Poverty in America: Life at the Breaking Point

Faces of Poverty: Life at the Breaking Point

Signs all over the world our country is being collateralized for these elite sold out souls who don't give a crap about the billions of people they are trying to depopulate all over the world, we're fooled America if we think we're an exception.  All this is the government fault's that fill the head of all these military people of air and once they have used them (so that Exxon can keep drilling in the middle east), the get confronted with the hard reality ........unless there is a  company needs to kill anybody, your skills are useless....you can only flip burgers....

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  1. when the republics are in danger we call the king: he advices:::GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. what Hague Convention of 1899[edit]

    when the republics are in danger we call the king: he advices the following, God save the queen....!....Nicholas II of Russia
    The peace conference was proposed on 24 August 1898 by Russian Tsar Nicholas II.[8] Nicholas and Count Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov, his foreign minister, were instrumental in initiating the conference. The conference opened on 18 May 1899, the Tsar's birthday. The treaties, declarations, and final act of the conference were signed on 29 July of that year, and they entered into force on 4 September 1900. What is referred to as the Hague Convention of 1899 consisted of three main treaties and three additional declarations: (the republics is plural concerns all republics!)


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