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Economic Collapse 2014 -- Debt Up $6.666 Trillion Under Obama

$3 Trillion CRASH: Money Transferred to ELITE ,  Names and faces might be forgotten but the terror of a tyranny will be remembered forever. An economic tyranny is upon us now, breathing down our necks. The crash was not an evaporation of wealth. It was a transfer of wealth: From the average citizen, to the insider elite.

3 Trillion... in your dreams.. you better add a digit or three.

2.7 trillion went missing during 9/11 and no one hiccuped - when the banks got bailed out people heard the 3 trillion number and freaked out and accepted it but did anyone complain even after Neil Barofsky, the lead overseer of the Treasury's bailout program told the US Treasury “the bailout program was fraught with “conflicts of interest,” “collusion vulnerabilities” and “deliberate obfuscation of what banks are doing with the money they received” - he also note there was 35 major fraud investigations relation to the bailout... plus the real kick in the pants he said the true costs of the bank bailouts was 23.7 trillion which of course they all denied... We will never know the true costs and the press keeps on rolling and rolling and rolling....

A lot of money has been leaving the USA for almost two decades...This time around... it's catastrophic.

The cards have been dealt, the bets are in and the dealer is about to show you the first hand....

Never Hiding, Never Scared.

Supreme Court Justice Warns FEMA Camps Are Coming

Americans May Be Locked Up in FEMA Concentration Camps Admits Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

The Founding Fathers knew government was like a 600 lb gorilla, which needed a very strong cage to keep it locked down, and limit it's strength. It's power was only to be used toward an aggressive attack from outside our republic, and only to act upon the will of the people's house of Congress. How far have we come away from that founding principle? The Socialists and Communists which run both major parties have been over feeding that caged gorilla, while at the same time stripping away a few more bars of it's cage. They are unleashing a beast, which when it is fully free of that cage, will be much harder to lock down again. A restoration of the Constitution is more needed now than in the times of the American Revolution, because the old enemy three thousand miles away in England is now inside our borders in government. If the American Spring march on DC, is the peaceful start of reclaiming the republic

Economic Collapse 2014 -- China Is Now Challenging The Western Oil Conglomerates

Spain unemployment is skyrocketing. Radio Shack is closing 500 stores and many other retailers are following suit. China is now challenging the western oil conglomerates to be the leader in oil price fixing. Obamacare is going to crush the job market by 2.5 million workers. The country is not protected against cyber attacks according to a government report. The US intelligence agency is reporting that Assad is now stronger than ever and they do not see any type of outcome to the civil war in Syria. The FBI is conducting interviews among the Caucasus people in fear they might have terrorist ties.

Bank Run 2014 -- FDIC Insured Bank of Albuquerque Preps for Disaster

A 'Bank Run' is a situation that occurs when a large number of bank or other financial institution's customers withdraw their deposits simultaneously due to concerns about the bank's solvency. As more people withdraw their funds, the probability of default increases, thereby prompting more people to withdraw their deposits. In extreme cases, the bank's reserves may not be sufficient to cover the withdrawals. A bank run is typically the result of panic, rather than a true insolvency on the part of the bank; however, the bank does risk default as more and more individuals withdraw funds - what began as panic can turn into a true default situation. Also called a "run."

The FDIC Insured Bank of Albuquerque is prepping for disaster. Kind of an odd thing for a bank to do. You may want to contact your bank and ask if they have similar plans and then perhaps pull your money our before.



February 15 and 16

Recent natural disasters such as the Moore tornado, flooding in Colorado, and Hurricane Sandy have demonstrated to all of us in the banking industry the need to be prepared for unforeseen events. Accordingly, we will be performing a disaster preparedness drill that may impact the availability of some banking systems, including mobile banking, online banking and more.

The drill will begin at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time on Saturday, February 15 and run throughout Sunday, February 16. Our ATM network will be fully operational all weekend for deposits, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals. ExpressBank will also be available, but will have limited functionality and will likely experience higher than normal call volumes and extended wait times over the course of the weekend.

To minimize impact to you the weekend of the test, you might consider making any transfers, deposits, or online bill payments earlier in the week before the test begins.

Throughout the weekend we will be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter and encourage you to follow us there to stay informed and up-to- date.

This drill is part of our ongoing disaster preparedness efforts to make sure that Bank of Albuquerque is ready to face the worst of what nature has to offer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we appreciate your business. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact our ExpressBank at (800) 583-0709.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Doug Casey The Worst is Yet to Come

Doug Casey joins me on the Prepper Recon Podcast today to talk about the other side of the financial hurricane. He compares our present situation to being in the eye of the hurricane which is notorious for a false sense of calm. He explains how the excessive amount of US dollars will cause the side of the hurricane to be much more destructive than what we saw in 2008.

Economic Collapse before 2015 - PREPARE NOW | Greg Hunter

Economic Collapse Within a Year - PREPARE NOW | Greg Hunter

- Germany's top financial regulator says that precious metals manipulation is worse than the LIBOR rigging scandal* (0:15)
- The Federal Reserve has NO GOLD** (2:05)
- Those in Washington Know We Are Headed Towards ECONOMIC Crisis (7:36)
- China buying up economic power from the United States? (11:21)
- Current crisis is threatening our personal liberties (14:30)
- Financial collapse within a year, "be in a constant state of readiness" (18:04)

War on Drugs -- What Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Death Exposes about War on Drugs

Abby Martin comments on the death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and calls attention to the recent deadly spate of heroin deaths, the need to decriminalize all drugs as well as the War on Drugs is failing America's addicts.

Satanism, The Music Industry & Mind Controlled Slaves -- Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (01-30-2014)

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back to the broadcast Aaron Dykes and Melisa Melton of Truthstream Media. The three of them get into a few topics including: The 2014 Grammy Awards blatant Satanic ritual during the performance of Katy Perry; Mind controlled slaves in the music industry; The normalization of all of this insanity, and much more. Make sure to take the time to tune into this broadcast.

Brian Tuohy, Vani Hari -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free AUDIO) Tuesday February 4 2014

On the Tuesday, February 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down how the federal government overbearingly regulates small business owners to the point of putting lemonade stands and small time cupcake bakers out of business. On today's show, Alex welcomes Brian Tuohy, a leading expert on game fixing in sports and author of The Fix Is In, to discuss why multi-billion dollar industries like the NFL, MLB and NBA never leave their businesses up to chance. Alex also invites "Food Babe" Vani Hari to break down the victories she's acquired in her crusade to label GMO foods, and also to discuss her latest GMO labeling initiatives, including her recent Subway petition. Alex also reviews the latest debacles, the government's arbitrary seizure of private property under "eminent domain" and touches on fears of a U.S. bank run.

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth

The Greatest Scam on Earth - The Money Scam! The Money Scam is hidden right out in the open, yet buried in complication and confusion. A retired banker describes simply, the world's Money Scam and the reason every country is now going bankrupt. Private bankers have stolen the money creation process, and whereas once our money was created by the governments, debt-free, it is now created out of thin air and issued as debt with interest charges. In today's banker controlled world, money = debt, debt = slavery and therefore money = slavery --- our monetary systems have become systems of enslavement. Money is created out of nothing, issued as debt, not enough money is created for the future interest payments and inflation steals our savings. The money creation process should be taken away from the banks and given to the governments who can create money debt-free, interest-free. This is how it used to be done and we needed no income taxes. Finally, it is explained what we should do to stop supporting the money scam.

Global Currency Reset is Coming -- INVEST IN BITCOIN / LITECOIN

Max Keiser continue on the topic of rigged global markets and fiat currency vs bitcoin Patrick Byrne enabled bitcoin purchases on earlier than planned as he wanted first mover advantage. It turned out to increase sales far more than he had expected.

Silver might take 10 months to peak and 2 months or less to retrace much of its price increase. It might be a $100 billion market in the US.
The market will be completely overrun and choked with silver, yielding an inventory that might not bleed off for years. The price rise will be fast; the drop will be fast was well. That's the way this always happens when smart money gets in first and dumb money comes in last.
Getting out at that inflection point will be a doozy; the ride heady. Nearly everyone will be sucked in with dreams of becoming silver millionaires. Those who bought at $30-40 will be vindicated.

We discuss whether or not 2014 will be one of economic and financial fallout from the 2013 Year of Bitcoin and Snowden. They look at Paul Krugman's claim that Bitcoin is evil because it's not backed by men with guns and the latest in the financial fallout from Snowden's NSA revelations in terms of contractual demands that data never enter the US. In the second half, Max interviews Barb Jacobson of about the European Citizens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income. Max compares it to the basic income provided to bankers through policies like quantitative easing.

The Department of Justice said Robert Faiella -- known as "BTCKing" -- and Charlie Shrem from BitInstant have both been charged with money laundering.
The authorities said the pair were engaged in a scheme to sell more than $1m (£603,000) in bitcoins to users of online drug marketplace the Silk Road.

With over 1,000 new merchants adopting Bitcoin every week, it is perhaps not surprising that, as NY Post reports, the first Bitcoin ATM is about to debut in New York City.

Following success inCanada and Europe, Brooklyn native Willard Ling, 30, is set to introduce the first bitcoin ATM to New York City at the East Village bubble tea shop 'Just Sweet'. State regulators with the Department of Financial Services are expected to hold hearings later this month to discuss how the digital currency should be regulated; and until then, Ling's bitcoin ATM will sit in his apartment. Users first download a bitcoin wallet mobile app — such as BlockChain or Mycelium — and set a password. A black-and-white QR code appears. They press the phone against the ATM's glass window so it can scan the code, then feed in cash.

Once upon a time, money -- in the form of precious metals -- used to be literally dug out of the earth. Limitations on the amount that could be mined, and on how much growth could be borrowed from the future (all debt is, is future consumption denied), is why eventually the world's central bankers moved from money backed by precious metals, to "money" backed by "faith and credit", in the process diluting both. It was the unprecedented explosion in credit money creation that resulted once money could be "printed" out of thin air that nearly destroyed the western financial system. Which brings us to Bitcoin, where currency "mining" takes place not in the earth's crust, or in the basement of the Federal Reserve, but inside supercomputers. Instead of swinging pickaxes, these custom-built machines, which are running an open-source Bitcoin program, perform complex algorithms 24 hours a day. If they come up with the right answers before competitors around the world do, they win a block of 25 new Bitcoins from the virtual currency's decentralized network.
Imagine a world in which you can buy anything in secret. No banks. No fees. No worries inflation will make today's money worth less tomorrow.
"There will be alternatives to the dollar, and this might be one of them," said former U.S. congressman Ron Paul. If people start using bitcoins en masse, "it'll go down in history as the destroyer of the dollar," Paul added.

Gerald Celente : There is Panic on the Street

Gerald Celente - RTTV Boom Bust - February 4, 2014

Celente: 'There's panic on the Street' simply because the economy is faltering. Gerald talks about the Fed, the US Economy and global economic trends. The US Federal Reserve has pared its QE program even before Janet Yellen took the reins. The question for Celente is what this means for the US economy. Yields have gone down, not up. But Celente believes this will not last and that the economy is faltering to boot. Note: Gerald's segment starts at 4:06 in this video.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Hyperinflation vs. Deflation

How Will Society COLLAPSE? Hyperinflation or Deflation?

"The inflation was caused by the government issuing a flood of new money, causing prices to rise. Then, as the inflation gained momentum, events seemed to demand the printing of larger and larger issues of currency..."
The Great Depression.
1. Increase in lawlessness
2. Loss of economic discipline
3. Rising bureaucracy
4. Decline in education
5. Weakening of cultural foundations
6. Loss of respect for traditions
7. Increase in materialism
8. Rise in immorality
9. Decay of religious belief
10. Devaluing of human life

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