EU Deflation Major Risk To Global Growth

EU Scheme to Prevent Deflation Will Cause Global MELTDOWN! The EU faces an immediate danger from the technocrats which sit above their fraudulent and helpless governments. A new fund will be setup which magnifies the invested amount, in a gambling scheme which will have the taxpayers bail it out when it fails. Bailouts may not be politically viable for most situations because of their bad reputation now. However, QE is still very likeable and so are the bail-in's and not to mention excessively dangerous derivatives!

Eurozone Stagnation Poses Major Risk to Global Growth, OECD Warns Falling Wages in Europe Hit Youth Hardest How the EU Plans to Turn $26 Billion Into $390 Billion JP Morgan Chase Citigroup Bank of America While Companies Shift Addresses to Tax Havens, CEO's Stay Put The European Union is planning a 21 billion-euro ($26 billion) fund to share the risks of new projects with private investors, two EU officials said.
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