Paranormal A to Z -- Coast To Coast AM - December 26, 2014

Date:     12-26-14
Host:     Connie Willis
Guests:     Chip Coffey, Open Lines

During the first three hours of the program, Connie Willis (email) was joined by medium and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey, who shared his thoughts on paranormal topics representing each letter of the alphabet. Beginning with angels, he theorized that these are beings that were created by God to serve as emissaries and, as such, never spend a lifetime on Earth. To that end, he contrasted this with people who pass away, enter the spirit realm, and are entrusted to return to provide guidance for the living. "Grandma is not going to die and become an angel," he said, "Grandma becomes a spirit." Other topics which Coffey discussed from the early portion of the alphabet included Bigfoot, EVPs, and karma.

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