Guns, Cannabis & True Freedom (DTRH w/Popeye 02-19-2014)

Guns, Cannabis & True Freedom (DTRH w/Popeye 02-19-2014)

Obama just reminded everyone of one of the many reasons we have the 2nd amendment,end means to a tyrannical govt.Better watch the first amendment, they're trying to hit the freedom of the press by installing government monitors in the newsrooms... tyranny is upon us and we'd better wake up... this is the stuff that inspire revolutions, no weapon formed against us will prevail. the newsrooms are dinosaur media. this move by monitors will only bring more people to the alternative media . If we give them an inch they'll take a mile. We can not allow them any control over any media... yes, mainstream media is a dinosaur, but, to allow monitors in the newsrooms is an outrage. This must not be allowed. Then they'll move on to the internet and printed media, then total control. This is cause for a revolution in the minds of many, IMO.
On this edition of DTRH Popeye shows how guns, cannabis, and true freedom are all interconnected. He does this by playing some audio from a documentary called "Guns and Weed The Road To Freedom.

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