Economic Collapse 2014 -- Rob Kirby: The Economy is Not in Recovery but Financial War

Rob Kirby of claims what is happening now in the economy is not recovery but "financial war." Kirby explains, "What we're witnessing and experiencing is a war between the keepers of the fiat system . . . and foreigners who have lost confidence in the U.S. dollar and confidence, for the most part, in fiat money. This is why all the emerging countries, China, Russia and the Asian countries, are all buying gold. Isn't it interesting, just as physical gold problems have started to manifest themselves with people having problems not being able to get the gold they want, Germany not being able to get their gold back. . . Isn't it interesting we have had an emerging market currency crisis rear its head in the last two weeks? The most adversely affected countries are either buying gold or facilitating trade in gold. If you want to put an umbrella over what we are talking about, it is economic warfare."

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