GUN SALES to WOMEN are ON THE RISE - Its Not Just About Making Pink Guns

Sadly, the myth that women are somehow less able or too weak to shoot a powerful handgun exists; it exists in gun stores, on the web or anywhere a woman might go to purchase a firearm or perhaps even within her family or social circles. I was at a gun show recently and approached one of the vendors to look at the guns he had for sale. The first thing he said to me was "so, you are looking for a smaller, lower caliber handgun that you can handle, right?" I gave him a "look" maybe "stare" is a better word, and walked away.. What we WANT is a gun we can effectively shoot that will do what a gun needs to do....stop an attacker in his tracks. What gun is that? Only you can answer that question based on a number of factors, unique to you. The best type, size and caliber of that gun depends on the same factors it would for a man or anyone looking for a gun for self protection.

Most agree that a small caliber handgun like a .22 or a .25 or .32 caliber handgun, in most situations, just isn't powerful enough to stop an attacker, who might be larger and/or high on drugs. A low caliber bullet is less of a deterrent or even worse, could make him even angrier. In my opinion, a larger caliber gun is really more of a necessity than a choice. I must say however, ANY GUN IS BETTER THAN NO GUN.

Let' start with the first question that must be asked. What type of handgun is best for a woman with the purpose of self defense? There are two choices, a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol. Your decision will be based on your specific and unique needs, physical traits and your likes and dislikes.

The number Florida women who are choosing to obtain a conceal-carry gun permit continues to grow.

Jays Gun Range is one of the many places that have women come in to register to obtain a gun.

Women mostly get permits for the purpose of self-defense and to protect their families.

State statistics show that 1.2 million people are permitted to carry a concealed weapon with one fourth of those people being women.

For any women who still want to get a permit, be sure to swing by your nearest gun range to begin the process.

Guys, your wives and girlfriends wear pretty underthings that they know no one else is going to see. They wear feminine, lacy underthings even when they aren't in the mood and have no intention of getting into the mood. 1

Women wear things like that even when no one else will see it simply because we like to wear pretty things. Pretty things make us happy.

If you want your lady to be happy tucking a gun underneath her clothes next to her pretty underthings, it's a good idea to help her look for a pretty gun and a pretty holster to carry it in.

Oh, one more thing: her fashion sense is better than yours. If she says a flashy gun is pretty, don't argue. It's not a pimp gun if a woman is wearing it.
pistol gun weapon women lady woman pink girly show

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield leads the pack and is offered in 9mm and 40 S&W. This striker-fired polymer framed pistol measures less than an inch from side to side and has an overall length just a hair over 6 inches. It weighs in at 19 ounces unloaded and for a woman forgoing a belt and a holster it can easily be concealed in a purse holster such as the Hollister Soft Hobo concealed carry purse.

The Ruger LCP is a polymer framed double action only handgun chambered in 380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol). Although the round represents the bare minimum for personal protection, the pistol is very small and weighs a mere 9 ounces. As a result perceived recoil can be sharp, but the design has proven to be very popular with female shooters. Not much larger than a smart phone or an IPod, it can be hidden yet accessible in a purse such as a Raven Shoulder Pouch.

The Beretta Nano represents a compact polymer framed 9mm handgun with interchangeable back straps to better conform to a shooter's hand. The magazine release is easily removable and can be switched to the right side for left handed shooters.

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  1. Crime rate is increasing and woman are also aware about that thing. So. many woman's wants to buy a firearm to provide safety in their home. There are many firms which offers service of woman firearm training to handle the guns easily.


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