Scottish Referendum Was Rigged

As if blatant vote tampering was not enough, im met with this headline this morning .. "A Dawn Of A New Day" = It might aswell read "Welcome To The New World Order" Alex Salmond, despite overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing during the vote, has accepted defeat to the no campaign and will cosy up to his pal David Cameron in a telephone call later. Salmond got what he wanted, a little more power transferred North. If he truely was one of us, and truly wanted freedom, and was the champion of democracy he claims to be, then he would demand an investigation into the overwhelming evidence of vote tampering that took place during the count. As for the "dawn of a new day" language, its classic elitists rubbing it in the faces of those with eyes to see. But im still proud of the people of scotland that turned out in record numbers, both yes and no's alike, my hat is off. All i want is fairness and transparancy, neither of which will come in the light of the day the new world order promises to bring

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