The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Sunday March 30 2014: News & Calls

On this live, worldwide Sunday, March 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, David Knight covers a deluge of news and information, including the latest lunacy from big government apologists. The final episode of "Piers Morgan Live" aired Friday night and host Piers Morgan couldn't seem to end his show without pushing his militant anti-gun agenda one last time. Similarly, House representative Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) recently announced his retirement from Congress in order to pursue a career in talk radio where he will no doubt continue to defend the NSA and other unconstitutional bureaucracies. Additionally, David covers the arrest of Cali. State Senator Leland Lee, the hypocritical gun grabber now charged with firearms trafficking. David also takes your calls to hear your take on these important topics and more!


  1. Why are we seeing a 'GREEN SCREEN'? Is there a problem with 'Copywrite Infringement' or some such? VERY ANNOYING!!!!

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