The Men who Crashed The World

China is buying up all this gold for a reason and it is not because gold is now relegated to a monetary relic. As part of the BRIC community they will soon have the currency most desired in world trade and markets.

All social programs, entitlements, social security, medicare are now in jeopardy of being cut back or eliminated. As the US dollar loses supremacy to the BRIC nations, many things economic will change. Many people do not understand that we are under a debt based economic model. Their fiat note does not come into existence unless the federal reserve creates debt that must then be distributed to someone willing to buy the debt or the federal reserve will be forced to monetize or buy their own debt back (our current debasement situation), because nobody wants it when bond(debt) rates are too low to risk the purchase due to the huge US bond debt of 70 trillion dollars.

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