Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gerald Celente - Ukraine & WW3 Looming

Gerald Celente - Gold Core - February 26, 2014

Ukraine, War, ATMs, Runs on Banks and Gold and Silver. Gerald Celente joins GoldCore for a webinar to discuss the various strategies available for protecting one's wealth in 2014


  1. the Roman empire collapse because their own citizens got poor, just like the USA today. 50 years ago,america had vassal nations to import goods, very cheap (colonized nations) to keep the american citizens rich, however the vassal nation got poor in consequence, today the vassal nations are in upheaval so the USA empire cannot keep his own citizens happy. this is the reason of wars now, in the future the USA will not be able to keep his vassal nations, and them a revolution will be unavoidable in america "USA". today corruption is grabbing money before the empire collapses entirely, as it is a way to kick the can. the idea of division evil empire communism, what ever is to keep the nations quiet and away from the idea that they are getting poorer as they don't know how they got rich, they look for victims. so inform them how and why they had glorious plenty years, them they will understand that Americans (colonial nations as well ) lived for many years because the empire enslave others. they call it survival of the fittest, as patriotism is survival of the fittest, so the empire nations loot the other nations. this methodology has collapse, the result is a global uprising from the vassal nations to the dominant ones, however with the equation that the poor citizens of the ruling empire is on the same trend as well, because of the decline of living standards,"recovery", is impossible unless there are new vassal nations; and reason why it will never take place because, to work, you need a new masters, that becomes the new master of all with a new formula. so when there is no real master there is this poor rich chaos; the rich form a bunch and fight among themselves as the poor confuse do the same; corruption is the result, so everyone is corrupt, a sort of Jurassic park design if you like. in fact it is people folks humans the ones that are exploited. that is over as well. so only a way forward or the end of all civilizations as you know it. The only way forward is with a different logic, because the current logic is the Roman empire reasoning, this reasoning includes the religions as religions are one of the means of control and a way to gather mind under one sole idea, "polytheism-monotheism) is just that one god is better than many; a very large crowd following, one idea, rather than many, is just simpler, for certain purposes. however for our problem is a different perception; that generates a different geometrical configuration, that will expand the receptivity of the concepts on the individual. this action can slow down the volcanic explosion, chemical reactions and lead folks into a new steep forward; with a new rationality of what they perceive and sense as concrete..

  2. Alfredo, on the way back to the asylum take some extra strong delusional antagonist meds. I suggest if you are driving to remember the brake pedal is in the middle. Red is for stop and green is for go! It takes all types, you sure are a rare cuckoo bird!!

  3. Why? Alfredo's quite got a point. Another fall of another Roman empire...


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