WWII was False Flag, Hitler & 2 UK Kings half-brothers; Elizabeth not Queen; UK Crown vacant

 WWII was a False Flag. Hitler & Kings Edward, George were half-brothers

And so a Crown has fallen. When 'The Crown' judges against it`s Self (or, against the foundations upon which it`s Authority rests), it`s Authority is negated. Since the Vows Seal the Covenant, breaking the Vows also Nullifies the Covenant = the Crown is Void, Diminished, Powerless / without authority. And the People are ignorant to the implications.. Now who will protect the King(less)dom?
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  1. well alfred we shall see how things move have a pic at my painting the world and it might be inspirative open to any news and suggestions, royals are part of a structure is just like god and humans a pyramid its top and the base. on the other hand there is a global union for some purpose eventually. macroscopically and microscopically.


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