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Iraq Is In Chaos And The U.S. Attack On Syria Is Inevitable

The housing market is imploding on itself. FED continually keeping the illusion that the economy is a recovery, but a slow recovery. Russia is now stating that the dollar needs to be removed. The IMF reports that the crisis in Iraq will hurt the US economy. The government is now making the case to come after the anti-government groups. The chaos in Iraq continues, the soldiers loyal to Saddam Hussein have now joined the ISIS movement. Obama is preparing to send troops into Iraq and then eventually move into Syria. Obama building the case about Syria not destroying its chemicals and ISIS is now moving into Syria. Be prepared for an event.

Expert Warns Super Solar Flare May Be Imminent

On today's podcast, Jerry Robinson and his guest, Mat Stein, highlight the importance of being prepared for a potential super solar flare.

Peter Schiff on crisis in Iraq hitting world economy

Iraq's largest oil refinery shut down Wednesday amid ongoing fighting between military forces and insurgents with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The Beji refinery accounts for a quarter of the country's refining capacity, and the shutdown showcases how the economic effects of the crisis may quickly spiral. RT's Ameera David discusses the potential economic impacts of the fighting with Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital.

The US Trained & Equipped ISIS at a secret Base in Jordan -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday June 18 2014: (Commercial Free Video)

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

BOMBSHELL: Insider Reveals U.S. Training Of ISIS In Jordan

Alex talks with WND journalist and New York Times best-selling author Aaron Klein about how the ISIS terror group now rampaging through Iraq was trained by the U.S. military in Jordan back in 2012

Jordan Maxwell on: Life, the Universe and Everything

Legendary researcher and author, Jordan Maxwell resurfaces and talks with after not doing any interviews for over a year. Maxwell is a tireless fighter for humanity. Stay in the know

The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday June 18 2014: Breaking News

-On the Wednesday, June 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the continuing scandal at the U.S.-Mexico border as the feds bus illegal immigrants and give them tax-payer funded medical treatments. Alex also looks at presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's remarks on what she characterized as the terrorism of the Second Amendment. Alex talks with WND journalist and New York Times best-selling author Aaron Klein about how the ISIS terror group now rampaging through Iraq was trained by the U.S. military in Jordan back in 2012. Aaron is the author of Schmoozing with Terrorists and The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists, and Other Anti-American Extremists. Alex also talks with U.S. Air Marshalls Steve Theodoropoulos and Henry Preston about rampant corruption at the TSA. Alex covers other important breaking news stories and takes your calls on today's worldwide transmission.

What's REALLY happening in Iraq?

A massive crisis is happening in Iraq threatening to tear the country apart. Iraq is in conflict with itself. The sectarian differences between the Sunni, Shi'ites and Kurds divide the country. Iraq has never had a government that reflected the interests of all three. It has always been an artificial state held together by the politics. ISIS are marching through northern and central Iraq taking over cities as they go. If you want to know what's really happening you're in the right place. In this video we cover who is fighting, kurds and the KRG, Syria and The West.

Agenda 21 Don Casey

Don Casey is very well versed in the little-known facts about Agenda 21. He joins us on the Prepper Recon Podcast today to fill us in on how Agenda 21 will be used for social engineering as well as micromanaging the use of our own private property. The audio in the first half of the show is a little fuzzy because of Skype, but the second half is much more clear.
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