Russia War Against Global Economic "Parasite" & U.S. Dollar Monopoly!

Russia and China have been partnering up year over year with greater stability and friendship. This has been going on as the Western nation impose sanctions on Russia. The result has simply been a divide in between the two sides, causing volatility and uncertainty about the future. Russia has called for the END of the global economic "parasite" that is the U.S. and this is undoubtably a threat.

The yuan-ruble trade on the Moscow Exchange, where Marich runs money markets, has jumped 10-fold this year to $749 million in August, though still a sliver of the $367 billion in dollar-for-ruble sales. China agreed to prepay for supplies, which are scheduled to start in 2018, to help state-run OAO Gazprom finance the construction of the pipeline that will carry the fuel to the border. Introducing yuan payments into the gas business would lead to an exponential rise in trading in the Chinese currency in Moscow, the people said. The Fed Kills Emerging Markets For Profit U.S. low wage jobs Wage Statistics for 2011 Finding a Door Into Banking, Walmart Prepares to Offer Checking Accounts NYC’s Most Expensive Condo to Be Listed at $130 Million

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