Woman Sues The DEA For Making Phony Facebook Profile With Her Personal Info

So the government is taking the liberty of stealing our identities to Go After The Bad Guys now - awesome. Going undercover or creating fake identities just wasn't enough - now they need to use real people without their permission or even their knowledge. I hope to God she wins the suit, for the sake of precedent. If law enforcement can just trample over our rights and protections as citizens when it's convenient for them, even in the name of Protecting Us from Criminals, where does that end? What do we have left that's being Protected for us? I guess when the national gov't decided it was fine to start wars without the support of its citizens - you know, to protect our rights, and our freedoms...! ...Then it was just a slippery slope to local government taking liberties as well. Monkey see, monkey do. If this woman were to be stalked, threatened, injured or killed as a result of an interaction with a suspected criminal that she never actually had - that the police had engineered while pretending to be her - would that be a "tragic result of appropriate law enforcement activities" that the police bear no responsibility for? How soon before someone discovers that their credit has been ruined or their business has been destroyed because the police were using it without your knowledge to catch embezzlers or money launderers? Do we want to trust the government with that kind of power in the name of Catching Them Bad Guys?

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