The Coming One World Religion Explained | Chris Putnam

How Atheism is a diversion from the movement of neopantheism.

Chris Putnam & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagman Report.

INTERFAITH is the one world religion, conceived by poop j. paul, we all pray to the same god, lets all pray together.. who is this one god? the unknown god, in the pantheon of rome, except this unknown god is the messiah that the catholic church will present to the world via the fallen who will descend from the skies and all the fearful pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib lie lovers will accept this anti-Christ or repent of the lies of the jezebel at Rome.

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  1. Well if you understand that the one world government will not come to pass until the false messiah which will be satan himself claiming hes Jesus when hes cast from Heaven to this earth Rev. 12:6-9 heals that Deadly Wound spoken of in Rev. 13:3. Most will worship satan thinking hes Jesus... If your looking for Truth of Fathers Word taught chapter by chapter verse by verse visit ShepherdsChapel go to video page n listen to some Truth for a change not what any man thinks Father has told us All Things in His Letter to us The Bible..


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