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Ron Paul -- Ft. Hood: An Avoidable Tragedy

Ft. Hood: An Avoidable Tragedy
by Ron Paul

Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing himself. It is nearly five years after the last Ft. Hood shooting, where 13 people were killed. These tragedies are heartbreaking and we certainly feel much sympathy for the families of the victims.

While there is much focus on the mental illness that appears to have driven many of these men to murder, what is left unsaid is the cause of the tragedy. Government officials and the media only talk about the symptoms that lead to these tragic events. They will tell us that there are people who get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and kill themselves and others. They will all call for more government intervention into the lives of those in the military to root out and "treat" mental illness.

But they will never question the two causes of these tragedies: the disastrous decade-long US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have destroyed the minds of so many service members, and the government psychiatrists who prescribe extremely dangerous psychotropic drugs to treat these damaged soldiers.

On the drugs, it is true that in almost every story we read about these kinds of mass killings, whether on a military base or in a school, the kids or veterans have been treated with these dangerous drugs. When will the medical profession wake up and realize that these drugs are often worse than the illness they are designed to treat?

We need to understand that the problem of veterans returning home with serious mental illness is increasing at an alarming rate. We are not talking about a few thousand people returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are talking about a hundred thousand people. And according to government statistics, about 20 percent of returning vets will suffer from PTSD, and a further 20 percent will suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

The numbers are significant and they are frightening. While some will ignore these statistics and point out that these wars are producing far less deaths than previous ones, the fact is these brain injuries and disorders are a living death for the victims. And increasingly, those living in such horrific circumstances, full of deadly drugs that are supposed to treat the problem but only make matters worse, are striking out against those in their communities or committing suicide.

But what of the other main cause of these tragedies? What no media or government representative will admit is that US military members are suffering horrible mental illnesses because they have been sent over and over again into senseless wars overseas. That is the real cause of this crisis. The real horror comes when these soldiers return to the US to realize that the wars have not been won and all of the suffering and dying on both sides has been in vain. Just think of how many individuals over the last 15 years would not have suffered death or injury — or post-traumatic stress disorders or brain injuries — if we didn't go to war unnecessarily!

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be winding down, but the war against our veterans continues. Why are the people who are really guilty, those who lied us into war, not being called to task?

Unfortunately, the truth is that these same people who lied us into war in Iraq are still getting us involved unnecessarily overseas, in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine. The problem, the interventionism that creates these deeply troubled service members, continues to thrive, unpunished. And even worse: these people continue to plan our future disasters even though they will not suffer the fate of those they send to be broken on foreign battlefields.

We must end the aggressive wars that break our military, and end the dangerous drugs that turn deeply-troubled victims into killers. Let's have no more Ft. Hoods!

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Dr. Jim Willie-End or 2014, Dollar Mortally Wounded, Treasury Bond Toxic Paper

Dr. Jim Willie-End or 2014, Dollar Mortally Wounded, Treasury Bond Toxic Paper ... Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of "The Hat Trick Letter," predicts, "They are going to move it to $5,000 to $7,000 an ounce, and silver $200 to $400 per ounce. Because all the world's central banks are going to need gold they are going to sell Treasury bonds to buy gold to make for a solution to their banking systems. What's the solution? It's legitimate reserves, hard asset gold reserves." In closing Dr. Willie predicts, "I think you are going to see by the end of this year that the dollar is mortally wounded and Treasury bond regarded as toxic paper." Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with financial newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie, who can be found on

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Sunday April 6 2014: News/Special Report

On this Sunday, April 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Nightly News host David Knight follows the latest developments in the Fort Hood shooting, including calls for soldiers to be allowed to carry weapons for self-defense. Alex presents a special report on the shootings at the Texas military base and the connection between it and a cocktail of drugs. David covers other news items today, including the suspicious death of yet another banker as the economy continues its death spiral despite Pollyannish proclamations by the establishment media and economists. Ron Paul is featured in the second hour of today's show.


extreme world events weather 2014 share this video to friends and family!

(Luke 21:28) And when these things (PROPHETIC SIGNS) begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption (RAPTURE) draweth nigh.The most extreme climates on the Earth, colder and warmer temperatures than there have been recorded on planet earth, from the Eureka Weather.The events around the world have been unprecedented over the last few weeks. Some of the most dramatic and unbelievable footage I've ever seen has taking place...EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS, EARTH CHANGES AND BIBLICAL PROPHECY !!! - Torrential rain and flooding that began in June continues leaving behind destruction

Economic Collapse 2014 : Documenting THE COLLAPSE -- Andy Hoffman

Documenting THE COLLAPSE -- Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman joins us to document the collapse: We start with the fraudulent NFP report data about which Andy says, "There's not a single aspect of it that's truthful." We are witnessing the death of the U.S. economy and REAL jobs that PAY A LIVING WAGE. We also talk about the dead bankers list, and the rats now fleeing the ship at JP Morgan. We cover the China bubble, the decline of Japan which Andy says will be "the first 1st world nation to experience hyperinflation. in the 21st century" as well - and much more. 

Rush Limbaugh : We Are headed Towards a Great Depression

We are already reliving the 1930s Rush. We don't have food lines today because we have food stamps.
With all the crap that Obama has gotten away with, nothing will surprise me where he or his entourage of communists are concerned, but I am surprised that normal everyday, hard-working people continue to sit on their asses and not do anything, like a frog slowly being cooked in a pot of water on the stove.

RUSH: Now, I want to get back, ’cause I asked the caller who said, “Rush, it’s finished; it’s over. The Mayans collapsed and we’re in the process. We’re gonna collapse here.” I wanted this guy to tell me what he meant. “What does it look like? What does collapse look like?” I want to run through this again. I want to tell you where we’re headed, if there aren’t changes, and what we will look like. The road that we are on takes us back to the Great Depression.
That’s what things will look like.
People lined up for food, shelter.  It’s gonna be ugly.  People will be losing their savings and their pensions and their investments, in any number of ways.  A, they just become worthless.  The value of money evaporates when the government prints too much and there’s too much is in circulation. Or the government takes it, confiscates it.  “Come on, Rush! They can’t take the money.”
Folks, the Reverend Jackson himself has personally suggested that government actually confiscate everybody’s pensions.  He says, “There’s trillions of dollars there.  We need it.  We need it for benefits.”  Don’t think that can’t happen.  Pension, your investments, gone. How about this: Of those that are invested in tax-free municipal bonds, what happens if one day the IRS — not Congress, not Ways and Means Committee, not a piece of legislation.

Transhumanism: SATAN'S N̶E̶W̶ LIE [FULL] | Steve Quayle & Tom Horn

Transhumanism: SATAN'S N̶E̶W̶ LIE [FULL] | Steve Quayle & Tom Horn .The Elite's Plans Of Genetic And Technological Dominance

Author and researcher Steve Quayle riffed on a variety of topics such as giants, weather modification, secret aircraft, biblical prophecy, genetic engineering, the Illuminati agenda, and Planet X. The machinery to affect weather has gotten smaller and cheaper over the years, and there are currently 72 ionospheric heaters, in addition climate-controlling technology like Project HAARP, he outlined. Sightings of silent triangular-shaped craft are on the rise, and a battle in outer space is imminent, said Quayle, naming "extra-dimensionals" and black-ops as some of the participants.

The "super-soldier" program, Stargate technology, and CERN are involved in efforts to re-animate ancient giants, who were some 12-18 ft. height, he declared. "We are experiencing now the full implementation, in my opinion, of the Luciferian war on humanity. We talk about the New World Order, the Illuminati, the International League, but what is the prime directive of all those entities? It's the destruction of a five and half billion people," he cautioned.

Quayle reported his recent conversation with a "high ranking Goldman Sachs official" who'd visited one of the elite's underground cities that was being prepared. The official warned him that a "global flu" had already been determined, and a mandatory vaccination will be required, with those who refuse to take it being sent to FEMA camps. On the subject of Planet X, Quayle suggested that we're already seeing its effects throughout the solar system, and eventually, it will lead to a massive number of simultaneous active volcanoes on Earth.


Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.

Zecharia Sitchin (Azerbaijani: Zaxariya Sit├žin) (July 11, 1920 -- October 9, 2010) was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth's own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view. Sitchin's books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages.

According to Sitchin, Nibiru (called "the twelfth planet" because, Sitchin claimed, the Sumerians' gods-given conception of the Solar System counted all eight planets, plus Pluto, the Sun and the Moon) was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis. He wrote that they evolved after Nibiru entered the solar system and first arrived on Earth probably 450,000 years ago, looking for minerals, especially gold, which they found and mined in Africa. Sitchin states that these "gods" were the rank-and-file workers of the colonial expedition to Earth from planet Nibiru.


Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.
Steve Quayle
Steve Quayle

James Traficant launches Project Freedom

Former Congressman James Traficant announces the program to end the IRS, Federal Reserve, trade deficit and repudiate the debt to the international Banksters. Please share, Leave your comments below!

Ron Paul: Wake Up! The Bank Is Empty!

Alex breaks down the factors behind the latest mass shooting in Ft. Hood, including the fact that the shooter was prescribed anti-depressant drugs and that the shooting occurred in a gun-free zone. Alex also discusses the latest in geopolitics, with former congressman and presidential contender Ron Paul joining today's show to explain how Congress's $1 billion aid package to Ukraine will impoverish Ukrainian citizens at the expense of American taxpayers.

U.S. is Doomed to COLLAPSE! China to Rule World!

Collapse must occur in the U.S. There are no jobs anymore due to offshoring. Unemployed numbers continue to rise steadily.Developing countries are hoarding gold. What's the deal here?

The elite know what's going on and will assuredly profit from it.

The point here is that when this fully takes place, it will happen very rapidly. You cannot prepare in time. The odds will be outside of your favour.
Trade gap at highest level in five months
23 countries begin setting up swap lines to bypass dollar
By 2020, the Bundesbank intends to store half of Germany's gold reserves in its own vaults in Germany.
Chavez Emptying Bank of England Vault as Venezuela Brings Back Gold Hoard

Massive Volcano Erupts in Ecuador -- Prophetic Signs of The End of The World

Prophetic Signs of The End of The World , Massive Volcano Erupts in Ecuador - Mount Tungurahua (Throat of Fire)

Mount Tungurahua in Ecuador erupts in spectacular style - but is almost totally silent. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Explosive eruption at Ecuador's Tungurahua. Tungurahua (5023 m) volcano is located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes of central Ecuador, 140 kilometre.A couple days ago, several eruptions in nearby (90~ish miles) Tungurahua volcano caused a big ash cloud that is now reaching into the capital city, Quito. A series of spectacular eruptions at Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano sparks concern among tourists and residents alike, prompting authorities to close a main road.....

The Rothschild May Have Been Behind Malaysian Plane Mystery says

Rothschild May Have Been Behind Malaysian Plane Mystery

American political commentator Dr. Kevin Barrett recently said that he believed that Israel may have been behind the Malaysian plane mystery in “another planes-into-buildings deception like 9/11.” Speaking on the Iranian English-language Press TV channel on March 30, 2014, Barrett raised another theory: that British banker Jacob Rothschild was behind the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370.

Following are excerpts:

Kevin Barrett: Why are they giving us photoshopped pictures of Iranian passengers? Obviously there was some kind of a set-up to try to blame this on Iran. Precisely what that is we don’t know, but the Israelis have been using their assets, including the head of El-Al security, who was a 9/11 suspect – he lives in New Jersey, I forget the gentleman’s name...

He and other Israelis have been putting out as much media propaganda as they can, trying to blame this on Iran, saying it is a waste of time to look at this as being anything other than an Iranian hijacking.

Well, Christopher Bollyn just found that there is an identical twin of this plane. It has been sitting in a hangar in Tel Aviv, Israel, for the past couple of months. There was a shell-game played with this aircraft. It was in the south of France, and then they moved it down to Israel. Speculation is that there was some sort of false-flag plan afoot, perhaps another planes-into-buildings deception like 9/11. We have so many parallels between this event and 9/11.


There is also another angle, which is that there were 20 employees of a semiconductor firm on board – Freescale Semiconductors. This company had just patented the most advanced computer chip available, with many military applications – a very important piece of intellectual property. They were heading for Beijing, and it is possible that somebody didn’t want them to get there. These were Chinese nationals working for an Austin Texas-based firm.

There have been some unconfirmed reports – at least I can’t tell if they are confirmed – that say that, I believe, four of these passengers were patent holders for this chip, and the fifth patent holder is the company. The company turns out to be owned by none other than Jacob Rothschild, through two shell entities. So they are pointing out that possibly this patent may now belong to Jacob Rothschild, and that this would be a motivation for taking over this plane.

The Economic War Has Begun Which Will Lead To WWIII

The West does not only want a war, they need one. They need it badly. How else can they renege on their debt - pulling out their McDonalds and Kentuck Fried Chickens out of Russia and China? The latter two are dumping their treasuries. China is buying property in the USA as if there is no tomorrow.
Cyprus unemployment is now at record highs in March and getting worse. The US unemployment number are manipulated and the real unemployment is around 30% and there are 91 million people not in the labor force. The NSA spying continues in the US and the majority of the people are protecting themselves. A US congressman believes they are underpaid and should get a raise. China and Russia are pushing the economic war forward which is a direct threat on the dollar. The Syrian opposition is using another chemical false flag event and blaming it on Assad.

William Binney , Architect of NSA Spy Infrastructure Speaks

Meet William Binney, he worked for the NSA for 32 years. He designed the algorithms and logic to run the data analysis programs to sort out the information harvested by NSA computers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He worked on the "upstream collection" on fiber optic and cable taps in the Prism program that Edward Snowden exposed.
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