Police State America -- Police Brutality Goes Undocumented

The police are only doing their job, people. Their job is to target the weak, old, and downtrodden, then beat the crap out of them, or just murder them. That's what a cop does. Just their nature.
So if you are disabled (deaf) they beat you up. So if you are a foreigner tourist (dont understand english) they beat you up. So if you are minding your own business they beat you up. Welcome to America.We know you are that stupid to even consider lawsuit, so in return we just beat you up, and force you to pay for your own medical bills. Its the American way. Welcome to America, we hope you enjoy your death stay.

The government doesn't care if you have food on the table, lose your home and end up on the street, live or die. Oh, but they do care about your teeth, that is why they insist on adding fluorosilicic acid in your drinking water so you have strong teeth. It is a lie of course. It will kill bacteria that hurt your teeth, but also damages the enamel of your teeth, as well as your bones brain, heart and intestines , reduces your IQ, sterilizes and kills you prematurely. They have some real love for all of us. It is so strong they can't wait to get rid of us.The sooner people realize that our "gov't" is a Private Corporation, the better. The Corporation only cares about protecting the Corp's assets. The "Public at Large" is considered an asset, because it holds some value for the corp. That "Public" helps to finance the corporation and its debts.

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