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Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers ~ Ron Paul

Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers
by Ron Paul

Fast-food workers across the county have recently held a number of high profile protests to agitate for higher wages. These protests have been accompanied by efforts to increase the wages mandated by state and local minimum wage laws, as well as a renewed push in some states and localities to pass "living wage" laws. President Obama has proposed raising the federal minimum wage to ten dollars an hour.

Raising minimum wages by government decree appeals to those who do not understand economics. This appeal is especially strong during times of stagnant wages and increased economic inequality. But raising the minimum wage actually harms those at the bottom of the income ladder. Basic economic theory teaches that when the price of a good increases, demand for that good decreases. Raising the minimum wage increases the price of labor, thus decreasing the demand for labor. So an increased minimum wage will lead to hiring freezes and layoffs. Unskilled and inexperienced workers are the ones most often deprived of employment opportunities by increases in the minimum wage.

End of Fiat Currency Coming Soon ~ Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin joins Prepper Recon today to talk about the the recent move by the Federal Reserve and what the death of our fiat currency system might look like. Andy reminds us that there have been 599 fiat currencies through the ages and they have all failed. Andy Hoffman worked in the precious metals mining industry and tells us some mines cannot continue to operate at current gold and silver prices. He says the shutdown of mines will cause a supply crunch that we may never recover from.

Milton Friedman: The Illusion of Government Money

When Canadian Gerald McGeer pointed out that the Great Depression was man-made, parliament instituted a law that allowed Canada to print 22% of it's currency without interest. This went towards infrastructure, social programs, and emergency costs like floods, fires and storm damages. Why, when disaster happens, and assets are destroyed, should the government incur debt, the money goes to rebuild and does not create inflation. And how interesting that this new GEOengineered climate change is now just another way to force debt onto nations. But I digress. This 22% allowed the Canadian government to function for FOUR decades without ANY increase in national debt or inflation, from 1934 to 1974. Canada had the third largest Navy, had exceptional railways, and networks of railways, put in Family Allowance, and got healthcare for everyone. Since that time in 1974 when Canada stopped printing this 22%, the national debt ballooned from 18 billion to over 600 billion. Canadians pay somewhere around 160 million dollars every single day to the banks. WHY??? If every nation used this method, it would be a fantastic start. Some other changes are also needed, like wealth capping, and ending derivative markets, and regulation over monopoly, and "free trade". But the 22% formula would be an excellent beginning. We chant 99%, but perhaps we should start chanting 22%

Future Trends of 2014

Alex covers headlines in the news including drug swab checkpoints in Los Angeles, Brewing discontent with Obama and the possibilities of Impeachment as well as rashes of bombings in the Middle East during the Christmas holidays.
Stay in the know

Predictions of World Events for 2014 to 2020, Astrology, Bible Prophecies, Nostradamus

Predictions of world events, 2014 to 2020. By Astrology, Bible prophecies including the Book of Revelation, Prophecies of Nostradamus. Giant earthquakes predicted in 2014. Rise of the Anrtichrist in Russia. Alien UFO invasion in 2020.
Astrology charts, the Bible's Book of Revelation, and Nostradamus prophecies.

(Recorded December 29 2013).

Prophecies and Astrology, for 2014 - 2020. Will the Antichrist rise to power? The return of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon? Events described in the Bible's Book of Revelation, the rise of the Antichrist 666, the Battle of Armageddon, the return of Jesus Christ?
World War 3, a nuclear war, an atomic war with nuclear weapons launched on nuclear missiles? Russia sees the rise of the Antichrist Putin 666. Nuclear rocket attack by North Korea? War in the Middle East? Economic depression in Europe?
Critical dates. Predictions for years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Bible prophecy and Book of Revelation prophecies. The Antichrist is identified as President Putin of Russia. The coming of the Messiah.
Oct. 3 2016 Jewish Calendar year 5777 begins. Note that 777 is "The Cross", in Greek, the original language of the New Testament including the Book of Revelation, and 666 is the number of the Antichrist and 888 is "Jesus" in Greek. End Times events then?
November 2016. Will Hillary Clinton be elected U.S. President? If Hillary is elected then Hillary - Isis (great of magic, Moon deity) and Putin - Ra (Sun deity) will be in power. And I think Hillary - Isis will have the magic to control Ra.

Arresting Obama & Restoring Liberty in 2014 ~ Harley Schlanger

Our longtime friend Harley Schlanger, historian and the national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to recount Barack Obama's crimes in 2012 and 2013. We quickly determine that arresting the current 'Commander-in-Chief' for his many impeachable and outright criminal offenses would be a good first step in the effort to restore the Bills of Rights, the Constitution and rule of law. Harley and I look ahead to 2014, and discuss the tumultuous road ahead.


Kev and Cip are joined by 3 people that have not only become strong members of the larger GUNN family, but Dais, John & last but not least Marty, who have formed a close active network after meeting through Truth!

The guys take a look at the year thats about to end and they break down the major events that shaped 2013

The main theme of the show ends up centred around the revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Whether he is controlled or not, the fact we now know the full extent of the surveillance program has been a thing for the good of us all.

2014 will no doubt throw up a whole new set of "conspiracies" and "events" for us, the info-analysts, to be kept busy!

All the best for Cip, Kev and the rest of the guys for 2014

The Alex Jones Show - Sunday, December 29, 2013 (Full Show): ALEX IS BACK!!

On this explosive Sunday, December 29 live worldwide transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex returns to the airwaves and breaks down the reports of impeachment proceedings beginning in Congress which are now sweeping the nation. The Democratic National Committee is now urging its supporters to vote for Democrats to keep Obama from being impeached. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said that Obama's broad usurpation of power is "setting the stage for something very dangerous in the future." Alex also takes your calls, breaks down the critical year that 2014 will be and reviews the year behind us. All of this and more on the Alex Jones Show.

Mid-East Prophecy Update - December 29th, 2013

Pastor JD talks about 2013 being one of the busiest years on the calendar of Bible prophecy, and what may be in store for 2014.

URGENT REPORT: "Radiation Cloud Fukushima Headed To USA"

Loud or vapor of smoke filled with radiation from reactor # 3 headed to West Coast of America

This is truly a disaster of epic proportions. This will turn into a global epidemic if aggressive steps are not immediately taken. Our primary food source is being contaminated and no one seems to be taking the needed steps to resolve this problem. All of the world governments should be involved in figuring out how to fix this problem. In the next 50 - 100 years, the true toll on the environment will be seen in the way of human casualties from increased cancers of all sorts, sterility, food shortages due to contamination, etc. Not to get biblical, but this could turn into an Armageddon scenario. When the entire world takes notice, it will most likely be too late.

This disaster is worse than Chernobyl. The problem is - the only way to liquidate the consequences effectively under Capitalism would be to institute a form of martial law when government would take possession of corporate property and utilize manpower via army draft. ''
This wasn't necessary in USSR, as they had a standing army at their disposal and the Chernobyl plant as well as most means of production and technology had collective ownership (in other words owned by the people (or, in other words - the government). This is the main reason why they were able to liquidate the consequences so fast.


Russian Military Operatives who have family in the United States have warned of an upcoming event of a large Asteroid that is being tracked by their missile defense systems. This Near Earth Object is arriving along with the Meteor Debris field expected to impact FEMA Region Three. Russia Warns that this Large Asteroid will Impact in the Atlantic Ocean. This will be a Global Incident. This event will change life on this planet as we know it. Good Luck to you and your Family.

The Meaning of The Seven Trumpets Sounding up on The Earth

This the meaning of the third trumpet
People are all excited about the blowing of the trumpets when they really have no idea of the true meanings behind them. Yes it is a sign that our Lord is soon returning but it is also a warning of many things that will coming upon this earth that you need to be looking for and be aware of. All is in his word.

Do Not Fight The Fed ?

There is a phrase called Don't Fight the Fed. However, with the market up this much, it makes me a bit wary.

Why You Should NOT Join The Military

Don`t forget that your president can enact the mandatory draft, exec. order at a pen stroke. The mandatory age has been changed, from 18-24, to as high as 18-44yrs. That will gut the US of any able bodied resistance. Peace

SOLA 1.1 Controlling The Masses

These are the last days of this Satanic system. Religion will be destroyed first, then the symbiotic entity of government and commerce will be destroyed.

What lies ahead for ObamaCare in 2014?

Gov. Howard Dean and Dr. Scott Gottlieb debate
it is a human crime, to tax people for not giving money to the medical institution, that's a crime. that's like charging people for not buying clothing every year .This debate goes to the core of what's wrong with America today, intellectually. Does government have the inherent right to tell you what type of medical insurance, medical doctor, to tell your physician how to work? And the advocates of this bill slammed their gauntlet affirmatively. No one has the right to enslave one group for the needs of another. That's the issue. And that's precisely why the Supreme Court passed it. They were unable to differentiate between force and the individual.

Gerald Celente's 2014 Predictions War, Financial Crisis in Q2 & Gold Prices Going Up

Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal, predicts, "Absent the war card, I think we will see a financial crisis before the end of the second quarter of 2014." Celente sums up what he sees in 2014 as "a year of extremes." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, one of the world's top trend forecasters.

Obamacare Debacle : What Will Happen on January 1st?

With broken promises on cost and access, the time for implementation of Obamacare is here. Will it be ready on January 1st? FNC's Chris Wallace hosts this spirited discussion between Dr. Scott Gottlieb,(AEI Fellow, Physician, Author) and Howard Dean (Former Governor (D-VT)) as they both share their perspectives on this issue of major concern to millions of Americans seeking affordable health care.

G. Edward Griffin--The Elitist Conspiracy Continues On

Since writing his classic The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin hasn't rested on his laurels. While freedom has been under constant assault, he's been busy building a movement. Through Freedom Force International, he hopes to take back power from the elites and allow freedom to again reign. He thinks it can be done relatively quickly and without much force. Is he fooling himself and his followers? Well let's wait and see what happens during the next 10 years.

Economic Collapse False Flag & War

In this interview Dave Hodges discusses the coming false flag event. How the Obama administration is going to declare martial law and how the military is fighting to keep this from happening. From our conversation there are plans that are in motion which might lead to a civil war in America.

Computer Chips in Your Brain | Futurescape

Sounds like a end time prophecy coming true, anytime you mess with Gods creation your asking for trouble and Michio Kaku  is a sell out to the human race and sold his soul to the devil I am convinced based upon his theories of "aliens
' who are nothing more then demonic entities waiting to have you for lunch.  don't fall for this crap your a creation and God loves you trust me this is bad news writtten all over it. they ought to ban this crap/filth

Fukushima Responders Starting To Get Sick

"Within weeks of setting off a geiger counter and scrubbing three layers of skin off his hands and arms, former Navy quartermaster Maurice Enis recalled being pressured to sign away U.S. government liability for any future health problems.

Confirmed MARTIAL LAW in America Right NOW!

Salinas police chief defends armored vehicle replacement
city of 150,000 on the northern California coast
Shelters Direct Builds Bullet Resistant Booths for Homeland Security
Panetta: 'Use of military force can be granted by UN or NATO, not Congress'

Blood Red Rain | The Unexplained Files

A fireball in the sky over Sri Lanka in 2012 is followed days later by a mysterious downpour of red rain. During the search for a rational explanation, investigators find evidence of strange living cells with no earthly comparison.

Planet X Massive tail leaves Red Dust ALL over Texas. POLE SHIFT now at the door.


keep in mind

all of a sudden we have this problem out of NOWHERE

BPEARTHCROTCH Says God did not make man

THEN BPEARTHCROTCH says God has a spacecraft

2 CORINTHIANS 11:13-15
For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Colorado The First State to Allow Marijuana Sales on January 1 to anyone age 21 or over

10 things to know about nation's first recreational marijuana shops in Colorado

Prophetic Signs of The End of The World: Distress of Nations

For the past few years and especially in recent months, we've seen worldwide anger, violent demonstrations, riots and distress of nations, as a result of greed and crippling cuts to its economic and social infrastructures.

As signs of the end of this age, Christ mentioned in Matthew 24:6-7 and Luke 21:25 that there will wars and rumours of wars, with nations rising against other nations and kingdom against kingdom along with the distress of nations.

Real Stargates ~ Coast To Coast AM - 28 December 2013

 Coast To Coast AM - 28 December 2013 -
Ancient history is a good place to start. Nearly every ancient civilization refers to a place called the "underworld" and a place called the heavens, both of which appear to be more than simply metaphors for the planets and stars rising and setting into and over the horizon. The ancient Hindus and some of the Buddhists, said the only way to access the upper levels of heaven was via Mt. Meru (also called Mt. Sumeru), which wasn't an actual mountain but a reference to a ziggurat in ancient Sumer (this is the pivotal point, but I don't want to overload your circuits with too much information if you aren't aware of any of these ancient stories). The ancient egyptians also believed in an entrance to the underworld and a boat which travelled on heavenly waters (, a mode of transportation) which carried them into the heavens. The ancient sumerians referred to otherworldly places which were accessed via gateways into the underworld, and gates up to the heavens.

The Horsemen of Revelation—The Black Horse Unveiled!

The Black Horse and rider of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse paint a picture soon to be reality for all the nations of the West: widespread famine, daily ration lines, starving mass millions. Signs of the catastrophe are already here!

When is Justice Unjust?

When is justice unjust? A top lawyer spills all on legal aid reforms .Director of the Centre for Justice Anthony Hurndall talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the legal aid reforms and what they spell out not just for people needing financial assistance but also for law centres around the country. How justice won't be served and lawyers will lose their jobs. First aired 06.11.13

Survival Slave Wages America

Survival Struggle: Fast food workers earn blns for employers but can't feed themselves They make billions for their employers - but have nothing to feed their families with. US fast food workers face poverty as bosses refuse to increase their basic salary. This despite Barack Obama's promise to raise the minimum wage. RT's Marina Portnaya reports.

Thousands of households in Canada Still without Heat or Power following ice storm

Several days have passed since an ice storm hit central and Atlantic Canada. And thousands of households still remain without heat and light in Ontario and New Brunswick, with authorities struggling to restore power.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne also said crews from outside Toronto were called in to help clean up the city after the storm. There are now fears that warming temperatures and gusty winds could cause fresh power outages in Toronto in the coming days. That's because melting ice and tree branches may fall on power lines.

The Bavarian Order of The Illuminati ~ Jeva Singh-Anand & Josef Wäges

Jeva Singh-Anand left teaching in 2005 to become a freelance writer, later branching out into technical and literary translation. He has translated two out of the three full-length German to English translations Illuminati source documents as well as Karl Krause's Higher Spiritualization of the True and Authentic Hieroglyphs of Freemasonry: In Twelve Lodge Lectures. Krause's work sparked his interest in Freemasonry and on the night of the 2012 Venus transit, he became a Master Mason. Josef Wäges' preoccupation with all things Illuminati goes back many years. He has collected all of the original writings of the Illuminati and is currently collaborating with Jeva Singh-Anand and Reinhard Markner on a translation of the complete ritual and doctrine of the Illuminati, which features previously unpublished documents. They have been called "apologists" for the Illuminati but are however among the few who have actually translated the ritual and doctrine of the real Bavarian Illuminati. They will discuss the origins, history and fate of the order. We'll talk about Illuminati rituals, the connection to freemasonry, the occult and their political legacy. In the second hour, we speak more about the rituals and the structure of the illuminati degrees. Also, we discuss the ideology of the Illuminati and where they would be on the political spectrum of today.

A Government of Wolves ~ John W. Whitehead

Red Ice Radio - John W. Whitehead - A Government of Wolves ,John W. Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. Whitehead's concern for the persecuted and oppressed led him, in 1982, to establish The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization. Whitehead has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases. He joins us to discuss his book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. We'll discuss the shocking cases of police state brutality upon civilians, even upon children, the elderly and pregnant women. America was once a society that valued individual liberty and privacy. But in recent years it has turned into a culture that has quietly accepted surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in our children's schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws that turn average Americans into suspects. In short, America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger. Sadly, the police state has gone global and there is no place to go to escape it. In the second hour, we discuss the role of media and education in teaching compliance to government violence. We'll also discuss John Carpenter's prophetic visions of the American police state and talk about other fiction writers and visionaries who predicted this would happen. Today the U.S. government and Supreme Court blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution and America has transitioned from a society governed by "we the people" to a police state governed by a strong arm of law and corruption and it will only get worse if "the people" remain compliant.

Lisa Andersson - When Swedish Tax Authorities Attack

Lisa Andersson and her husband Micke Brandt run a construction company in Sweden. They were accused by the Swedish tax authorities of collaborating with other companies in a tax scheme. The accusation was based on what the authorities called "false invoices," although they had no evidence to support this accusation. In the process Lisa and her husband discovered that when dealing with authorities and courts in Sweden, one has almost no rights. They also realized that before the state courts their words and witnesses were less valid than the "evidence" or presumptions that the tax authorities presented. Struggling to not go bankrupt they have a long way to go to restore their business, to get out of debt and to regain what was lost before the tax authority's false accusations and attacks began. After two trials in the administrative court of Sweden they finally won. However in the process Lisa discovered that in Sweden, people serve the state, not the other way around. Despite paying one of the world's highest taxes, Swedish citizens are getting less and less in return from the state and the quality of those services is quickly dwindling.

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