"NEW" WORLD ORDER-Current Prophecy Timeline-2014-2015 End Times

 A must watch, in-depth look at WHERE WE ARE CURRENTLY, in The Earth's Prophetic Timeline. Old and new stock footage/old and new newsreels/old and new recordings/current news/newspaper/archival/socio/eco/politi
­cal/geo/ etc documents, news reports, and news reels, testimonies, researched materials both old and new are presented in rich textural form revealing hidden secrets that everyone should be made aware of as we enter our NEW WORLD ORDER. Hitler and his minions couldn't usher in their NEW WORLD ORDER, however, modern endeavor has finally made it possible. See how history has repeated itself until it found THE GENERATION willing to accept this NEW WORLD ORDER: Our generation.

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  1. is ra el sounds egyptian, perhaps the promised land was something a bit different, complex, and the ra is probably some egyptian wisdom. that moses somehow carried with him.


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