ILLUMINATI PLANS FOR 2015 - Killing Billions of People[NEW WORLD ORDER 2015]

what we have failed to do in this country we call America and The United States is.....Unite! Our petty differences are miniscule compared to the grievous acts of the Federal Reserve banks who use our very own Government against us......When will we put our differences aside and as one united voice, One United truth, One United armed motivated cohesive, with targeted planned strategy unrelentlessly attack at the Federal Reserve System the very way they attack us. But many have thier heads in the perverbial sand, too scared or too patriotic, or too prejudice to allow themselves to see the writings on the wall....the America that we raised our Children in, went to various wars to fight and die for is over, what will emerge will be Chaos, massive starvation and death at the hands of the very people who say it's all propaganda. ........the American Government will be indeed the perpetrator of this......unless we rise up, all of us as one people and stop them, there is not way our Government can fight 200 million Americans at one time, don't you realize that's why they want our guns!!!!!!? Cuz when the shit hits the fan......and it will real soon, your gonna wish you had your guns!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! until the inevitable begins, be prayer, be safe, be aware. ....

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