2014 World in Chaos --Anti-Government Protesters Clash with Police in Kiev

Tensions runs high in central Kiev as anti-government protesters clash with riot police.

Full Story:

Clashes between anti-government protesters and police continued into the late hours on Sunday.

Earlier protesters had attacked riot police with sticks in central Kiev and tried to overturn a bus blocking their path to parliament.

Up to 100-thousand Ukrainians massed in defiance of sweeping new laws aimed at stamping out anti-government demonstrations.

The clashes broke out after opposition politicians called on people to disregard the new legislation that bans rallies which have convulsed the former Soviet republic for two months.

Boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko, a main opposition leader and speaker at the rally, went to the scene of the clashes to persuade protesters to refrain from attacking police.

Protesters, however, continued to shower fireworks and other objects on riot police, who protected themselves with shields.

As darkness fell, smoke bombs sent up clouds of smoke over the area, but many people trying to break through police lines had withdrawn.

Opposition leaders announced a plan to gather people's signatures expressing no confidence in Yanukovich's leadership and that of parliament.

They are also calling for moves to set up a parallel structure of power—including a people's assembly and a new constitution.

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