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Henry Kissinger : The Life Career and Biography of a Modern Times Beast

The Life and Career of Henry Kissinger: Biography, Youth, Diplomacy, Nixon, Cold War (1992)
Kissinger was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, in 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews. His father, Louis Kissinger (1887--1982), was a schoolteacher. His mother, Paula (Stern) Kissinger (1901--1998), was a homemaker. Kissinger has a younger brother, Walter Kissinger. The surname Kissinger was adopted in 1817 by his great-great-grandfather Meyer Löb, after the Bavarian spa town of Bad Kissingen. As a youth, Heinz enjoyed playing soccer, and even played for the youth side of his favorite club and one of the nation's best clubs at the time, SpVgg Fürth. In 1938, fleeing Nazi persecution, his family moved to London, England, before arriving in New York on September 5.

Kissinger spent his high school years in the Washington Heights section of upper Manhattan as part of the German Jewish immigrant community there. Although Kissinger assimilated quickly into American culture, he never lost his pronounced Frankish accent, due to childhood shyness that made him hesitant to speak. Following his first year at George Washington High School, he began attending school at night and worked in a shaving brush factory during the day.

Following high school, Kissinger enrolled in the City College of New York, studying accounting. He excelled academically as a part-time student, continuing to work while enrolled. His studies were interrupted in early 1943, when he was drafted into the U.S. Army.

Kissinger underwent basic training at Camp Croft in Spartanburg, South Carolina. On June 19, 1943, while stationed in South Carolina, at the age of 20 years, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen. The army sent him to study engineering at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, but the program was cancelled, and Kissinger was reassigned to the 84th Infantry Division. There, he made the acquaintance of Fritz Kraemer, a fellow immigrant from Germany who noted Kissinger's fluency in German and his intellect, and arranged for him to be assigned to the military intelligence section of the division. Kissinger saw combat with the division, and volunteered for hazardous intelligence duties during the Battle of the Bulge.

During the American advance into Germany, Kissinger, only a private, was put in charge of the administration of the city of Krefeld, owing to a lack of German speakers on the division's intelligence staff. Within eight days he had established a civilian administration.[11] Kissinger was then reassigned to the Counter Intelligence Corps, with the rank of sergeant. He was given charge of a team in Hanover assigned to tracking down Gestapo officers and other saboteurs, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star.[12] In June 1945, Kissinger was made commandant of the Bensheim metro CIC detachment, Bergstrasse district of Hesse, with responsibility for de-Nazification of the district. Although he possessed absolute authority and powers of arrest, Kissinger took care to avoid abuses against the local population by his command.[13]
In 1946, Kissinger was reassigned to teach at the European Command Intelligence School at Camp King, continuing to serve in this role as a civilian employee following his separation from the army.[14][15]

Henry Kissinger received his AB degree summa cum laude in political science at Harvard College in 1950, where he lived in Adams House and studied under William Yandell Elliott.[16] He received his MA and PhD degrees at Harvard University in 1952 and 1954, respectively. In 1952, while still at Harvard, he served as a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy Board.[17] His doctoral dissertation was titled "Peace, Legitimacy, and the Equilibrium (A Study of the Statesmanship of Castlereagh and Metternich)".

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Admits America Is an Oligarchy

Still think we're a Constitutional Republic with a sound democratic process here in 'Murica? Think again. The head of the Federal Reserve just basically admitted we are an oligarchy — where wealth is concentrated into the hands of the few rich elitists in the billionaire class and all the real power in this country has concentrated with it. Average, everyday citizens have a negligible amount of say in what goes on in this country and the policies that effect their daily lives. We are an oligarchy. If you really need a study to tell you that, see this one fresh out via Princeton and Northwestern University which found, "When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." Full Study: Source: (includes Yellen testimony video...if you like watching shows that feature bridge trolls).

Peter Van Buren, Bruce Fein -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Thursday May 8 2014

On this Thursday, May 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers unprecedented news coming out of Washington, D.C. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about the agency's harassment of Tea Party groups. Maryland's Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings claimed that holding Lerner in contempt amounts to "McCarthyism," despite the fact that 10% of donors to Tea Party groups were audited, a figure much higher than the audit rate for average Americans. Alex also covers new developments in political suppression and more. Constitutional lawyer and author Bruce Fein joins the show to discuss the FEC chairman's warning that government officials want to regulate the alternative media and ex-CIA officer and journalist Ray McGovern also joins the broadcast to break down the current standoff between world powers that is expanding beyond Ukraine.

Paul Craig Roberts -- World War 3: The Death of America - Russia, Crimea and Ukraine

Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts the death of the constitutional American republic, what can be learned from the situation in Crimea and Ukraine, the United States showdown with Russia, the German response to Edward Snowden, the rise of the Wolfowitz doctrine and the failure of United States intelligence before 9/11.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Regan and is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Roberts is the author of "How America Was Lost: From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State"

How The Shadow Banking Contributed to The Financial Crisis

Shadow Banking Explained : The part of the financial system that lends the most money to Americans remains almost untouched by regulation. It's shadow banking,SHADOW banking contributed to the financial crisis. But with better regulation, says our correspondent, it could help reduce the severity of the next

What is riciculous is that the banks (and financial corporations) aren't subject to the same competition regulation as non-financial corporations (tech f.ex.) If a bank is so big it will crash the entire financial system of a country if it fails, it can not be allowed to take risks that could crash it. If it does it's dangerous recklessness and incompetence, or undermining national security.

Throw Obama Out of Office! | Lyndon LaRouche & Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

In this #OffTheGrid clip, Lyndon LaRouche ( insists to Jesse Ventura that President Barack Obama must be impeached, because he is a criminal on Wall Street's payroll. Do you think we should impeach the president?

Henry Kissinger Confronted on Depopulation Agenda

In this video Luke Rudkowski and the Wearechange team confronts Henry Kissinger for the 4th time. They had to run after his car for 20 blocks but atleast were able to face Kissinger properly one on one.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Activists VS Militants" - (5/5/14)

"US railroads are rotting.. as China increases spending on their groundbreaking railway systems, why Interest rates WILL go up within the United States & how the media distorts what's truly going on within Ukraine."

Gerald Celente is One of the best-known futurists in the country is Gerald Celente. He is the founder of the Trends Research Institute. He is also the best-selling author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking. He has appeared on several of the largest media outlets in the world, offering his predictions for the future. His forecasts have often proved to be highly accurate.

 Gerald Celente
The Trends Research Institute The Martial Artist of Trend Forecasting —The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring – and to be prepared for the unexpected.
Gerald Celente, a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: "The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you."

Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books) – "Far better than Megatrends," and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter.
Political Atheist — Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is "think for yourself," observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.

Russia Displays Its Awesome Firepower During Drills As WW3 Looms

Russia would be a tough nut to crack, especially with china as their main allies. Making them both a super power.
All Russia has to do is launch a single nuke above the US and detonate it over them in the atmosphere and visa versa. No one wins. It's whoever get's the target first is the next to die.

Video: Russia test-launches missiles during planned military drills .During the drills, it was demonstrated how the missile corps, artillery, aviation and anti-aircraft defenses can be used -- for instance, to destroy troops on the ground or to counter massive missile, aviation or nuclear strikes by an enemy. The planned drills come ahead of the May 9 celebrations dedicated to victory in World War II

Homeless America -- Homeless in NY

There are around 1,750,000 homeless people in the USA today. According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, nearly 64,000 people, including 22,000 children, are homeless in New York City. Through an artist who paints New York vagrants, RT relays the life stories of people who live on the edge, learns how they came to the streets and how to survive there. We also meet some of the dedicated volunteers who do what they can to help.

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the One World Government & The NWO. Pictured is a young Vladimir Putin, who was part of the KGB security team. We see him introducing his son to the U.S President Ronald Reagan. Also pictured is Michael Gorbachev. Vladimir Putin came to power with the sponsorship of Boris Yeltsin: Yelstsin came to power with the sponsorship of the Russian Jewish Oligarchs. For Millennium, the Cabal has been using the Heligian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic was the policies of George Hagel a German Philosopher. All historical events emerge from a conflict between opposing forces. The whole purpose of the dialectic is to control the masses like herding sheep. Whenever people see a group or belief system as "evil" they instinctively move to the political opposite of what they identified as threatening. Putin's role was to follow Yeltzins footsteps as the Heligian Dialect was already played out in bringing the two nations, the U.S and Russia together. But something terrible has gone wrong for the Cabal and their world take over.
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