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What is Freedom of Speech and why is it relevant to society?

What is freedom of speech and why is it relevant to society?
    Most people respond that freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you want or to voice your own opinion. While this makes all of you feel better knowing you wont be murdered by your government for speaking your mind, this is just a minor point in its relevancy to society. Few people realize that actions are really what enables society to progress through freedom of speech. MLK's I have a dream speech was not nearly as important as the simple act of a black man, in those times, walking up to the podium to speak for the oppressed. Freedom of speech is changing your online habits to avoid NSA spying. Freedom of speech is all of the small choices you make daily that you don't even think about.
    In the age of the internet people still fail to realize that real life and internet, while connected, are not one and the same. On the internet you are given the choice to choose how you represent yourself. In real life you are represented by the way you look, by the color of your skin, by the clothes you wear, by your accent, by your gender and many other arbitrary things. On the internet none of these things matter. Considering this imagine an account on twitter had images of swastikas and they said the word "nigger." Most people pass by that account assuming they are inherently racist. The internet is made up of free speech and symbolism displayed on a screen. Its not made up of anything tangible. Its 2013 and people are still offended by words and symbols on a screen. 4chan has used words and symbolism not to define itself but to keep out the people that have failed to understand them in real life. People that don't get there jokes and fail to grasp the simple ideas spread around. Maybe the twitter account posting swastikas just wanted to offend you and keep you out of their mentions.
     Even the "negatives" of free speech are relevant to society. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to choose who gets to use it.
    Recent revelations about NSA spying have back the terrible phrase, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." this is a statement that gets put out without any real rebuttal to why or how it is so detrimental to the growth of society. We know that people willing give up liberty for security in our "Free" society. I feel they would be less inclined to if they knew the harm it caused. Spying is censorship. If you believe that everything you type up on a digital device, or the words you say on a cell phone are be listened to you will begin to censor yourself. You start becoming afraid that the people spying may not understand what it is you are trying to say and think you have malicious intent. We have seen this happen too many times. We have the facebook rapper, the tumblr experiment, the airport sandwich guy and so on. Spying forces people to revoke their own freedom of expression.

DHS Is Conducting Drills To Deal With Domestic Terrorists

The entire economy is declining, the housing market has just surpassed the bubble in 2008 before it popped.
Major corporations are now laying off thousands of people. The UN watchdogs who are destroying the chemical weapons have missed the deadline because they cannot get to two sites. The rebels used chemical weapons while the UN team was destroying Assad's chemical weapons. DHS is now conducting many drills to deal with domestic terrorists, could this be in preparation for the upcoming EBT riots

The Untold History of America with Dr. Peter Kuznick

Alex Jones is joined by famed historian and nuclear expert Dr Peter Kuznick to discuss his collaboration with director Oliver Stone on the Untold History of the United States, a series on Showtime.

ALERT ~ Be Ready November 13-16 For Drill, National Grid, Power Outages, Cyber Attacks.

Be Ready November 13-16 For Drill, National Grid, Power Outages, Cyber Attacks
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC , and many different local, state, and federal organizations along with collaborating agencies from Canada and Mexico, will be conducting the Grid Security Exercise II (GridEx II) from November 13-14, 2013. Just in case you missed the first sector-wide grid security exercise, it was held in November 16-17, 2011. The purpose of this exercise is to determine the readiness of the national smart grid in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster or a direct attack using cyber warfare or other means.

Max Keiser on Digital Apartheid in The New Millenium

Alex Jones welcomes Max Keiser to the program via Skype to discuss the state of the World economy, the plans of Obamacare and other programs to bankrupt America and how we can bring these facts to light.

Secret Government and Freemason Secrets With Frater X

By - Welcome to the Gbnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. In this Episode #29 I talk with Frater X who is an occult, esoteric and secret society expert. After viewing Oliver Stone's JFK in the 90's he began a quest for the Truth which led him to over 15 years of extensive research. He is a member of 9 different esoteric orders including the Knights Templar, Knight Masons, Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill, Masonic Rosicrucians and the Ancient Order of Druids.

Frater X and I talk about the various Freemasonic orders, masonic secrets and secret government. This is a great interview with some great masonic information you might now want to miss.


I personally visited Chase Bank and inquired about setting up an account and asked if I could wire money out of the country or withdraw the amounts of cash listed in their letter. I was told no, and that I would have to "qualify" with them for a special type of international bank account and would have to deposit huge amounts of money and pay fees to be able to access those services.

What this constitutes is a war on cash and a war on small business and individuals. Two years ago we saw a giant backlash against Bank of America when they announced customers would be charged for using their own money via their debit card. We have crossed the rubicon where now the currency has been so devalued that you will have to pay fees to have your money in a bank or use a debit card.

In saying that international wire transfers are too much of a risk, Chase Bank might as well be bankrupt because it is telling you there is no money to withdraw. Cyprus bail-in.

Chase would not be implementing a business killing strategy like this unless all other major banks were also planning to follow suit. What we see is mega banks leading the way to set the precedent that all the others will follow.

It is clear that these regulations are being enacted for three different but equally plausible reasons, all of which contribute to the ultimate goal of sacrificing the global economy on the altar of derivative monster zombie banks.

1) Capital controls to prevent money leaving the country as the US dollar continues to devalue. Note that Chase will allow international wire transfers coming in, but not going out of the accounts. Note that they are only concerned about "risks" when the money is being moved out of the account.

If there's one thing that should be clear, it's that nothing the government or their banking partners have done to solve the economic crisis has been for your benefit. They've enriched themselves, yet again, on the backs of the American people.

Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: "If You Don't Have Your Money In Your Pocket It's Not Yours"

The timing of the training is interesting when analyzing America's current economic state, which is bordering on collapse. American investment broker, businessman, author and financial commentator Peter Schiff warns us that we are in worse shape now economically than we were just before the 2008 financial crisis, which we still have yet to recover from.
Pre-mobilization Training Assistance Element
 Soldiers whose training has always revolved around enemies in foreign combat zones, is now focused on American civilians. Troops underwent "crowd and riot control" training at Fort Hood's Elijah urban training site last week.

The exercises, which were originally reported by Killeen's local news and painted in a very positive light, also involved the use of "role players." The report states the potential uses for the crowd control training ranges from "peaceful protestors to full on riots," and also includes how to deal with natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina. run on the banks

His statement to the paper defending the training is to be expected, however, we know that the training is not meant to help soldiers deal with civil unrest peacefully, but in a police state-like manner meant to suppress, injure, arrest and potentially kill peaceful protestors.

All the while, they've told us that everything is getting better. But anyone who's paying attention know that nothing of the sort has happened.

We continue to shed jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people are still losing their homes. Personal debt is rapidly approaching 2007 levels. The U.S. government has borrowed more money than what we can ever hope to repay. EBT Foodstamp riots

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the collapse of 2008 in remarkable fashion. And now he's warning of a similar crisis to come next year.

G. Edward Griffin – The Elitist Conspiracy Continues On

Since writing his classic The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin hasn’t rested on his laurels.
While freedom has been under constant assault, he’s been busy building a movement. Through Freedom Force International, he hopes to take back power from the elites and allow freedom to again reign. He thinks it can be done relatively quickly and without much force. Is he fooling himself and his followers? Well let’s wait and see what happens during the next 10 years.


Bitcoin ATM opens in Canada

Code to Cash: 1st Bitcoin ATM opens in Canada Bitcoin, the experimental online currency is now a global one complete with its own, and so far only, ATM. The first machine has been set up in a cafe in Vancouver, where people can exchange digital money, for physical cash. But, many of you are probably asking yourselves - what are Bitcoins?

Detroit Loves Obamacare and

Triple Lutz Report--Detroit Loves Obamacare and 315 presents
The bankruptcy court is will hold a trial to determine whether Detroit's filing is legally permitted. According to FSN's legal handicappers, there's no contest here, Kevyn Orr will win this case hands down. Meanwhile, back at the ranch or the law office that now passes for the Dirty "D"'s city hall, they've cut out retiree health insurance payments and are now giving out $125 per month stipends with a suggestion that the recipient visit and purchase a nice new health insurance policy. Good luck with that one! Also, a giant I told you so about FSN's predictions about the Obamacare Meltdown!
Go to for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

Astrology Forecast for October 30, 2013

I refuse to bow or ask for permission,
To speak my truth and stand my position,
As I join with others who share the same vision,
Of growing beyond limits imposed by "The System."
That's Uranus square Pluto (exact Friday) and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Saturn! Oh Yeah! In the beginning of the report (oops...forgot the captions haha!) is the chart for the Solar Eclipse on Sunday and you can see the 9 and 11 degrees I spoke about. At the end of the report is another chart for Friday in which you can see the exact Uranus/Pluto square along with Mars, Chiron, and the Sun all at 9 degrees! Nine is a number of completion and I hope you are wrapping it up and movin' on! Namaste'

Pastor Steven Grant 10-28-13 Amos 8 major problems with happen to us in the economic arena.

Pastor Steven Grant 10-28-13 Amos 8 major problems with happen to us in the economic arena. According to Amos 8 major problems with happen to us in the economic arena.

Chris Duane ~ The Day Of The Dollar's Demise Is Quickly Approaching 24.Oct.13 presents
We hadn't talked to Chris Duane, the SilverShield, in a long time. So much has happened since our last conversation. The ability of government to work its magic and have its way seems to be diminishing by the day, witness the great Obamacare fiasco. Violent crime in America was up by 15 percent in 2012. These are but symptons of what's going to happen next. It won't be pretty, but you can be prepared. But you already know all this. If you've been listening to Chris during the past two years and 10 million YouTube views or FSN and close to 8 million downloads later, you know all this already.
Go to for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

Alex Jones Show: Max Keiser & Dr. Peter Kuznick - Wednesday (10-30-13)

On this explosive Wednesday, October 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the rising tide of anger and frustration over the economy killer called Obamacare. Obama's lies are now more exposed than ever as millions of Americans have lost their insurance due to his health law. Seventy percent of poll respondents strongly favor a delay in Obamacare's individual mandate. Max Keiser joins the broadcast to examine the continuing collapse of the American economy under the weight of Obamacare. Nuclear expert and screenwriter Dr. Peter Kuznick also joins the show to discuss his collaboration with director Oliver Stone on the Untold History of the United States, a series on Showtime. Alex takes your calls to hear your take and answer your questions.

The Origin of Halloween Traditions ~ Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

In the United States, Halloween is replete with traditions that might seem bizarre to outsiders. Why would someone carve a face on a pumpkin? Why would you dunk your head in water trying to bite an apple? Tune in to learn more about where these traditions originally came from, how they became what they are today, and how religious syncretism can mix different beliefs, myths and rituals together.

Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization. New videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Rise of a New World Order (TRAILER)

From 9/11 to the global economic collapse - is our society being manipulated systematically to produce fear, force obedience, and keep us disunited? Is it possible that our elected leaders, our worldwide media, and big business are actually one in the same? Is this all-controlling entity responsible for engineering tragedies through the cooperation of the largest corporations, crony politicians, and a media power base that has deception and manipulation down to a science?

With deeply troubling questions still left unanswered concerning most tragic events of the current generation this upcoming documentary will consolidate and present evidence of a NWO-like agenda unfolding all around us - and its incalculable human cost


The CEO of the largest food bank in America has suggested that planned cuts in food stamp benefits set to take effect on Friday could spark riots.

Margarette Purvis, the president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, told that the expiration of stimulus funds, which will see the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reduced by $5 billion dollars, will have an "immediate impact" and represent a recipe for civil unrest.

"If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people cannot afford to eat food," said Purvis, adding that families face the "daunting" prospect of losing a whole week's worth of food every month.'

gold, bullion, bitcoin, price, dollar, hyperinflation, inflation, obama, usd, crisis, collapse, agenda, debt, economy, finance, wall street, silver, federal, reserve, EU, euro, money, max keiser, banks, bankers, economic, USD, exchange, business, latest, breaking, news, media, report, 2013, conspiracy, world, gerald celente, alex, jones, infowars, journal, trends, glenn beck, stock market, ron paul, 'Food assistance benefits for over 45 million Americans will be slashed starting this Friday, in the first-ever nationwide reduction in benefits under the US government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), popularly known as food stamps.

The cuts total $11 billion over the next three years and amount on average to a month's worth of food assistance. They will mean yet more privation for millions of working people, including the poorest and most vulnerable members of society—children, elderly people, the unemployed, the disabled and new mothers.

That this brutal cut takes place under conditions of continuing mass unemployment and economic slump, with record numbers of people living in poverty and homelessness and hunger on the rise, testifies to the ruthlessness of the American ruling class. The callous indifference of the media and the entire political establishment, beginning with the Obama White House, to the suffering of broad layers of the population is reflected in their virtual silence on the imminent cutback in benefits.'

TRUTH About The 2014 POWER GRID BLACKOUT - November False Flag - FEMA - NWO

10/30/2013 - What is the truth about the looming widespread power grid blackout coming to America's cities? Sit down with Secureteam to expose the real agenda in play.

Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye (10-29-2013) Nick Redfern: UFOs, Bigfoot, Aliens & The Paranormal

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast author, and researcher Nick Redfern. Nick is a full-time author, and journalist specializing in a wide range of unsolved mysteries. He writes regularly for the London Daily Express newspaper, Fortean Times, Fate, and UFO Magazine. Some of his books include: The Real Men In Black, For Nobody's Eyes only, The NASA Conspiracies, and The World's Weirdest Places. He has been featured on shows like Monster Quest, and Ancient Aliens. Redfern travels, and lectures extensively around the world. Tonight him, and Popeye get into a bunch of different topics including: Bigfoot; Aliens; UFOs; Loch Ness; NASA mysteries; Mars; The Paranormal, and more.

EPA Whistleblower Speaks Up About US Corporation Poisoning South African Miners

Unethical conflicts of interests like revolving doors between multiple industries & their supposed "regulatory" agencies reflect the pervasive corporate culture of psychopathic behavior in our "Establishment". Look up fascism & how it is defined by different sources. Clearly the US is NOT a democracy or a democratic republic. It is a now very thinly veiled fascist oligarchy. Separation of church & state is good; between industry & state even better.

TRNN speaks with EPA whistleblower Marsha Coleman-Adebeyo about her journey from bringing the world's attention to vanadium poisoning to becoming the voice behind the No FEAR Act

BILL MAHER & Piers Morgan talking about Obamacare 911 NSA Spying and much more

Bill Maher "The 9/11 Plot Was Spawn In Germany"

October 29, 2013 CNN

Wrong Mr. Maher. The reason healthcare costs so much has nothing to do with "emergency rooms." It has to do with pharmaceutical companies charging extortionate prices for basic essential medicines in the US.
All Obama had to do was put price caps of what these companies could charge, which of course, being in their pocket-books, he would never do.
The only thing that differentiates US healthcare to Canada's, England's, etc.... is that they DO have price caps on the essential drugs.

The Truth About The War In The Middle East ~ Ken O'Keefe

Ken O'Keefe tells it like it is on Iranian Press TV. You will never hear anything like this in our bought and paid for media cheering for more debt and death.

How Does Monetary Policy Affect the U.S. Economy? Ben Bernanke & Elizabeth Warren (2013)

Monetary policy, to a great extent, is the management of expectations. Monetary policy rests on the relationship between the rates of interest in an economy, that is, the price at which money can be borrowed, and the total supply of money. Monetary policy uses a variety of tools to control one or both of these, to influence outcomes like economic growth, inflation, exchange rates with other currencies and unemployment. Where currency is under a monopoly of issuance, or where there is a regulated system of issuing currency through banks which are tied to a central bank, the monetary authority has the ability to alter the money supply and thus influence the interest rate (to achieve policy goals). The beginning of monetary policy as such comes from the late 19th century, where it was used to maintain the gold standard.

A policy is referred to as contractionary if it reduces the size of the money supply or increases it only slowly, or if it raises the interest rate. An expansionary policy increases the size of the money supply more rapidly, or decreases the interest rate. Furthermore, monetary policies are described as follows: accommodative, if the interest rate set by the central monetary authority is intended to create economic growth; neutral, if it is intended neither to create growth nor combat inflation; or tight if intended to reduce inflation.
There are several monetary policy tools available to achieve these ends: increasing interest rates by fiat; reducing the monetary base; and increasing reserve requirements. All have the effect of contracting the money supply; and, if reversed, expand the money supply. Since the 1970s, monetary policy has generally been formed separately from fiscal policy. Even prior to the 1970s, the Bretton Woods system still ensured that most nations would form the two policies separately.
Within almost all modern nations, special institutions (such as the Federal Reserve System in the United States, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the People's Bank of China, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and the Bank of Japan) exist which have the task of executing the monetary policy and often independently of the executive. In general, these institutions are called central banks and often have other responsibilities such as supervising the smooth operation of the financial system.
The primary tool of monetary policy is open market operations. This entails managing the quantity of money in circulation through the buying and selling of various financial instruments, such as treasury bills, company bonds, or foreign currencies. All of these purchases or sales result in more or less base currency entering or leaving market circulation.
Usually, the short term goal of open market operations is to achieve a specific short term interest rate target. In other instances, monetary policy might instead entail the targeting of a specific exchange rate relative to some foreign currency or else relative to gold. For example, in the case of the USA the Federal Reserve targets the federal funds rate, the rate at which member banks lend to one another overnight; however, the monetary policy of China is to target the exchange rate between the Chinese renminbi and a basket of foreign currencies.
The other primary means of conducting monetary policy include: (i) Discount window lending (lender of last resort); (ii) Fractional deposit lending (changes in the reserve requirement); (iii) Moral suasion (cajoling certain market players to achieve specified outcomes); (iv) "Open Mouth Operations" (talking monetary policy with the market).

Jim Sinclair: Gold Will be $50,000 per Ounce, Gold Confiscation, Dollar Gets Hammered and More

According to Jim Sinclair of, by 2016, "Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce." By 2020,
Sinclair predicts, "Emancipated gold will be $50,000 per ounce." As far as gold confiscation goes, Sinclair says that Its not going to happen, but a windfall tax could definitely be in the cards. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair.

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