflict which is currently taking place at the Gaza Strip.

Flight 232 & Survival Stories -- Coast To Coast AM July 10, 2014

Coast To Coast AM July 10, 2014 Flight 232 & Survival Stories

Guests:     Laurence Gonzales, Robert Golka

Award-winning author and journalist Laurence Gonzales discussed his work researching the 1989 crash of United Airlines Flight 232, and the incredible stories of those who survived this deadly disaster. He was drawn to the intense drama of the incident, with passengers exhibiting feats of heroism, and caring for people they didn't even know. The DC-10 flight bound for Chicago suffered catastrophic engine failure which led to the loss of flight controls, but somehow the pilots and a DC-10 flight instructor who happened to be a passenger, managed to crash land the plane at the Sioux City, Iowa airport.

Upon landing, the right wing of the jet hit concrete, and about 10,000 pounds of fuel ignited, with the tail snapping off and rocketing down the runway at 250mph, he recounted. Amazingly, of the 296 aboard, 184 people survived. One survivor, seated in the second row, said that when the plane hit, his seat belt popped open and he found himself watching the plane disintegrate as he began to float. "He went flying through the Superman, and his feet went through the fireball as he was flying, and he flew hundreds of yards and landed in a cornfield," Gonzales reported. When the plane finally came to rest, it was upside down in the cornfield, and many of the survivors who escaped found themselves wandering amongst 9ft. tall plants. Some were so disoriented by the surreal scene, they thought they had died and gone to an afterlife, he said.

Gonzales was impressed by accounts of human resilience and compassion. One man noticed that a woman was holding down her baby during the crash, but the child flew away upon impact. After he exited the plane, he heard a baby crying, and went back into the burning craft and rescued an infant who was inside an overhead bin beneath his feet (the plane was upside down). The child turned out be someone else's baby, not the one he was trying to rescue (subsequently, chief flight attendant Jan Brown spearheaded a campaign to have infants properly restrained in their own seat, rather than held in a parent's lap). The crash affected the survivors in different ways, leaving all with some emotional residue, but some continue to suffer from PTSD to this day, he revealed.
Ball Lightning

First hour guest, research scientist Robert Golka shared reports of mysterious ball lightning, and how the phenomena relates to physics. He defined ball lightning as a discharge from when lightning strikes the ground, and it somehow rolls up and becomes a stable structure of ionized particles that last up to a minute, in various sizes and colors. "The amazing thing is it floats around, and can go against the wind," which seems to defy the model of plasma physics, he remarked. For more, check out this collection of YouTube videos featuring Golka's research.

Russia warns Ukraine of consequences over escalation of cross-border violence

Russia has warned Ukraine against what it calls continued attacks on its territory after a Russian man was killed by a shell fired from inside Ukraine. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry has pledged to respond to the escalation of violence near its borders as Kiev stepped up military operations against pro-Russian forces. Moscow also said it has the right to take measures to protect Russian citizens. Russia has said it's investigating the murder after a shell hit a residential area in Donetsk. Kiev denies firing on the Russian territory, blaming it on pro-Russian forces who still control much of the border area.

Alex Jones Show: Sunday (7-13-14) Full Show

On this live, worldwide Sunday, July 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest attempt by Attorney General Eric Holder to call his opponents and opponents of Barack Obama "racists." In an interview with ABC, Holder, who is perhaps the most corrupt Attorney General in U.S. history, said that he and Obama are victims of a "racial animus." In world news, Israel has deployed special forces in the Gaza Strip after previous bombing runs resulted in over a hundred civilian casualties. The conflict comes after nearly a week of escalating missile strikes from both sides, and combined with the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea, it would appear that countries across the world are taking the U.S. far less seriously. You won't want to miss this riveting broadcast!

John Williams of Shadowstats -- Terrible Currency Crisis Ahead

John Williams, founder of, points out there are more than $16 trillion liquid dollar assets held outside of the United States. If everybody starts dumping their dollars, Williams says, "That could trigger very high inflation here. You will see, for example, higher oil prices. You will also see mounting pressure, that is already there, to have the dollar removed as the world reserve currency, and that would accelerate domestic inflation. I am still looking for a near term hyperinflation; that is dependent on a very heavy decline in the U.S. dollar."

How bad could things get on the inflation front? According to Williams, measured against gold, the dollar could become virtually worthless. Williams contends, "In a hyperinflation, which I am looking to evolve here, gold could be $100,000 per ounce or a million dollars per ounce. All that reflects is purchasing power of the dollar assets you put into gold represent the purchasing power if you kept your asset in dollars. Gold is a store of wealth. I am not looking at this to make profits. I am looking at this as a long term hedge against high inflation to maintain purchasing power for the terrible currency crisis ahead."

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

Thomas Sheridan -- Cultural Marxism & The Psyop in Europe Red Ice Radio

Red Ice Radio - Thomas Sheridan - Hour 1 - Cultural Marxism & The Psyop in Europe

Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist, musician, satirist and independent researcher, best known for the book, Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath, along with his writings on socio-cultural engineering, propaganda and the influence of late Victorian occult societies and policy think-tanks upon the creation of both Fascism and Bolshevism, and the paralysing shadow these aristocratically created and cultivated symbiotic ideologies have cast upon the face of humanity. In the first hour, we'll talk about cultural Marxism as a corrosive force in Europe that piggybacks on the environmental movement, the gay rights movement and other minorities to further its cause. Then, we'll discuss Germany as the heart of Europe and those who sought to create a new kind of German, a mechanical man. Thomas talks about the making of a Bavarian Bolshevik and a great psyop that took place in Germany. Later, we discuss how Europeans have been fractured by Semitic traditions and archetypes. In the member's hour, Thomas elaborates on the extraordinary heritage of Europeans, which is diverse and should be celebrated not shunned. He talks about how European folklore, sagas and mythology help to change consciousness. Also, we discuss disinfo coming out of Hollywood surrounding European history and the psyop of the "White man's burden." We'll talk about Irish slaves, the American Civil War and re-examining history. Later, we'll discuss the portrayal of the "dumb White man" as well as the Marxist instigated war between women and men. At the end, Thomas elaborates on winning the culture war.

Israel Committing a Genocide in Gaza - Mike Rivero

ISRAEL / GAZA CONFLICT - Gaza Death Toll Passes 103 as Israel Air Strikes Continue

The U.S. has designed a bunker buster penetrator bomb that will take out Iran's Fordow nuclear enrichment complex, a target previously considered too fortified for conventional weapons. The new weapon, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce, is considered critical to an effort by the United States to convince Israel that the U.S. can effectively bomb the Iranian underground complex, according to a report published by The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reported that senior U.S. officials showed the Israelis a secret Air Force video showing a test of an earlier version of the bomb. The show-and-tell is described as an attempt to convince Israel to hold off on a unilateral attack on Iranian nuclear installations.

Haaretz reports that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has assured the Israelis that the U.S. will consider military options against Iran following the country's summer elections. The Journal reports that an understanding was reached on action against Iran during Hagel's recent visit to Israel. It is said both countries will conduct a "joint situation assessment" following the Iranian elections and if diplomatic efforts are ruled out discussions on military action will be considered.

Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel
After the horrors of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, how insane do you have to be to fire missiles directly at a major nuclear facility?

Iran's election will not determine the outcome of Iran's nuclear program, so the assessment appears pointless. "Bizarre, to say the least, because Iran's president has limited power over the nation's civilian nuclear program, and even less on the P5+1 negotiations. Rather, while Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is often cited as an excuse for war, his actual ability to implement changes in Iranian policy is comparatively minimal

At least 103 people have been killed as Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip enters its fourth day, with the latest attack killing five people in Rafah while rescuers were trying to free those trapped in the ruins of a building.

The air raid in Rafah on Friday came as Israel continued to bomb Gaza in what it says is an attempt to halt indiscriminate rocket fire by Hamas fighters.

Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Gaza on Friday, said at least 200 homes in the territory had been destroyed in the offensive that began earlier this week.

"Over 3,000 homes have been partially destroyed by the air strikes, and we've received figures that translates to an air strike here every four and half minutes," she said.

Avichay Adraee, spokesman for the Israeli military, said it had hit more than 1,100 targets in Gaza since the beginning of the offensive and that "there are still hundreds to finish off".
At least 700 Palestinians have been injured since the start of the Israeli attacks, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

A total of 10 Israelis have been injured by Palestinian fire since Israel began attacks on Gaza, with no deaths reported.

Eight people were injured when a Palestinian rocket hit a fuel tanker at a petrol station in Ashdod on Friday, the Israeli army said.

In an attack on Thursday, two soldiers were injured in a mortar bomb attack targeting the Eshkol regional council.

The army said on Friday its Iron Dome missile-defence system intercepted at least four rockets, believed to have been targeting the airport near Tel Aviv.

'Prolonging conflict' Israel Warns 100,000 Gaza Residents to Move Back From Border
Israeli ministers have repeatedly hinted at a ground invasion over the past three days of airstrikes on Gaza syria iraq isis isil online shill megaphone software zion zionist propaganda

ALERT -- Russia warning after deadly Ukraine shelling

Moscow is threatening Ukraine with what it calls "irreversible consequences" after a Russian man was killed by a shell fired across the border.Russia says the shell hit a residential building in the town of Donetsk -- not to be confused with the town of the same name over on the Ukrainian side.Kiev denies firing a shell into Russian territory.Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Maryinka.

Gold Confiscation, Soon!

Naked Shorts on Gold, Now and in 1933, Point to Gold Confiscation, Soon!

If you're planning to buy gold, it woldn't hurt to spend an hour or two, hearing a discussion about gold confiscation It's much like a college exam; It's not possible to over prepare, but most who take the exam will under prepare for it This one hour and fifteen minute discussion could be useful, if you hear it with pen and paper in hand, making notes about your ideas, like things to investigate, before you buy I hope you do not do what I did, listen to a dealer of the precious metal and then buy, heavily, relying on bad advice, because I lost 40% of the value in two years By the way, I listened to one dealer and bought from another I recall thinking that the dealer was crazy to sell a precious metal that would be worth so much more, very soon Looking back, I see very clearly why he sold, the price fell by 40% He knew what he was doing and I didn't! I got 'experienced' There are three people here The broker who said that silver is in short supply and we need to buy Me, the putts who fell for the lie and the broker who unloaded his cargo and sunk my ship Two of us are wrong; The liar and the fool Don't trust liars and you won't be anyone's fool

Peter Schiff - The Real Crash Is Yet To Come

While attending Freedom Fest in Las Vegas Dan Dicks of Press For Truth spoke with Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital Inc.about the coming crash of the dollar and what it may mean for both Americans and Canadians

Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.

Court Compels Arizona to Provide Young Immigrants Access to Driver Licenses

DREAM-ers in Arizona discuss the significance of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that forces the southwestern state of Arizona to provide DACA recipients with driver licenses

Why the Euro Banking CRISIS Will CRUSH Global Economy!

 Globalization has interconnected all markets, most notably from 2000 and on. A small bump in the road is felt ENTIRELY throughout the world economy as the ground shakes beneath it. Vast amounts of money printing has resulted in an unstable footing for the world and it is now a disaster waiting to happen.

Printing trillions cannot and has NEVER fixed this problem. This will not change.

Portugal banking crisis sends tremors through Europe
Portuguese Bank Reveals Exposure After Missed Payment Shakes Markets
The Bank of Portugal has since said BES has solid solvency ratios and is isolated from the problems at the holding company.
Espirito Santo Creditors Doubt Containment on Missed Payment

Stephen A. McNallen - Ancestral Roots & Metagenetics

Red Ice Radio - Stephen A. McNallen - Ancestral Roots & Metagenetics

Stephen A. McNallen is a prominent religious leader of the native European path called Asatro. McNallen established the first legally recognized Asatro organization in the US in 1972 and quickly became a prolific writer and speaker on the subject on Germanic Paganism, which broadly includes the ancient tribes of Northern Europe. He believes that spiritual fulfillment is best achieved by following the ways of one's ancestors. In the first hour, Stephen addresses the importance of venerating our ancestors. He explains how discovering our ancestral past is vital for our future. We'll talk about what happens when one is cut off from their ancestral roots and how powerful interests rely on it. Stephen discusses how the "world managers" work to get the masses to lose their impulse for something deeper. They belittle honor, courage and heroism for reasons of control as these pose a threat to the system. Later, Stephen talks about the falsification of Europe's history, which always portrays Europeans as the evil ones, and people disown their ancestors because of it. In the member's hour, we'll hear about metagenetics and the idea that ancestry matters - that there are spiritual and metaphysical implications to heredity. He ties together varied topics as Jung's theories of archetypes, rebirth in the family line, psychic links between twins, and the Norse concept of the soul to support that statement. We'll also talk about how biology is being ignored to push egalitarianism. Later, McNallen talks about reigniting the spark, reconnecting to that which is in us. We're the outcome of all who have gone before us and their decisions up until this point. The hour ends on Odin's model of evolution.

Global Instability & Neuroscience of Spirituality -- Coast To Coast AM - July 1, 2014

Coast To Coast AM - July 1, 2014 Global Instability & Neuroscience of Spirituality

Guests: Robert Young Pelton, Todd Murphy
In the first half, author and adventurer Robert Young Pelton, who has traveled the globe working with private military contractors, spoke about our devolving geopolitical future, with the falling apart of countries such as Iraq, South Sudan, and Afghanistan, locations which the US has supported or backed. In Iraq, we're seeing a bloody civil war between the Sunni and Shia, two denominations of Islam. The insurgent group in Iraq, ISIS, is not composed of al Qaeda, rather they're a former Baathist group run by a senior member of that party from Saddam Hussein's regime, he explained.
Al Qaeda has evolved into a criminal enterprise, with kidnapping and bank robbing in their repertoire, and have managed to self-fund themselves, he reported. But their numbers remain small, and they continue to be targeted by Special Forces, he added. Pelton also touched on such locations as Libya, Syria, and Dubai, and topics including America's manufacture and exporting of military weapons, his search for Kony in Africa, and 9-11 conspiracy theories (he doesn't
believe in them).

In the latter half, Professor Todd Murphy addressed his extensive studies in the neuroscience of spirituality including near death experience, reincarnation, psychic skills and how religious experiences can be induced in a laboratory setting. The scientific community assumes that everything we experience comes from the brain but "when that belief breaks down, that is where we will find the point that mind is more than brain, where some kind of spirit that has no physical basis actually informs our consciousness and helps us to be aware," he commented.
Regarding reincarnation, Murphy believes the process does exist, but sees it from an evolutionary perspective, in which it serves to adapt people to new social environments in their successive lives. He spoke of his work with cognitive neuroscience researcher Dr. Michael Persinger, who demonstrated that the sense of God and spiritual experiences can be created by stimulating certain parts of the brain. Persinger's has cited two senses of self in the human brain-- the left side has the language center, and the right side is the silent self. "What I think is happening is that when we're experiencing God, an angel, a non-physical being, a demon... [or] a sensed presence...the you that is on the left side of the brain and the you on the right side of the brain are not in communication the way they normally are...they've fallen out of phase, and the sense of self on the right side of the brain emerges into our awareness as a prevalence outside of ourselves," Murphy outlined.

How Bilderberg Works: An Institutional Analysis

In this episode of the Beard World Order, James Corbett, Guillermo Jimenez and Dan Dicks shine a light on the murky world of secret societies and clandestine gatherings of the world's elite. We focus our discussion on the Bilderberg Group: what it is, who attends, how it's structured, how it's evolved, and why it's significant.
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