Ukraine Crisis 2014 -- Fighting & Shooting in streets

Fighting is reportedly underway in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, as the army moved in on anti-government protesters in the area. A bank has been set on fire, and there are reports of shots and explosions heard all across the city

I cannot believe that People are still entertaining the Idea that trying to Herd Russia into a Corner in that region is going to somehow Magically Stabilize the Area, I could see if Russia was at Our Door trying to Break in, and being Aggressive, but they are not,.But we sure as Hell are, in fact the USA has poked at this Region with Impunity ever since the Berlin wall fell,and for What? Peace? no!, all that we understand here concerning Russia is Unconditional Compliance to the NWO, basically Unconditional surrender, even though a War between the USA and Russia was never fought, thank God,. These Mad dog idiots in the situation Room counseling the President and Generals or whatever have lost their minds, AMERICA IS SICK OF WAR, PERIOD, ENOUGH ALREADY! Remove American Forces from every part of the World and Bring them home, and sure Up our defense,s, cause we are going to need them i think, when all these enemies we have made in the world decide they have had enough of our BS.We need to focus on what's going on here at home and stay away from the Ukrainian conflict. Both sides have issues in their followers and spheres of influence and it is not our solution to obtain.

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