Matt Taibbi Goes OffTheGrid with Jesse Ventura

Award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi joins the Governor for a two-parter on his new book, “The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.” The two talk about the worst wrongs executed by our government, including the fact that our criminal justice system is set-up to incarcerate the poor but not the rich. Agree or disagree with Jesse? Message him at

The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap by Matt Taibbi


  1. Jesse, buy some decent clothes and stop wearing those hippy tee shirts. It makes you look silly.

    1. Clothes don't make the man...but...if it helps to get the message out...I would take your advice. Anyone who is not awake by now..there is no hope for them. Give you an at least 50 hours of Foxtel every week...mainly serials, reality tv...biggest loser..dancing with the stars..the voice....etc. She believes that the Govt. would not allow fluoride in our water if it was dangerous....believes vaccines are safe for our kids..and us...maintains a debt of $4000 on credit a 20% interest rate...takes pills to make her sleep...drinks diet pepsi and coke by the getting fatter every year...and her friends are even fatter. My son in law...lives and breathes football...40 years old...thinks he is 14....hang on..mistake...he doesn't think. I can guarentee one thing...they are not alone...and they will not wake up. If a bus pulled up out the front with a football logo and a coke can on the side...big sign saying 'FREE BUS TO CAMP FEMA'...they would jostle to get aboard.

    2. Nice one Aussie family are almost as bad ...just not fat. My brother thinks he is unconventional and the others think they are well informed and intelligent as they have degrees and keep up with current affairs by reading the newspapers and The Economist, listen to the radio and TV. One lives in the USA and says about fluoride "Its for your teeth of course"....married to a doctor...what do you expect? and the other says "The government are undecided " 2 of them think the government will look after them and the other thinks that God will .If they are ill then its straight to the doctor to block out the symptoms ...thats a cure to them and to the doctor ...till the side effects show themselves elsewhere. They look upon me I think as somewhere between misguided and deranged ...I look upon them more and more as one of the poor unfortunates.


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