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Breaking News Iran plans to target USA Aircraft Carriers in Persian Gulf - May 7 2014

May 7 2014 Breaking News Associated Press Islamic state Iran admiral plans to target American Nuclear Aircraft Carriers in the Persian Gulf should a war break out

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran will target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf should a war between the two countries ever break out, the naval chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Tuesday as the country completes work on a large-scale mock-up of a U.S. carrier.

The remarks by Adm. Ali Fadavi, who heads the hard-line Guard's naval forces, were a marked contrast to moderate President Hassan Rouhani's recent outreach policies toward the West — a reminder of the competing viewpoints that exist at the highest levels within the Islamic Republic.

Iran is building a simple replica of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in a shipyard in the southern port of Bandar Abbas in order to be used in future military exercises, an Iranian newspaper confirmed last month.

David Icke Talks about Fear with Jason Liosatos on Outside The Box

My talk with David Icke about fear, indoctrination, and our great responsibility to escape its many forms which perpetuate our system of debt, suppression, and the false belief that humanity is free. David helps us understand our system that programmes people, and keeps us in a revolving door of anxiety, debt and fear, and how it has lassoed the expanded awareness, creativity and perception of the population, making our insane system seem normal. We remind people that our feelings of despair, emptiness, anxiety and depression are normal responses from a healthy mind and body in a system which is crazy and suppressing it. We also talk about the importance of us reconnecting with our feelings, intuitive perception, and the urgency to see past our labels of race and religion which keep us fighting ourselves and each other.

RED ALERT -- U.S. Government's "National Internet ID" Experiment Begins

Steve talks about the announcement of the start of the pilot program for the NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace), the U.S. Government's own "National Internet ID."

London GOLD VAULTS EMPTY: Price Spike Ahead | Turd Ferguson

- Physically deliverable gold futures contracts are coming Asian markets* ►1:10
- Manipulation: gold & silver price fluctuation limits will be implemented* ►6:30
- London gold vaults are empty, gold price spike ahead ►8:31
- Silver price will follow gold higher. At $19/oz, silver is a "bargain" ►16:55
- Federal Reserve "taper" and Friday's job numbers* are lies ►23:10

Known primarily by his nickname "Turd Ferguson," Craig Hemke is the founder and editor of the popular TF Metals Report blog and podcast (, covering precious metals, the financial markets, and greater economic trends. A graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BS in Economics, Hemke was a licensed securities professional (Series 7) for nearly twenty years and has been an active commodity option trader since 1987. Hemke has been featured on The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Market Watch, CNBC, among many other news stations.

Larry Elder -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDIO) Tuesday May 6 2014

-Today - On this Tuesday, May 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about a grotesque abortion video posted on Youtube by a counselor at a New Jersey abortion clinic celebrating the murder of her unborn child. Alex looks at the continuing probability of war in Europe as The New York Times is obliged to retract yet more of its propaganda. Alex also covers the ongoing destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. On today's worldwide broadcast, Alex talks with Larry Elder about the lifetime NBA ban imposed on billionaire Donald Sterling and how Sterling's comments are fueling race-based politics in America. Mr. Elder hosts a nationally syndicated radio show on KABC. He is the author of several books, including the best-seller, The Ten Things You Can't Say In America and Showdown: Confronting Bias, Lies and the Special Interests That Divide America. Alex covers other important news items on today's show and takes your calls.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "More Peace, Less Brutality!" - (5/1/14)

"China to overtake US economic power, millennials have extremely low levels of trust for the government & a Pennsylvania Supreme Court judge rules that it is okay for police to search your car without a warrant. This is freedom & liberty?"

Clif High IDIR, Pie and Revolution, GUS War, Loyalty, Winds, AG vs. AU, Temporal Markers 06-May-2014

Recording Date (start): Wednesday, 06-May-2014, 06:45 AM Pacific Coast of North America Time Release Date: 06-May-2014 Runtime: 00h 21m 48.0s (1308.0s)

(IDIR) Intermediacy Data Intelligence Report
Pie and Revolution
Silver Price Leads Gold
GUS (Government of US) War
Mutinies Within GUS
GUS Loyalty Tests & Infighting
Upcoming Temporal Markers
Military Response to Winds
Weather Wars (Tornados, Hurricanes)

The Balkanization of America

Alex covers a wide spectrum of news in both the U.S. and abroad, including the latest on the financial front. Obama supporters in San Diego, Cali. recently suggested that it's racist not to like Mexican food. Additionally, western states around California now fear further land grabs by the Obama administration.

Biggest BUBBLE in History Will Crash Causing Global Meltdown!

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives
Bank of America's holding company -- held almost $75 trillion of derivatives
Buffett warns on investment 'time bomb'
Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction
Hold onto your seat. The global derivatives CASINO is out of control and can no longer be contained. JP Morgan alone has more on its books than the GDP of the entire world!

This is my warning from The Money GPS. The system can't sustain this forever and it will crash down so hard, the so-called professionals will never know what hit them.

Sad but true.
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