Ukraine is The Future Of America & It's Coming

Pat Caddell on Fox News discussing the events in Kiev, Ukraine and how the same will happen in America.For years the mainstream ignored the warnings, even when the very same financial, economic and political issues that drove hundreds of thousands of people into the streets in Iceland, Ireland, Egypt, Spain, Greece and Egypt to depose their leadership and fight corruption appeared in America. In fact, one could argue that the global economic mess started right here in the States.

For years the alternative media has attempted to awaken the masses. And though many Americans began to gain an understanding of what was happening behind the scenes and why, the vast majority continue to eat up everything dished out to them via their televisions.
Yet, now, even those stalwarts who refused to discuss or report on the reality of conditions on the ground over the last several years are coming around to the possibility of serious ramifications if something isn't done.

We're beginning to see more and more discussions about how the laws and regulations of our federal, state and local governments are working to impoverish the people and restrict their freedoms. So much so that even the taboo topic of a potential Ukraine-style collapse right here in America is now being openly discussed in mainstream circles.

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  1. 1776 begun in kief ... so total clean up of corruption is the only way it makes sense..


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