Will the UKRAINE CRISIS be the Matchstick for the Start of WW3

Joel Skousen's Deep Insight And Analysis On The Current State Of Geopolitics . Alex Jones has an in-depth conversation with Joel Skousen about the internal politics of the liberty leaning new-media, the Benghazi fiasco, The Ukranian situation and much more.

Sure the Ukrainians could "easily" stop these militias. Just like the situation in Georgia some years back. How'd that turn out? The real truth is the Ukrainians want to stop Putin but they are fearful that any strong reaction might get an even stronger reaction from Russia and then Russia would likely invade, ie armored, airborne, etc etc. I don't buy Skousen's take on this whatsoever. Western intelligence services, as usual, are doing a lousy job of reading intentions. They have not as yet been able to formulate a pattern clearly enough to calculate Putin's next moves. I predict Russia will in fact invade. I also believe there is alot less planned action going on here from the West than is being postulated. I don't think they are quite sure of themselves or exactly how to react.

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