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The Freemasons Pike predicted all 3 world wars, and the first 2 he was correct about, and that is probably because the Freemasons, The Powers That Be/Illuminati, cause all the wars.

False Fag Attack 2014 -- Will The False Flag Event At The Superbowl Get The Green Light ?

Cyprus is under review for the next installment of the bailout fund from the IMF, meanwhile the unemployment rate is now at 17.5%. In the US disposable income has dropped, the American people had to dig into their savings to purchase the holiday gifts in 2013. Walmart and Amazon sales have declined. The Geneva II peace talks stalled and John Kerry is now warning Syria that the removal of the chemical weapons is taking to long. CIA paid rebels targeted the chemical weapons to try to slow the extraction. White powder was found near the Superbowl stadium, this was to create fear of terrorism. The big question will the false flag event at the Superbowl get the green light?

GOP Challenging Obama's Executive Orders?

WASHINGTON DC | Congressional Republicans may be taking President Obama to court over the executive actions that Obama touted during the Jan. 28 State of the Union speech.

Obama's overtures to sidestep Congress and pass laws by himself are adding fresh urgency to Republicans' legal efforts. They say Obama is using his authority in ways never-before seen.

The Hill, a Washington journal, added: "[House] speaker John Boehner said Republicans would not sit idly by as Obama takes unilateral actions like raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $10.10 an hour."

GOP Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, noted: "We can go to court. We haven't got many more options except [to] tell the American people that we're seeing an abuse of the intent of the Constitution."

Republicans especially want to legally challenge the president on his Obamacare enactment. The National Security Agency's spying programs also have made the GOP's lawsuit list.

Speaker Boehner declared: "We're going to watch very closely, because there's a Constitution that we all take an oath to, including him, and following the Constitution is the basis for House Republicans."

But what WHDT alone dares to ask is this: What's what the GOP's sudden 'constitutional conscience'?

Take Obamacare: If constitutional checks and balances are paramount, then:
· Why did the GOP-led House allow Obamacare to become enshrined in law in the first place?

· And didn't the 2010 vote to approve the Affordable Care Act lay the groundwork for Obama's executive orders?

The Hill noted: "GOP lawmakers argue the administration's selective enforcement of the healthcare law amounts to an unconstitutional exercise of power. They point to [Obama's] decisions to delay health insurance requirements, cap out-of-pocket costs and expand the employer mandate penalty. They are also challenging the healthcare law's contraception mandate."

That mandate requires healthcare providers to make contraception available. Eighty-eight lawmakers have signed an amicus brief filed by Senators Roy Blunt of Missouri and Rep. Randy Forbes of Virginia. It argues the Department of Health and Human Services violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in implementing the contraception mandate.

· Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky plans to file a class action lawsuit against the NSA.
And Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has sued the Office of Personnel Management for allowing lawmakers and their staffs to receive federal subsidies for their Obamacare coverage.

Democrats believe Obama is acting within his authority—which is doubtful at best. They say Republican obstruction has left Obama with little choice but to issue executive orders.

The war on terror is a major excuse for continual NSA spying in the first place. Back during the Bush administration, Republicans could have demanded that U.S. troops be brought home. And we're left to wonder whether the apparently unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were worthwhile at all.

Congress can de-fund nearly any program it dislikes through its normal legislative functions. If Congress wanted to de-fund the NSA tomorrow, it could. If Congress does not want Obamacare improperly applied, or doesn't want it at all, then the GOP would have to bite the proverbial bullet and repeal it.

But instead GOP lawmakers are looking to the courts, rather than harnessing their own legislative powers, to reign in an abusive president.

The very same Constitution they say Obama is abusing was abused by both parties when they launched the war on terror without the Constitutional requirement of Congress declaring war. What followed was a trillion-dollar war which, by its very nature, converted the U.S. into a spy state at home and a perceived bully abroad.
Filing lawsuits makes big headlines. Some of the lawsuits may have merit. But this approach suggests that Congress is the weakest branch of government. The nation's founders would have expected better. A weaker executive and stronger Congress would be their advice.

Joel Skousen -- China Threatens to Start WW3

Alex Jones continues with survival strategy analyst Joel Skousen discussing the plan for the fall of America, discrediting the Constitution and the very real possibilities of China trying to retake islands off the coast of the Philippines and japan.

America as a Horror Show -- David Simon

David Simon, creator of the TV series 'The Wire,' talks with Bill about America's capitalism crisis. It's a reality check from a journalist who uses TV drama to report on America from the bottom up. "The horror show is we are going to be slaves to profit. Some of us are going to be higher on the pyramid and we'll count ourselves lucky and many more will be marginalized and destroyed."

Obama's State Of The Union: Lies AND Theft -- Wayne Root

My, how the mighty have fallen. Wayne Allyn Root had planned to report on all the lies in Barack Obama's State of the Union speech. But it appears he's more than a pathetic liar; he's actually a thief, too.

The Police State: Know It When You See It

Featuring Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and Jeff Deist. Recorded at the Mises Circle Southwest Regional in Houston, 18 January 2014.

In the modern United States, federal laws are now so numerous and written so broadly and vaguely, that it is nearly impossible to make it through the day without breaking at least one of them. And through it all, an enormous government apparatus of prisons, prosecutors, police, and bureaucrats remains well-funded, powerful, and nearly impossible to oppose in court.

Jerome Corsi - "Hunting Hitler"

Best-selling author Jerome Corsi is back to discuss his latest book, "Hunting Hitler," in which he not only disproves the official story of Hitler's death but further suggests that Nazi, Russian, and U.S. intelligence agencies knew of and possibly even facilitated Hilter's escape. In the second half of the program, Mark Fiskeaux, a TRUNEWS listener, shares the compelling story of his Father who was a watchman of God during the 1970′s and 80′s.

Guest: Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi has a PhD from Harvard in political science. He is a senior staff reporter for WND and is the author of several books including "The Obama Nation", co-author of "Black Gold Strangle Hold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil" and the newly released, "The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People"

You may recall learning that oil was allegedly formed by decaying matter from dead dinosaurs. Eventually this was changed to communicate that it was formed by the decaying of ancient forests. When that theory was abandoned, credit was given to plankton and other deep-earth biological materials. Dr. Corsi says it's all nonsense.

The Nazi's, who had been making synthetic oil out of coal, knew that oil is abiotic and not a fossil fuel that is biologically made from certain types of decaying matter. They developed what's known as the Fischer-Tropsch equations which explained that the earth makes oil under intense pressure and heat deep within the earth on an ongoing basis.

To prove his point, Dr. Corsi noted that there is approximately 1.38 trillion barrels of oil in known oil reserves, the most in human history, despite the fact that consumption of oil has doubled since the 1970's.

Are the environmentalists and our government being dishonest with us when they claim we are running out of oil? You decide when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of "The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People" by Jerome Corsi, call the VCY Bookstore at 414-722-4829. Dr. Corsi's book is also available on the Internet in e-book form.

Joel Skousen -- Alex Jones Show: Friday (1-31-14)

On this Friday, January 31 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the over-the-top police state measures going in as New Jersey prepares for the Super Bowl this weekend. Infowars Nightly News reporter Jakari Jackson reports live on the Gestapo-like measures from East Rutherford, New Jersey. Alex also covers other disturbing manifestations of the police state as word of a Google patent allowing the cops to view your cellphone videos surfaces and more children are banned by the state from selling dangerous cupcakes. On today's worldwide broadcast, Alex talks with author and the editor of World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen, about the communist takeover of America. Alex provides incisive analysis on the latest breaking news of the day and also takes your calls.

Secure the Future -- Harry Dent

Harry S. Dent, Jr. is the Founder and President of the H. S. Dent Foundation, whose mission is “Helping People Understand Change”. Using exciting new research developed from years of hands-on business experience, Mr. Dent offers a refreshingly positive and understandable view of the future. Mr. Dent is a well-known author and is known as the developer of The Dent Method, a forecasting approach based on changes in demographic trends.

The Pyramid Code - Dr Carmen Boulter

coast to coast am ALTERNATIVE - 31 January 2014 - The Pyramid Code - Dr Carmen Boulter

Show Date: 31 January 2014
Host: James Swager
Topic: The Pyramid Code
Guests: Dr Carmen Boulter

The Pyramid Code explores the pyramid fields and temples in Egypt and megalithic sites around the world, looking for clues to sophisticated technology in the ancient world. The show is based on the extensive research done in Egypt and around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter of the University of Calgary. Dr. Carmen Boulter interviewed geologists, physicists, archaeologists, engineers, and authors and asks the questions: Who were the ancients and what did they know? Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe? Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today? Why do we have so little understanding of the ancient Egyptians?

Economic Collapse 2014 -- U.S. Economy Not So Strong and Bitcoin Looks Bubbleicious

Did you know that financial institutions all over the world are warning that we could see a "mega default" on a very prominent high-yield investment product in China on January 31st?

We are being told that this could lead to a cascading collapse of the shadow banking system in China which could potentially result in "sky-high interest rates" and "a precipitous plunge in credit". In other words, it could be a "Lehman Brothers moment" for Asia. And since the global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, that would be very bad news for the United States as well. Since Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, the level of private domestic credit in China has risen from $9 trillion to an astounding $23 trillion. That is an increase of $14 trillion in just a little bit more than 5 years. Much of that "hot money" has flowed into stocks, bonds and real estate in the United States. So what do you think is going to happen when that bubble collapses?

The US government has run up trillions of dollars in debt, and given the recent debates over the country's debt ceiling, we can rest assured that neither Congress or the President will act to curtail spending and balance the budget. We will continue adding trillions of dollars to the national debt clock until such time that our creditors no longer lend us money.

I have created derivatives for Bitcoin that work exclusively on the Bitcoin network. They are capable of literally replacing the role of the large money center and investment banks. YES! This is a big thing. I will hopefully have a limited use beta example of the first product for the viewers of the show to experiment with. These products have been designed as zero trust contracts (meaning it was designed to eliminate the human judgment factor, thereby nearly completely automating the entire transaction). involvement and expensive dispute resolution through means of the legal system. My BoomBust contracts allows anonymous parties to swap exposure in and out of Bitcoin from many widely traded currencies. (USD, EUR, YEN, CNY, etc.).

The Department of Justice said Robert Faiella -- known as "BTCKing" -- and Charlie Shrem from BitInstant have both been charged with money laundering.

The authorities said the pair were engaged in a scheme to sell more than $1m (£603,000) in bitcoins to users of online drug marketplace the Silk Road.

With over 1,000 new merchants adopting Bitcoin every week, it is perhaps not surprising that, as NY Post reports, the first Bitcoin ATM is about to debut in New York City.  global currency reset within 90 days

Once upon a time, money -- in the form of precious metals -- used to be literally dug out of the earth. Limitations on the amount that could be mined, and on how much growth could be borrowed from the future (all debt is, is future consumption denied), is why eventually the world's central bankers moved from money backed by precious metals, to "money" backed by "faith and credit", in the process diluting both. It was the unprecedented explosion in credit money creation that resulted once money could be "printed" out of thin air that nearly destroyed the western financial system. Which brings us to Bitcoin, where currency "mining" takes place not in the earth's crust, or in the basement of the Federal Reserve, but inside supercomputers.

Imagine a world in which you can buy anything in secret. No banks. No fees. No worries inflation will make today's money worth less tomorrow.

The digital currency Bitcoin promises all these things. And while it's far from achieving any of them — its value is unstable and it's rarely used — some have high hopes.

"There will be alternatives to the dollar, and this might be one of them," said former U.S. congressman Ron Paul. If people start using bitcoins en masse, "it'll go down in history as the destroyer of the dollar," Paul added. bernanke qe unlimited high frequency trading

CIA, Mossad to carry false-flag attacks: Ken O'Keefe

Press TV has interviewed Ken O'Keefe, a peace activist and former US marine, from London, about James Clapper saying militants in Syria are preparing to attack Western countries.

Poor Chicago Blacks to Obama: "Just Quit"

Shortly after Tuesday night's State of the Union address by the President, some Black Chicago Activists were asked their perspective and feedback on what Obama had to say. "Mr. President, we'd probably be better off if you called off your presidency off right now. Just quit. Because if this is what you call helping us, then stop helping us." (Produced by Rebel Pundit)

How to Fix the Banking System and Make it Socially Useful

We can't trust profit-seeking bankers and we can't trust vote-seeking politicians. What we need to do - and this is critically important - is to separate the decision over how much money needs to be put into economy and what that money would be used for.

"When you go to a mechanic to have a look at your car, he'll tell you how much oil you need to put into the car, but he's not gonna tell you where you can drive."

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All about BITCOIN

PROJECT CAMELOT: LIVE WITH PALADIN ON BITCOIN & SUPERBOWL .Kerry Cassidy talks with Paladin from the White Hats (currently a columnist here on the Camelot site), all about BITCOIN..why it differs from fiat currency and the efforts of the PTB to stop it from replacing our monetary system. Paladin is uniquely qualified to weigh in on this topic as a forensic financial investigator with a background in corporate and government agency contracts. As a member of the website responsible for the investigation and publishing of a number of reports following the money into black projects and down the rabbit hole ( ) his views of this current challenge to the corrupt monetary system should be fascinating and enlightening to those who will take the time to listen.
UPDATE: We will also be discussing the recent Terror Bowl letter that has been circulating around the internet for the last few days regarding a possible false flag event. There are some interesting nuances with this that again, Kerry and I have discussed in the past and the synchronicity of this letter demands that we discuss them. --Paladin

Ann Barnhardt -- USA Economic Collapse 2014 - Dollar Crash Coming - Prepare!

The Economy Is Going To Implode - By Ann Barnhardt - A partial explanation in layman's terms of the causes of the end of the world as you know it, and a few suggestions for those of you who will be tasked with the rebuilding.

Mass POVERTY, Unemployment, & Mountains of Debt

Nearly Half of America Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck Household debt for Canadians reaches all-time high Student loan debt hits a new high as millennials take 'poverty-wage' jobs Pending homes plunge, surprising economists

Bank Runs 2014

Hosted by Joe Joseph and John King. Joe's been doing internet and terrestrial radio since 2008 and is dedicated to fighting corporate and government corruption that is running rampant in the world today. Joe is a veteran of the US Navy and still holds the oath he took very seriously.

Joe Joseph and John King Talk about the growing fear of bank runs throughout the world and the emergence of the Police State w/ a speech by Dr. Ron Paul.

Alex Jones -- Obama's Complete Destruction of America is Underway

Obama's Complete Destruction of America is Underway . Alex breaks down how immigration reform could spell disaster for the Republican party, as the nation prepares itself for yet another distracting sports spectacle.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Print or Taper ?

Coming Economic Collapse, Money Printing, Inflation / Deflation
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the print, taper, print, taper talk that has led to the economic and financial chaos that finds the Financial Times opining that one should do like the Bundesbank did and demand physical delivery of your gold before your wealth becomes pixellated. In the second half, Max interviews John Mauldin, author of CODE RED: How to Protect Your Savings From the Coming Crisis, about money printing, inflation/deflation, gold prices and wages.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- HSBC Launders DRUG MONEY. Pays Fine Using Bailout Money!

HSBC was accused of failing to monitor more than $670 billion in wire transfers and more than $9.4 billion in purchases of U.S. currency from HSBC Mexico, allowing for money laundering
Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
After Laundering $800 Million in Drug Money, How Did HSBC Executives Avoid Jail?
German and French banks got $36 billion from AIG Bailout
HSBC has a derivative exposure of $4.321 Trillion dollars

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday January 30 2014: News, Jakari & Calls

On the Thursday, January 30 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down how immigration reform could spell disaster for the Republican party, as the nation prepares itself for yet another distracting sports spectacle. Alex continues crashing through the lies and disinformation presented in Obama's SOTU, and looks at how the Federal Reserve manipulates financial markets in real time at their whim. On today's show, Alex also reviews Attorney General Eric Holder's inability to cite the constitutional basis for Obama's executive orders, and examines the hypocritical vitriol casually spewed from MSNBC's Twitter feed. He'll also cover the relentless assault on gun owners and the Bill of Rights and increased tensions between the U.S. and China.


Scientists have reconstructed the genome of the first recorded bubonic plague and compared it to two later pandemics. New sophisticated strains of the disease that killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages could break out in future, they warn.

Researchers have managed to extract the DNA from the teeth of two victims of the Plague of Justinian, a pandemic that swept through the Byzantine Empire in AD 541-542, found in an early medieval cemetery in German Bavaria, according to a study published Tuesday by The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

The Plague of Justinian is believed to have wiped out up to half the world's known population at the time. The new research clearly links the Plague of Justinian with the Black Death bubonic plague, which was spread by rats in the 14th to 17th centuries, and a later pandemic in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The research shows that what caused all three pandemics was the same Yersina pestis (Y pestis) bacterium. However, the strains of the first pandemic are sufficiently different from those of the later pandemics to prompt a warning from scientists, who believe that the same bacteria with different DNA lineages is a worrying sign.

"These results show that rodent species worldwide represent important reservoirs for the repeated emergence of diverse lineages of Y pestis into human populations," the study concludes.

Hendrik Poinar, director of the Ancient DNA Centre at McMaster University in Canada, who led the new research, believes scientists have to keep an eye on plague in rodent populations -- the disease's major carriers -- to be able to avert future human outbreaks.

While modern-day antibiotics are able to stop currently known strains of plague, the researcher has not ruled out the possibility for potentially dangerous mutations. If there ever emerges an airborne version, the plague of that type could kill people within 24 hours of being infected, Poinar warned.

"If we happen to see a massive die-off of rodents somewhere with [the plague], then it would become alarming," the scientist told AP.

The warning was echoed by Tom Gilbert, a professor at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, who wrote an accompanying commentary for the study.

"What this shows is that the plague jumped into humans on several different occasions and has gone on a rampage," he said. "That shows the jump is not that difficult to make and wasn't a wild fluke."

Plague, one of the world's oldest known diseases, still remains endemic in mostly tropical and subtropical areas, according to the World Health Organization. A disease of rodents, it's spread among them by fleas. Around 2,000 people a year get affected globally.

When rapidly diagnosed and promptly treated, plague may be successfully treated, reducing mortality rate from 60 to less than 15 percent, the WHO says.

It sounds like something out of a bizarre science fiction comic book, but scientists have weaponized the H5N1 bird flu virus, and are actually considering releasing the research.
plague doctor scientist science dna bacteria "bio weapon" "black death plague" lab "science lab" "28 days later" airborn
Making the virus highly contagious could result in widespread infection. The H5N1 virus has been infecting birds and other animals in recent years, though it has also infected around 500 people.

The reason that it has not become an epidemic is due to the fact that affected humans are usually not very contagious. Therefore, altering the virus to become highly contagious is quite possibly the deadliest tweak which could be done.
It seems that these scientists are just asking for the new weaponized bird flu virus to infect the public.

Bioterrorism fears arise as scientists push to release weaponized bird flu research
Darrin McBreen reports on how governments are weaponizing deadly viruses. What are the risks of such viruses escaping from inadequately secured labs and starting a global pandemic?

We've already seen flesh eating bacteria pandemics caused by overuse of anti-biotics, as well as virus mutations caused by vaccines. Could a new super-flu be on the horizon?

Illumaniti warns of possible bio-weapon attack

Economic Collapse 2014 -- As The FED Tapers The US Reports Syria Might Have Biological Weapons

Creditors are now looking at Cyprus for the 3rd bailout. Cyprus is following the same path as Greece, they are getting deeper into debt. The FED tapered and the market fell, Marc Faber reports that the big money are taking profits and leaving the market. President Obama gave the SOTU and is going to use Executive Orders to bypass congress on issues like gun control. The test Czar has reported that the interceptor missiles have failed the test and the US is not protected. More warning of a terrorist false flag in Sochi and now there are reports of Assad developing biological weapons which might be used as a false flag event.

Obama Becoming DICTATOR in 2014!

State of the Union 2014: Obama calls for 'year of action'
Obama highlighted a dozen executive actions, including an executive order announced earlier Tuesday to raise the minimum wage
President Obama has "warmed up" to using executive authority, and when he believes "he has the authority" to "make progress" without action by Congress, he will do it
Obama tells Russia's Medvedev more flexibility after election

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Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (01-28-2014) State of the Union Addres, 2014 Grammy Rituals & More

On this edition of DTRH Popeye covers the State of the Union address live with fellow radio show host Joe Joseph. Picking up in the second hour of Joe's radio show, and continuing into Popeye's, they give colorful commentary as the lies flow like water from Reich Fuhrer Obama. In the second half of the broadcast Popeye gets into the 2014 Grammy Awards and the blatant witchcraft being preformed live on TV. Finishing up on a positive note, Popeye plays an audio clip from Russell Means' last interview where his wife and him discuss the sacred feminine, native culture's gender roles, and how they help form the basis of their culture's structure.

GERALD CELENTE -- QE equals The Death of The American Economy

Gerald Celente and Alex discuss the Obama's 2014 state of the union address. Celente is quick to point out how standard this years address is. Plain and simple with the usual gang of followers clapping along to almost every word the President said. Of course, Obama used the speech as an opportunity to pull on the heartstrings of Americans by parading a disabled vet, all while drone warfare and the war on terror increases with no end in sight.

In this final segment Gerald Celente forecasts what is most likely to be the next scam by the white shoe boys. Yes, there will be a new round of stimulus, more QE and when they do it your gonna see gold skyrocket. Celente also touches on Goldman Sachs LIBOR manipulation, Gold price suppression and more. Celente closes with his perspective on the pitch fork mobs in Brazil and across the globe. When all else fails, they take you to war. 2014 Trends? Interest up and Economy and Equities down.

Obama wants to run The Country using Executive Order -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday January 29 2014: (Commercial Free Video)

Obama wants to run The Country with Executive Order -- Mike Rivero

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power - James Goi Jr.

Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast #44. In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing coach and author James Goi Jr. James is the author of james goi jr . How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, and he is on a mission to help people everywhere to lead more prosperous and rewarding lives. James believes that, in a modern society, financial abundance can either directly or indirectly lead to abundance in all other areas of life. James shares his valuable knowledge through his public talks, various writings,

Gerald Celente :The Next Scam, Equities Down Interest Up

Gerald Celente and Alex discuss the Obama's 2014 state of the union address. Celente is quick to point out how standard this years address is. Plain and simple with the usual gang of followers clapping along to almost every word the President said. Of course, Obama used the speech as an opportunity to pull on the heartstrings of Americans by parading a disabled vet, all while drone warfare and the war on terror increases with no end in sight.

In this final segment Gerald Celente forecasts what is most likely to be the next scam by the white shoe boys. Yes, there will be a new round of stimulus, more QE and when they do it your gonna see gold skyrocket. Celente also touches on Goldman Sachs LIBOR manipulation, Gold price suppression and more. Celente closes with his perspective on the pitch fork mobs in Brazil and across the globe. When all else fails, they take you to war. 2014 Trends? Interest up and Economy and Equities down.

Daniel Estulin -- Transhumanism the Goal of NWO

 Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin joins Alex on the Radio transmission to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite's drive for total control. The elite are a predatory group that has infested mankind since the beginning of civilization. The culmination of all of that evil and power is being realized through transhumanism.

Transhumanism: The Goal of The Global Elite With Transhumanism Expert Daniel Estulin Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin joins Alex to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite's drive for total control.

The "Transition" they speak of is nothing short of raising Cthulhu to the stars. They will divide the world into 10 kingdoms, where the 11 is the Abyss of cyberspace. Chtulhu, your new god. Artificial Intelligence will bring the whole system alive.


Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian lawmakers, who say the NSA whistleblower contributed to "transparency and global stability" by revealing the depth and sophistication of the global surveillance apparatus.

Snorre Valen and Baard Vegar Solhjell, parliamentarians from Norway's Socialist Left Party, announced the nomination on Facebook on Wednesday.

Noting that "peace is more than simply the absence of war," the MPs said that Snowden had contributed to global security by revealing "the nature and technological prowess of modern surveillance."

"The level of sophistication and depth of surveillance that citizens all over the world are subject to, has stunned us, and stirred debate all over the world. By doing this, he has contributed critical knowledge about how modern surveillance and intelligence directed towards states and citizens is carried out," a statement by the Norwegian MPs said.

The legislators said Snowden's leaks may have damaged the security interests of several nations in the short-term, noting they do not necessarily support or condone all of the former NSA contractor's disclosures.

"We are, however, convinced that the public debate and changes in policy that have followed in the wake of Snowden's whistle-blowing has contributed to a more peaceful, stable and peaceful world order."

Arguing that Snowden had "contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order, "Baard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen submitted Snowden's name to be considered for the award, adding that, "His actions have in effect led to the reintroduction of trust and transparency as a leading principle in global security policies."

Hundreds of nominations are expected to be made for the prestigious award, with members of any national assembly being allowed to suggest candidates. The final list will be decided on March 4 and the winner will be announced on October 10.

Snowden's efforts to list the lid on the NSA's myriad of unconstitutional spying programs have helped shift public opinion firmly against mass surveillance. A recent USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll found that 70% of Americans, "say they shouldn't have to give up privacy and freedom in order to be safe from terrorism."

Snowden's actions have also led to the introduction of bills in state legislatures across the country aimed at cutting off water and power to NSA facilities while making it illegal for state authorities to use information obtained by the federal agency.
"These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power," wrote Snowden.

In previous years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has attracted derision for awarding the Peace Prize to candidates who represent the exact opposite of what the honor is supposed to symbolize -- people like Barack Obama and the inherently corrupt European Union.

This is a huge opportunity to restore faith and prestige in the Nobel Peace Prize by awarding it to a truly deserving candidate, someone who has provoked a global firestorm of awakening and a renaissance for the ideals of freedom and privacy.

Edward Snowden has made some dangerous enemies. As the American intelligence community struggles to contain the public damage done by the former National Security Agency contractor's revelations of mass domestic spying, intelligence operators have continued to seethe in very personal terms against the 30 year-old leaker.

Ukraine: State of Chaos

Ukraine, the biggest country in Eastern Europe is sandwiched between Russia and the West. It was a vital player in the downfall or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991. And the Orange Revolution in 2004 ended the corrupt autocratic pro-Russian regime. But six years later, through the newly elected president Yanukovich, head of the Party of Regions, it has returned to the grips of its powerful oligarchs and Russia. So the people got neither the rule of law nor the democracy they had imagined.

G. Edward Griffin -- How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same

G. Edward Griffin is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

G. Edward Griffin is a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations. His better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island, World without Cancer, The Discovery of Noah’s Ark, Moles in High Places, The Open Gates of Troy, No Place to Hide, The Capitalist Conspiracy, More Deadly than War, The Grand Design, The Great Prison Break, and The Fearful Master.
Mr. Griffin is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in speech and communications. In preparation for writing his book on the Federal Reserve System, he enrolled in the College for Financial Planning located in Denver, Colorado. His goal was not to become a professional financial planner but to better understand the real world of investments and money markets. He obtained his CFP designation (Certified Financial Planner) in 1989.
Mr. Griffin is a recipient of the coveted Telly Award for excellence in television production, a Contributing Editor of The New American magazine, the creator of the Reality Zone Audio Archives, and is President of American Media, a publishing and video production company in Southern California. He has served on the board of directors of The National Health Federation and The International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends and is Founder and President of The Cancer Cure Foundation. He is also the founder and president of Freedom Force International.

Malachi Martin Vatican Predictions Coming To Pass • Tom Horn w/ Radio Liberty 1.21.14

Malachi Martin Vatican Predictions Coming To Pass • Tom Horn w/ Radio Liberty 1.21.14

EXO-VATICANA: REVEALS FOR THE FIRST TIME... UNVEILED! THE VATICAN'S SECRET PLAN for the arrival of an alien god. DISCLOSED! SECRET FILES in the Vatican Library on the reality of the alien presence. FOUND! THE HIDDEN DOCUMENT detailing the Vatican's position on the extraterrestrials. REVEALED! PROJECT LUCIFER and the quest for "Fallen Star." THE ROLE OF PETRUS ROMANUS for the coming Alien Serpent-Savior 2013! THE YEAR top astronomers say the alien world and its inhabitants will be divulged. UNCOVERED! THE COLLINS ELITE, OCCULTISM, and the covert breeding and hybridization program. FINALLY! THE INCREDIBLE FAMILY SECRET Tom Horn has kept concealed for over 40 years! WHAT TOP GOVERNMENT & VATICAN OFFICIALS told Tom Horn & Cris Putnam about the reality of UFOs, Extraterrestrials THE VATICAN'S TOP ASTRONOMER agrees to interview with Horn & Putnam. Read the amazing things he admitted. NICK POPE & OTHER GOVERNMENT INSIDERS open up on the alien reality, set timelines for Disclosure. BACK TO CYDONIA: Artificial structures on other worlds confirmed by the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the NAO. THE ASTONISHING SECRET CODE on a papal proclamation and the seed of Satan. THE MYSTERIOUS GODDESS who watches over the divine children in whom the serpent bloodline survived and from which the serpent-savior emerged.

The Family of Trillionaires and the Rothschild Conspiracy (Full Documentary)

This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

"The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and  credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of  consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity" - Abraham  Lincoln

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs" – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809).

"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by  controlling money and its issuance" - James Madison

"If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations" -Andrew Jackson

"Issue of currency should be lodged with the government and be protected from domination by Wall Street. We are opposed to…provisions [which] would place our currency and credit system in private hands" – Theodore Roosevelt

Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote:
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of  credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most  completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a  Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men" -Woodrow  Wilson

"The real truth of the matter is,as you and I know, that a financial
element in the large centers has owned the government ever since
the days of Andrew Jackson… " - Franklin D. Roosevelt (in a letter to Colonel House, dated November 21, 1933).

“The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilization.” Otto von Bismark (1815-1898), German Chancellor, after the Lincoln assassination.

“That this House considers that the continued issue of all the means of exchange – be they coin, bank-notes or credit, largely passed on by cheques – by private firms as an interest-bearing debt against the public should cease forthwith; that the Sovereign power and duty of issuing money in all forms should be returned to the Crown, then to be put into circulation free of all debt and interest obligations…” Captain Henry Kerby MP, in an Early Day Motion tabled in 1964.

“Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing. ” Ralph M Hawtry, former Secretary to the Treasury.
“… our whole monetary system is dishonest, as it is debt-based… We did not vote for it. It grew upon us gradually but markedly since 1971 when the commodity-based system was abandoned.” The Earl of Caithness, in a speech to the House of Lords, 1997.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

“The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it. The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled. With something so important, a deeper mystery seems only decent.” John Kenneth Galbraith (1908- ), former professor of economics at Harvard, writing in ‘Money: Whence it came, where it went’ (1975).

As Nicolas Trist – secretary to President Andrew Jackson – said about the incredibly powerful privately owned Second Bank of the United States, “Independently of its misdeeds, the mere power, — the bare existence of such a power, — is a thing irreconcilable with the nature and spirit of our institutions.” (Schlesinger, The Age of Jackson, p.102)
It's The Bankers People! They control all people and things... Learn all you can about The Rothschilds... This video is just some proof that the Forbes Richest People List is a joke and meant to keep the truth from us, The Rothschilds own the worlds media, so you won't see this on the nightly news... The richest families in the world don't want us to know who is really running it.

Daniel Estulin, Gerald Celente -- The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday January 29 2014

On this Wednesday, January 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex exposes the disinformation from last night's State of the Union address and the current attacks on humanity. During his speech, Obama announced plans to enact his socialist agenda through executive orders, which 67% of Americans are completely opposed to according to a CNN poll. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) also pointed out that Obama's imperial presidency threatens the liberty of every citizen. Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, joins the show to break down Obama's multitude of lies from last night and the current, worldwide concerns over bank runs. Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin also joins today's transmission to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite's drive for total control. You don't want to miss this unprecedented broadcast.

Orwellian America -- See the BIG BROTHER SURVEILLANCE DRONES FUTURE Coming to a City Near You.


Reacting to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' unveiling of prototype Octocopters that would deliver items weighing up to 2.3kg to customers within 30 minutes of an order being placed online, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) cautioned that without careful regulations, "companies could use drones for information gathering whether that is taking a photograph of your patio furniture or recording the make and model of your car."

"Coloradans will accept this technology only if they are certain their privacy is protected and that Americans won't be victims of surveillance or privacy abuse by private unmanned aerial system operators," said Udall.

Many have speculated that the only way to deter theft of the drones or the products they are delivering to customers will be to attach high-tech surveillance cameras to the devices that would feed live video footage back to a central database.

"One solution that has been floated is installing cameras on the drones, but just the mention of eyes in the sky got America's privacy-obsessed sections seething," reports FirstPost.
The Octocopters set to be used by Amazon are designed to carry cameras weighing up to 5 pounds.

The U.S. Army said its latest defense technology — a vehicle-mounted laser — has passed a recent test with flying colors, successfully shooting a drone from the sky and intercepting and destroying several mortar rounds.

The technology probably won't be completely operational and ready for mission until 2022, because developers are going to be working on increasing the power and range of the lasers. And the Army still has decide whether or not to buy the system, officials said to AFP.

Customs and Border Protection, which operates under DHS, says that the Predator B drone was being flown on a "border security mission" 20 miles southwest of San Diego when it encountered an unknown mechanical failure.

By 2016, CBP wants drones flying in domestic airspace 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure a so-called "layered security strategy."

DARPA and the US Army have taken the wraps off ARGUS-IS, a 1.8-gigapixel video surveillance platform that can resolve details as small as six inches from an altitude of 20,000 feet (6km), ExtremeTech reports.

The U.S. State Department canceled its $1 billion surveillance drone competition, saying none of the proposals met its requirements, according to the U.S. government's Federal Business Opportunities website.
The State Department "plans to examine closely the requirements stipulated in the solicitation with the intent of developing and releasing a new" request for drone proposals, according to the notice.

The Texas legislature passed a bill this past weekend that would see a blanket ban on capturing moving or still images on private property with an unmanned drone.

The legislation, House Bill 912, authored by Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Terrell, will make it a Class C misdemeanor for anyone to use a drone for surveillance of an individual without their prior consent. Further distributing any images captured as a result of such activity will be a class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $10,000.

The bill states that "Each image a person possesses, discloses, displays, distributes, or otherwise uses in violation of this section is a separate offense. An offense under this section for the disclosure, display, distribution, or other use of an image is a Class B misdemeanor."

Exceptions to the legislation, known as the 'Texas Privacy Act', will be police use of drones to pursue known felons or conduct criminal investigations. Using drones to investigate misdemeanors will require a warrant. In addition, use of drones to survey accidents, disasters or potential hazardous spills will be permitted.

PROPHETIC UPDATE -- Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Advances Will Overtake USA's in 5 Years

Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Advances Will Overtake USA's in 5 Years, D'Souza Producer: 'I Never Feared My Govt Until Now', Abbas Gives Israel 3 Years To Withdraw From Judea And Samaria, More Air Force Members getting the Axe! 14% or 500 Members have now been booted!, Winter Storm brings Crippling Blow and Chaos to the South, Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?, Matt Drudge sparks mystery in 4 cryptic words, Obama demands "Year of Action"!, Free Crack Pipes To Be Distributed In San Fran Despite Gov't Opposition, 'I will veto' new legislation against Iran, Obama tells Congress, Kerry signals advance of 'North American Union' plan, Homeland Security Drone Crashes Off California Coast, 'Jesus Christ Should Be in the Center of Our Huddle:' Coach Criticized for Endorsing Christianity, Netanyahu: Israel not obligated by US peace plan, The 'Kerry Plan': Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem, recognition of Jewish state, Iran Deal Being Kept in 'Super Secret Location', Turkish prime minister delivers speech as a 10-foot hologram, Al Gore Suggests 'Fertility Management' to Fight Global Warming, 170,000 rockets are aimed at Israel's cities, says IDF intel head, Christian singer Natalie Grant responds to critics regarding Grammys. Catch all the Latest News and Headlines from a "Prophetic Perspective" at


Citing a new "surprise package" for Russia and Olympic spectators, Islamist militants in the North Caucasus =Sunday launched a new threat to the Sochi Olympics with a purported "martyrdom" video by two suicide bombers who attacked a transit hub 400 miles away.

The duo — dressed in street clothes and without the usual trappings of jihadis — casually explained that Russians and those attending the Winter Games next month will not be safe as long as forces sent by President Vladimir Putin occupy the North Caucasus region near Sochi, Russia.

Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak told Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" on Sunday that Sochi, Russia, the city where the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place, "is as safe as the rest of Russia."

"One, Sochi is as safe as the rest of Russia. Secondly, Sochi is pretty unique a place in terms of its geographics, climate, and very uniqueness in Sochi being kind of resort area on the warm sea and in 2 hours and a half you can also do downhill skiing. So, it's wonderful place for Olympics, first," Kislyak said.

The United States will deploy at least two warships into the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi, Russia, to respond to a potential terror attack during the upcoming Olympics, top officials said on Monday.

The ships will have helicopters that could fly Americans out of the country if needed. There are also aircraft on standby in Germany that could be at Sochi in about two hours if needed.

The group, which monitors press freedom worldwide, detailed a repressive climate for journalism in Sochi, where the Winter Games kick off in less than two weeks and where arrests, tapped phones and threats have led to a virtual media silence in Russia on many controversial Olympic-related issues.

The protests in Ukraine organized by USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom House, George Soros' Open Society Institute and a host of public-private NGOs have turned violent.

Early Monday members of Spilna Sprava took over the Justice Ministry in Kiev and demanded President Viktor Yanukovych resign. They smashed windows and erected barricades. In response, the government has threatened to impose a state of emergency.
putin ukraine georgia gorgia russia gay femen woman quantum fund soros provocateur james bond gmo monsanto ban ukraine kiev protest riots
 eyes wide shut Following the action at the Justice Ministry, Spilna Sprava announced on its Facebook page it had decided to blockade the building instead of occupying it following Justice Minister Olena Lukash's threat to declare a national emergency.

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics just weeks away, one can't help but wonder if this is a setup for one of the largest false flag terrorist attacks in the history of the world?

With increased rhetoric from the West and intensifying mainstream media attention, the U.S. State Department issued a dire warning late last week about the possibility of a terrorist attack during the Sochi Olympic Games. In the travel alert, the department warned that Americans should be vigilant about their surroundings and take common sense precautions to stay safe, notably on public transport.

In recent weeks, several terror attacks have struck Russia, namely in the Russian city of Volgograd. Two separate bus explosions as well as an attack on a train station left mangled bodies on the street and has raised fears of more violence in anticipation of the event.

It is important to note that the United States has been engaged in a dangerous propaganda war with Russia for much of the last year, after revelations from truth-teller Edward Snowden shocked millions of Americans. The leak, which some have called "the most significant disclosures in US history" has put American intelligence and Washington on the defensive.

Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That May Change The World

Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That Exist Today!

... Too bad Many of these technologies(bloomenergy) won't see the light of day because there is too much money invested and being made in old/current technology. Do really think that cars have to run on gasoline??? The combustion engine has changed very little in over 100+ years(on purpose). Until Big Corporations find a way to leverage this tech and make money off of us they will blackball these new technologies or hoard it for themselves. Smh. Google+BostonDynamics+Military+NASA= SKYNET. Lol.... actually that's scary.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Yuan becoming a reserve Currency Instead of The US Dollar

Lloyds banking group is laying off approximately 1300 employees. Durable goods declined and computer and electronics have plunged to 1993 levels. Sales of homes are declining and now we see home prices starting to fall. Nigeria is now selling off dollars to purchase the Yuan to beef up its reserves. Other countries have switched from the dollar and are using the yuan for bilateral trade. The Geneva II talks are going no where and the build up to a false flag to strike Syria is starting to build. The threat of a terrorist attack at the SuperBowl has been building, the FBI has setup a base of operations, DHS is on site and they have been holding drills for the last couple of weeks to be ready for a terrorist attack.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Economic Collapse 2014 -- Doug Casey : Bond Bubble ready to Burst

Doug Casey: Bond Bubble Blowing Up, Gold-Silver More Important to Own than 1971 or 2001 & More

Doug Casey of warns, "Were going into what I call 'The Greater Depression.' It's going to be much more serious than what happened in the 1930's. . . . A depression is a period of time when most people's standard of living drops significantly." Casey explains, "There is a gigantic amount of debt in the U.S. at all levels—governmental, corporate and individual. Debt is a sign you have been living above your means. It's a debt bubble, and this is a major reason the government wants interest rates low. When interest rates rise, it makes it harder for people in debt to service that debt. They are simply delaying the inevitable at this point, but it is inevitable what is going to happen, and we are going to have a fantastic depression."

On physical gold and silver, Casey says, "Gold is more important to own and perhaps a better bargain now than in 197

Economic Collapse -- How Did Enron Make Their Money, Hide Their Finances, Fail and Get Caught? Financial Reporting (2004)

Enron Corporation (former New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol ENE) was an American energy, commodities, and services company based in Houston, Texas. Before its bankruptcy on December 2, 2001, Enron employed approximately 20,000 staff and was one of the world's major electricity, natural gas, communications, and pulp and paper companies, with claimed revenues of nearly $101 billion during 2000.[1] Fortune named Enron "America's Most Innovative Company" for six consecutive years.
At the end of 2001, it was revealed that its reported financial condition was sustained substantially by an institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud, known since as the Enron scandal. Enron has since become a well-known example of willful corporate fraud and corruption. The scandal also brought into question the accounting practices and activities of many corporations in the United States and was a factor in the creation of the Sarbanes--Oxley Act of 2002. The scandal also affected the greater business world by causing the dissolution of the Arthur Andersen accounting company.[2]
Enron filed for bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of New York during late 2001 and selected Weil, Gotshal & Manges as its bankruptcy counsel. It ended its bankruptcy during November 2004, pursuant to a court-approved plan of reorganization, after one of the most complex bankruptcy cases in U.S. history. A new board of directors changed the name of Enron to Enron Creditors Recovery Corp., and emphasized reorganizing and liquidating certain operations and assets of the pre-bankruptcy Enron.[3] On September 7, 2006, Enron sold Prisma Energy International Inc., its last remaining business, to Ashmore Energy International Ltd. (now AEI).

The Enron scandal, revealed in October 2001, eventually led to the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation, an American energy company based in Houston, Texas, and the de facto dissolution of Arthur Andersen, which was one of the five largest audit and accountancy partnerships in the world. In addition to being the largest bankruptcy reorganization in American history at that time, Enron was attributed as the biggest audit failure.[1]
Enron was formed in 1985 by Kenneth Lay after merging Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth. Several years later, when Jeffrey Skilling was hired, he developed a staff of executives that, by the use of accounting loopholes, special purpose entities, and poor financial reporting, were able to hide billions of dollars in debt from failed deals and projects. Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow and other executives not only misled Enron's board of directors and audit committee on high-risk accounting practices, but also pressured Andersen to ignore the issues.
Enron shareholders filed a $40 billion lawsuit after the company's stock price, which achieved a high of US$90.75 per share in mid-2000, plummeted to less than $1 by the end of November 2001.[2] The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began an investigation, and rival Houston competitor Dynegy offered to purchase the company at a very low price. The deal failed, and on December 2, 2001, Enron filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Enron's $63.4 billion in assets made it the largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history until WorldCom's bankruptcy the next year.[3]
Many executives at Enron were indicted for a variety of charges and were later sentenced to prison. Enron's auditor, Arthur Andersen, was found guilty in a United States District Court, but by the time the ruling was overturned at the U.S. Supreme Court, the company had lost the majority of its customers and had closed. Employees and shareholders received limited returns in lawsuits, despite losing billions in pensions and stock prices. As a consequence of the scandal, new regulations and legislation were enacted to expand the accuracy of financial reporting for public companies.[4] One piece of legislation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, increased penalties for destroying, altering, or fabricating records in federal investigations or for attempting to defraud shareholders. The act also increased the accountability of auditing firms to remain unbiased and independent of their clients.

Bill Black -- Emerging Market Financial Crises Raise Concerns About Another Global Recession

Bill Black: A rise in inflation in emerging markets like Argentina is causing a state of panic amongst investors over the future health of the global economy

Ukraine Unrest Could Ignite WW3

Alex talks with investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about the protests in Ukraine and other topics.
Author,columnist and whistleblower Wayne Madsen goes in depth on the current table the elite are sitting at. With their last blatant attempts to sway the planet towards a New World Order, they have set the stage for their own demise built on hubris,a pile of lies,and a belief in their own soulless existence.

Obama's Minimum Wage Hike Excludes Hundreds of Thousands Fed Contractor Workers

Amy Traub: Obama's $10.10 minimum wage hike is a clear victory for hundreds of thousands of workers of new or renewed contracts but will still exclude a large group once enacted next year

Rothschilds History of Tyranny

The Rothschilds and bankers KNOW that Americans wont do anything about the banks robbing them. Theyre too busy eating fast food, shopping on credit, and watching, as their way.of life diminishes around them, they wont care. When you try telling people to wake up, they say "dont tell ME to wake.up, and what are YOU doing to change things?"..they wont take accountability..they will get mad and tell YOU to change it..cause they are.too stupid to listen..frustrating

Bitcoin Revolution -- Why Bitcoin Terrifies Big Banks

"Bitcoin gives people a place to hide". HSBC doesn't hide, they are upfront with their CIA drug money laundering. Apparently, according to the US .. that's OK.

Abby Martin speaks with Andreas Antonopoulos, founder of Root Eleven and co-host of let's Talk Bitcoin, discussing how Bitcoin works, and why it's so important to have a decentralized system of money.The terror word again...This word is equal to the little boy who cried wolf...The big government that cries terrorism at anyone that rats them out...The public is slowly getting smart about the word terrorism and it means less Freedom for the 99%..

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars -- Mike Rivero

Many people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending just how many wars are started for no other purpose than to force private central banks onto nations, so that you understand why the US Government is mired in so many wars against so many foreign nations. There is ample precedent for this.And all "Central" banks are controlled by a small cabal of Globalists. No wonder why the Palestinians are dogged and their Arab relatives labelled "terrorists". Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and the next hot point: Syria. But, the reps of the U.K. said "NO WAY" to the intervention in Syria that they proposed. The world is tired of their tyranny and it will end, just like the Dark Ages did. We will evolve, hopefully without letting them destroy the planet. Kinda like that movie 'Planet of the Apes': the "Omega Weapon".

End of The World 2014 -- Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert

Apocalypse, Man: World's End According to Michael C. Ruppert

Most people were first exposed to Michael C. Ruppert through the 2009 documentary, Collapse, directed by Chris Smith. Collapse was one of the scariest documentaries about our world and the fragile the state of our planet. It was also one of VICE's favorite films from the past ten years.

Michael was forced to leave the LAPD after claiming that the CIA was complicit in selling drugs across America, and he quickly became one of the most original and strident voices to talk about climate change, government corruption, and peak oil through his website, "From the Wilderness."

Following the release of Collapse, Michael's personal life underwent something of a collapse itself and he paid off all his debts, left behind all his friends, and moved with his dog Rags to Colorado, planning to commit suicide.

VICE caught up with Michael in the middle of the epic beauty of the Rocky Mountains at the end of last year. We found a man undergoing a spiritual rebirth—still passionate about the world and with a whole new set of apocalyptic issues to talk about.

Apocalypse, Man is an intimate portrait of a man convinced of the imminent collapse of the world, but with answers to how the human spirit can survive the impending apocalypse.

Soundtrack by Sunn O))), Flaming Lips, Interpol, Michael C. Ruppert, and more.

Directed by Andy Capper.

LEAKED! Obama's State of The Union Speech 2014 has found exclusive video of Obama practicing his 2014 State of The Union speech inside a room of devote followers. Tune in tonight to or for live play by play commentary Mystery Science Theatre style from Alex Jones as we watch the pig demon Obama promote an expansion of his dictatorship.

Wayne Madsen, Jerry Petermann -- The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday January 28 2014

On this Tuesday, January 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes a look at dystopian evacuation plans by FEMA, overkill police state security arrangements at Super Bowl XLVIII, and Obama's plan to hype the unilateral presidency during his State of the Union address later today. Alex also covers Matt Drudge's cryptic warning about having an exit plan. On today's show, Alex talks with investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about the protests in Ukraine and other topics. Alex also welcomes to the show scientist Jerry Petermann who talks about the dangers of Fukushima radiation.

Leave America Now While you still can -- Matt Drudge

Media Goliath Matt Drudge declared "Have an exit plan..." on his twitter.Just hours away from Obama's declaration of a Unilateral Agenda, Alex Jones weighs out the pros and cons of leaving the United States. Does Leaving behind a tyranny, a culture of zombified death, and a police state have its perks?

New World Order False Flag And WW3 Imminent

How can we, as individuals, "fight" the globalists?
Simple. Find ALTERNATIVES to EVERYTHING they've got in place, to try to control you. PRINT THIS UP! TAKE ACTION! SPREAD THE WORD!
1) Quit your TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Banking/Corporate or government job.
2) Stay away from the military. Why be cannon-fodder for THEIR N.W.O.?
3) Bank at a local credit union! Why bank at a TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”)
Bank, such as those that received a CRONY BANKER BAILOUT (from the
“Fed”) in late 2008, which Obama authorized with his signature?
4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
5) USE CASH (or personal checks) AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid credit and debit cards.
6) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, energy, and attention?) THIS IS KEY!
7) Trade your FRN’s for SILVER BULLION. Silver is currently the most
affordable (undervalued), and heavily-suppressed commodity available,
and along with gold, has been used as REAL MONEY, for thousands of
years. Silver also is used in industrial applications, while gold is
not. Most historically-mined gold, remains above ground. In relatively
recent history, most historically-mined silver has been used up. It’s
supply, still-in-the-ground, is finite, and is projected to run out.
I’m sure it’s used in weapons systems. “In debt and death – they –
trust”. Need I say more?
8) CUT BACK ON OIL AND GAS CONSUMPTION! (Many oil companies are owned by Central Bankers)
9) Buy USED, locally, or online, if necessary, such as on Buy
from sellers who ship within the U.S. It keeps your $$ in
either the local economy, or the larger U.S. economy.
10)Buy MADE IN USA, when buying NEW items, if you want jobs to return to the US. (If Americans begin buying MADE IN USA ONLY, guess where manufacturing jobs will move to?)
11)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic food store or Co-op! Whole,
organically-grown foods are best. LOCALLY-sourced, is ideal. Support the
true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the
following poster:
12)Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin (such as Carlson’s, NOW brand, Stop Aging Now (SAN), or
13)Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE
FED!” (I would ONLY contact them on this ONE issue. Otherwise, IGNORE
the politicians. They don’t represent you, and haven’t for a LONG, LONG
14)Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about
hunting! It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
15)THINK for yourself. TURN OFF the IDIOT-BOX (the TV), OR THROW IT
16)Read a book. Like, TRAGEDY AND HOPE, by Carrol Quigley, or THE
CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin, or THE GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY, AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, or TOTALITARIA: What If the Enemy IS the State?, by Ian Wishart.
17)Question the KLEPTOCRACY. QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business +
Big Government, Big Religion, Big Media, Big Agribiz (Monsanto), Big
Pharma, etc). Question EVERYTHING. And, FOLLOW THE MONEY!
18)Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! (Stress weakens the auto-immune system, opening up the body to free radical attack).
19)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
20)BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those 1) enslaving, or 2) poisoning you!
There, now you have 20 (TWENTY) individual SOLUTIONS, that you or anyone, can begin using TODAY!

Helicopter Ben's True Legacy -- Elaine Diane Taylor

Beautiful performance from Elaine Diane Taylor...Ben Bernanke leaves office on January 31. This video sets the record straight. Please add your thoughts on his tenure in the comments section below... "Helicopter Ben" performed by Elaine Diane Taylor. According to "Helicopter Ben" gold isn't money but worthless pieces of paper are. That tells you everything you need to know about this educated fool.

Eugenic Al Gore: Africa's Population Must "Be Addressed"

Al Gore, ever the eco-imperialist, participated in a "Climate Change" forum and its affects on the economy, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Gore suggested that population growth in Africa is a big problem that must "be addressed". He mentions "fertility management" which is a euphemism for population control. That sounds much like the goals of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger's racist goals of controlling the number of black and brown people in the world.

Mind Control in American Politics -- The Corbett Report

Having been immersed in the left/right facade their entire lives, many have begun to see the world and those around them through that prism. Either someone is on the same "side" as they are, or they are the enemy. There is no room for nuance, no subtle distinctions to be made, no room for alliance or cooperation on matters of great import. Perhaps most devastatingly, there is now little room for any analysis of the powers behind the political throne, the oligarchical financial interests that could care less whether this or that President has a "D" or an "R" next to their name, whether a Prime Minister is "Labour" or "Conservative," whether an MEP identifies with the "left" or the "right." Deprived of this understanding of the real nature of political power, the public is truly powerless to identify the real problem at the root of today's political crisis, let alone even begin to address it.

PROPHETIC UPDATE 1-28-14 -- The Economic Storm is picking up Steam

The Economic Storm is picking up Steam, Is a "Mega Default" coming in 3 Days?, Christian Singer Natalie Grant Walks Out on Grammys After 'Satanic' Performances, N.Y.'s Data Collection Program Tracks Students From Preschool to Career, Earth's magnetic field is collapsing and it could affect the climate and wipe out power grids, A Dangerous New Form Of Heroin Is Spreading Across America, Obama to unleash Executive Orders, Now bank decides IF you can have your money, College counselors, substitute teachers across Illinois seeing pay slashed in half due to Obamacare, Humanist Association Threatens Illinois School with Lawsuit in Effort to End Graduation Prayer, Western residents face threat of water rationing as feds reduce water flow, Disney introduces it's first "Lesbian" Couple on Kids Show, China halts poultry trading after H7N9 cases spike, South Korea on alert after avian flu outbreak, Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals, Scientist warn of "Big Quake" that could devastate Los Angeles in the future, Demon Possession reported in Indianapolis Home witnessed by multiple people. Catch all the Latest News and Headlines from a "Prophetic Perspective

Food Lobby Threatens to Sue Any State that Tries to Label GMOs!!

The Organic Consumers Association is reporting that the Grocery Manufacturer's Association — the mega corp. lobby group that represents 300 companies and way more than just grocery stores — is using a talking points memo to basically misinform and intimidate our legislators with threats of lawsuits should they even attempt to back a GMO labeling law in their state

Anarchy vs. Tyranny

Josie the Outlaw is an anarchist, activist and promoter of the ideas of voluntarism, self-ownership and a stateless society. Her YouTube videos have reached more than 200,000 viewers in just a month. Her philosophy states that "Living outside the confines of unjust laws is necessary to living a just life." We'll discuss her work partnership with Larken Rose, their current project and the rise of true anarchism across the globe. She explains her philosophy of being an outlaw. We also question why there are so few outspoken female anarchists. Other topics we discuss include law, taxes, gun control and police brutality. As an anarchist, she shares her approach to mandatory licenses, insurance and permits. Josie explains why it is our duty to speak out against tyranny. We'll also discuss the ridiculous notion of the "greater good" and the rise of socialism. Only a stateless society is logically or morally compatible with non-aggression, self-ownership and voluntaryism because government is always coercive and violent.

Monday, January 27, 2014


US prosecutors have announced charges against two men operating Bitcoin exchange businesses for trying to sell $1m in the digital currency to users of the underground website Silk Road, shut down by authorities in September. The US Attorney's office in New York said in a statement that authorities arrested Charlie Shrem, chief executive officer of the exchange, on Sunday and Robert Faiella, who ran an underground Bitcoin exchange called BTCKing, on Monday.

Economic Collapse 2014 -- A Mega Crash is Coming

A mega crash is coming - Fight for your freedom

"A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army." "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." Thomas Jefferson
These psychopaths need to go. Just remember who is responsible when all is lost. Will US citizens ever be like the Ukraine people and take a stand? Or will everyone just lay down and die?...Sheeple just like chickens have a very short memory. These crooks are making a living on that sad sad fact.

Man declares himself a LIVING FREE MAN and Walks OUT of Courtroom

WOW - Man declares himself a LIVING FREE MAN and Walks OUT of Courtroom , Three Forks Justice Court | November 21, 2013 | Montana, North America

You need to understand, that we in this country, are the only people in the world that were originally given sovereign rights. That is why others in the United States and Europe have been working to undermine our status. Once our sovereign status is removed, we all become slaves to the government; so that a new world order or one world government can eventually be implemented.Built into American system of law -- which begins with the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the American Revolution fought to defend that Declaration, and the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain -- sovereignty is vested in both, the citizen and the states. The Constitution was derived from the above instruments, and must be taken together with them to be properly understood. We the people are sovereign by law in the American Constitutional Republic.

FALSE FLAG ALERT -- High Probability Of A False Flag Event

Alert: High Probability Of A False Flag Event

The French unemployment is hitting new highs so the recovery that the French President was talking about is was pure propaganda. The markets are cheering CAT for posting better than expected profits, meanwhile CAT laid off thousands and closed plants, so much for increased sales. Gold mints cannot keep up with demand but the price of gold continues to drop. The war, riots and protesting continues in Thailand, Ukraine, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Central Africa, Somalia etc. New intelligence has been received by US officials who believe that chemical weapons will be used in Sochi. There has been reports of a false flag event in the Metlife stadium. There is also training scheduled for February 2014, the training has to do with a response to a suspected Improvised nuclear device and at the same time this training is occurring the Iran peace talks will be taking place in NY.


In this interview, Kerry Lutz, host of the Financial Survival Network interviews Elijah Johnson who is concerned about what's going to happen when the next crash occurs. What freedoms will they take away next under the guise of solving the so-called problem? Unfortunately, this is the way that it always works. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell - George Packer Interview (2009)

George Packer (born August 13, 1960) is an American journalist, novelist, and playwright. He is perhaps best known for his writings for The New Yorker about U.S. foreign policy and for his related book The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq.

Packer was born in Santa Clara, California.[1] Packer's parents, Nancy (nΓ©e Huddleston) and Herbert Packer, were both academics at Stanford University; his maternal grandfather was George Huddleston, a congressman from Alabama.[2] His sister, Ann Packer, is also a writer. His father was Jewish and his mother was from a Christian background.[3] Packer graduated from Yale College, where he lived in Calhoun College, in 1982,[4] and served in the Peace Corps in Togo.[5] His essays and articles have appeared in Boston Review, The Nation, World Affairs, Harper's, The New York Times, and The New Yorker, among other publications. Packer was a columnist for Mother Jones and has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since May 2003.[6]

Packer was a Holtzbrinck Fellow Class of Fall 2009 at the American Academy in Berlin.

His book The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq analyzes the events that led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and reports on subsequent developments in that country, largely based on interviews with ordinary Iraqis. He was a supporter of the Iraq war. He was a finalist for the 2004 Michael Kelly Award.

He is married to Laura Secor and was previously married to Michele Millon.

Books The Village of Waiting (1988). New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (1st Farrar edition, 2001). Pb. ISBN 0-374-52780-6 The Half Man (1991). Random House ISBN 0-394-58192-X Central Square (1998). Graywolf Press ISBN 1-55597-277-2 Blood of the Liberals (2000). Farrar, Straus and Giroux ISBN 0-374-25142-8 The Fight is for Democracy: Winning the War of Ideas in America and the World (2003, as editor). Harper Perennial. Pb. ISBN 0-06-053249-1 The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq (2005) Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005 ISBN 0-374-29963-3 Betrayed: A Play (2008) Faber & Faber Interesting Times: Writings from a Turbulent Decade (2009). ISBN 978-0-374-17572-6 The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America (2013). ISBN 978-0-374-10241-8

Articles Packer, George (28 September 2009). "A Reporter at Large: The Last Mission". The New Yorker 85 (30): 38--55. Retrieved 22 February 2010. [Richard Holbrooke's plan to avoid the mistakes of Vietnam in Afghanistan]. Packer, George (15 March 2010). "A Reporter at Large: Obama's Lost Year". The New Yorker 86 (4): 40--51. Packer, George (12 September 2011). "A Reporter at Large: Coming Apart". The New Yorker. Retrieved 23 September 2011. [An assessment of the post 9/11 decade] Packer, George (27 May 2013). "A Reporter at Large: Change the World". The New Yorker. Retrieved 28 May 2013.

Bitcoin vs Banks

The virtual cash Bitcoin continues to impress in the global financial arena. For the first time a university in the UK has decided to accept the digital currency for tuition fees. That's as the future of the cryptocurrency is being discussed at a conference in Miami. RT;s correspondent Perianne Boring has been listening to some of the forecasts.

The Electric Universe & The Saturn Myth -- David Talbott

David Talbott is a comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols. He is the author of The Saturn Myth and co-author with Wallace Thornhill of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe. David is the founder and director of The Thunderbolts Project. In the first hour, we return to the Thunderbolts Project and recap its prime mission, to explore the Electric Universe paradigm. David discusses elements of the electric universe such as the sun, the magnetic field and comets. We'll also talk about David's inspiration, Worlds in Collision written by Immanuel Velikovsky. The ancient record shows points in the sky that cross reference between cultures to reconstruct our past. In the member's hour, we continue on the nature of electricity. We also discuss symbols of Saturn. Talbott argues that the "Great God" or "Universal Monarch" of the ancients was not the sun, but Saturn, which once hung ominously close to the earth, and visually dominated the heavens. The first religious symbols were symbols of Saturn. Saturn's appearance at the time, radically different from today, inspired man's leap into civilization. Later, we discuss more celestial symbolism, mythology and cultural agreements.

New Lab-Engineered Flu Virus to Kill Americans -- Mike Rivero

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

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