Agenda 21 -- Population Reduction Plan Taking Place RIGHT NOW!

We are being murdered by an elite group of players who lay in the shadows. Their efforts are highly successful at this unfortunately. It's full spectrum dominance because we're attacked at all sides.

Our children's lives depend on our ability to fight now.

Say NO to GMO.
Say NO to vaccines
Say NO to the bankers
Say NO to mainstream media
Say NO to the New World Order

7.5 percent of schoolchildren take prescription psych meds
As autism rates rise in Canada, doctors search for answers
Labels for GMO Foods Are a Bad Idea
Key food crops head to Arctic 'doomsday vault'
US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals from balloon
Experiment in New Mexico will try to establish the possibility of cooling the planet by dispersing sulphate aerosols

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  1. And do not leave out - saying NO to wi-fi in schools which are altering the DNA in the young girls' ovary eggs and this will be passed on to their daughters through their mitochondrial DNA. V serious. V alarming. Google "Barrie Trower" for more info. France has listened to his warnings and stopped wi-fi in their schools.


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