Iran Nuclear Threat -- Myth or Reality ? : The story told from the other side

The Untold Story Of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions : Iran - War and Peace - War and Peace: Iran's Nuclear Program (2009) - The story of Iran's nuclear program told from the other side.
Under pressure from finite fossil fuel reserves and scrutiny from the West, Iran's Nuclear program has had a difficult road. This is the story of Iranian nuclear energy told from the other side.

"Iran has tried its best to have a pragmatic approach, not an ambitious approach", claims the country's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh. But are all such claims destined to fall on deaf ears? A climate of suspicion and hostility has historically smothered any meaningful discussion of Iran's right to nuclear technologies. The West accuse Iran of creating a 'confidence deficit' by pursuing a clandestine programme of enrichment; Iran sense hypocrisy, and claim to be singled out. "There are similar cases with Taiwan, with Egypt, with Brazil, and all of these countries get away with it." Ultimately, all parties acknowledge that a system that enshrines the right of the powerful to bend the rules is unsustainable. "The whole of the non-proliferation regime has elements of double-standards built into it", concedes David Hannay, a member of the House of Lords. But will this consensus signal a move beyond the rhetoric to purposeful negotiation? "Iran has an opportunity to become the good boy of the world."

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  1. The Zionists with their 300 nuclear weapons and massive US subsidies just want to be the only kid on the block and be able to steal even more land. Iran, a peaceful country that has attacked no other country in 300 years and has no nuclear weapons has to be squeezed by stupid America so that they cannot thwart the malevolent intentions of land stealing Zionists.


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