Thorium, our penultimate energy solution?

 It is mind blowing to discover that humanity has had for DECADES the knowledge of how to produce free abundant environmental friendly energy, not only through Thorium but also by sourcing energy directly from the environment, yet until today we are still dependant on this curse of curses - oil. The reason why is GLARINGLY obvious - the powerful oil and coal lobbies have the world's politicians by the balls.
There is NO DOUBT that the Creator would have created a world with abundant free environmentaly friendly energy.

Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling - The Thorium .Electric cars are about to be made to look like donkeys. Hydrogen cars are about to be made to feel about as advanced as a herd of goats. Forget what you know, because cars that can run for 100 years without refuelling could be just around the corner.

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