Mike Rivero -- Your Property Belongs to the Government

Mike Rivero, Former NASA imaging scientist, special effects expert, journalist and founder and host of WhatReallyHappened.com joins us to describe in detail why Reluctant Preppers must not settle for the standard story from the mainstream media, government or corporations, but seek the real facts to be aware and prepared.

IN THIS Part 2:
· The Matrix struck a chord because we recognized a truthful metaphor for the lives we lead.
· The Internet: Freedom of Information vs. Government trying to regain tyranny & control over information
· Privacy & Property rights to our info / NSA Spying & telling the people “We are watching everything you do. Get used to it”
· Civil Asset forfeiture – The government is confiscating citizens’ cash
· Dependency on Government and corporations
· USDA crushing organic farmers, suppressing colloidal silver, Monsanto forcing GMO seeds
· When you are dependent on the government, you are a slave to the government.

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