A Military Strike In Syria Will Spark World War III

Spain's public debt is the highest in 100 years and will be impossible to pay back. Unemployment is high in Spain and more layoffs are coming. To deposit money in Chase you will need a photo id so they can track cash deposits. The supreme leader of Iran does not believe the nuclear peace deal will succeed. Libya is close to a collapse. The war drums are beating and the central bankers/US government are pushing to remove Assad from power. The entire goal has always been to put a puppet government in Syria and to put all natural resources on the US dollar. The central bankers/US government will try many different tactics to have Assad removed but in the end they will most likely resort to a false flag event.

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  1. Good lord cannot anyone see the foolishness of the Nuclear nonsense! The USA has 104 of the biggest Nukes in immovable fixed positions. The precise G.P.S. and Earth coordinates are freely available! Simply delivering several thousand pounds of conventional high explosive bombs to these fixed positions will turn America into a radio active desert! These fixed nuclear bombs are usually referred to as Nuclear power plants! Consider just twenty or thirty Fukushima's on American soil and you get my drift


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