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Lindsey Williams Newest DVD : Elite Emergency Data

Elite Emergency Data - Lindsey Williams

Chaplain Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of Mr. Williams' love for his country and concern for the spiritual welfare of the "pipeliners," he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to the information that is documented in this book. After numerous public speaking engagements in the western states, certain government officials and concerned individuals urged Mr. Williams to put into print what he saw and heard, stating that they felt this information was vital to national security. Mr. Williams firmly believes that whoever controls energy controls the economy. Thus, The Energy Non-Crisis. Because of the outstanding public response that has been generated by this book, Lindsey Williams is in great demand for speaking engagements, radio, and TV shows.

Benjamin Fulford September 17 2013 - P2 Freemasons want Pope Francis to be new M1

The battle over the control of the right to print and distribute dollars, Euros and many other currencies is
down to a few factions, according to multiple sources involved in the fight. In Italy, Pope Francis and his faction have won a major power struggle and as a result, the P2 Freemason lodge is now calling for the Pope to be named as M1

Gerald Celente - Rising Interest Rates slamming Homeowner Demand

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Double Standardization" - (9/10/13)  : "Rising interest rates slamming homeowner demand, Barack Obama loses his fight to strike Syria & hate crimes go both ways..."

Ron Paul: Has The Tide Turned Against The Warmongers?

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/16/13: Has The Tide Turned Against The Warmongers?

Has The Tide Turned Against The Warmongers?
by Ron Paul

Will the history books record these past couple of weeks as the point when the tide finally turned against our interventionist foreign policy?

We began September with the Obama Administration on the verge of launching Tomahawk missiles at Syria. The missiles were needed, the administration claimed, to punish the Syrian government for using poison gas on its own people. There were reports that in addition to missiles, the administration was planning airstrikes and possibly even more military action against Syria. The talks of a punishing "shot across the bow" to send a message to the Syrian government also escalated, as some discussed the need to degrade the Syrian military to help change the regime. They refused to rule out a US ground invasion of Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry even invoked an old bogeymen that had worked so many times before. Assad was another Hitler, we were told, and failure to attack would equate to another Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement.

The administration released its evidence to back up the claim that the Syrian government was behind the gassing, and the president asked Congress to authorize him to use force against Syria. Polls showed that the American people had very little interest in getting involved in another war in the Middle East, and as the administration presented no solid evidence for its claim, public support eroded further. The media, as usual, was pushing war propaganda.

Then something incredible happened. It started in the British parliament, with a vote against participating in a US-led attack on Syria. The UK had always reliably backed the US when it came to war overseas, and the vote was a shock. Though the House and Senate leadership lined up behind the president's decision to attack Syria, the people did not. Support among the rank and file members of the Senate and House began to evaporate, as thousands of Americans contacted their representatives to express outrage over the president's plan. The vote looked to be lost in the House and uncertain in the Senate. Then even Senators began to feel the anger of the American people, and it looked like a devastating and historic loss for the president was coming.

The administration and its pro-war allies could not bear to lose a vote in Congress that would have likely shut the door completely on a US attack, so they called off the vote. At least for now. It would have been far better to have had the president's request for war authorization debated and voted down in the House and Senate, but even without a no vote it is clear that a major shift has taken place. A Russian proposal to secure and dismantle the Syrian government's chemical weapons was inspired, it seems, by John Kerry's accidental suggestion that such a move could avert a US strike. Though the details have yet to be fully worked out, it seems the Russia plan, agreed to by the Syrian government, gives us hope that a US attack will be avoided.

The American people have spoken out against war. Many more are now asking what I have been asking for quite some time: why is it always our business when there is civil strife somewhere overseas? Why do we always have to be the ones to solve the world's problems? It is a sea change and I am very encouraged. We have had a great victory for the cause of peace and liberty and let's hope we can further build on it.

Bill O'Reilly Declares 'Winners and Losers' of Syria and Who's Looking 'Weak'.

9/17/13 - Bill O'Reilly had some tough words for President Obama over Syria, calling him one of the big "losers" of the compromise deal reached over Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons. O'Reilly said the U.S. looks really bad coming out of this, while Vladimir Putin looks like the great peacemaker in all this. O'Reilly declared Assad a winner because while the U.S. could have "pulverized his military machine," he will now stay in power. On the domestic front, O'Reilly said Congress won by not having to vote against the president because "whether you like Barack Obama or not, emasculating him in front of the world----not a good thing for the USA."

On the other hand, O'Reilly said Obama comes out looking weak, saying "his leadership is faltering" in the wake of a bungled foreign policy. O'Reilly also called out the "unbelievable hypocrisy" of some liberals who oppose drone warfare but backed Obama on striking Syria, saying it's "ridiculous and unbelievably partisan."

Glenn Beck: " I Personally Am Calling for the Impeachment of the President of the United States "

9/17/13 - For the very first time, Glenn Beck called for President Obama to be impeached. Why? Because Beck believes that aiding al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria by targeting the government is "the height of insanity" and illegality, and anyone seriously proposing that has to go. Beck made it clear exactly who he wants gone and why. "I personally am calling to impeach the President of the United States. This is impeachable. He is arming known terrorists, and people like John McCain should be impeached as well."
He asked if arming a sworn enemy of the United States isn't an impeachable offense, what he hell is? He made it clear this isn't about politics, saying he wants people like McCain and Lindsay Graham to go too for lining up behind Obama on this.

Beck sighed, "We did not get into bed with Hitler to defeat Japan."

Judge Andrew Napolitano: If Officers at the Navy Yard Had Been Armed Casualties Would Be Much Lower

9/17/13 - (Fox News) - Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the Navy Yard shooting and attacker Aaron Alexis. Brian Kilmeade asked whether we can conclude that the government missed some clear warning signs after reports that Alexis suffered from serious mental health problems. The judge likened this situation to NSA leaker Edward Snowden in that it's another example of the government being unable to properly vet a vendor or employee who received a security clearance.

"Whatever you think of Edward Snowden and the constitutional wisdom of what he did, the government didn't know he was there. The government obviously didn't know this guy was there," said Napolitano, who then pointed out that Washington, D.C. has in place some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

He said officers at the Navy Yard aren't legally able to carry a weapon once they leave the building. Napolitano questioned why officers on military bases are not armed following Fort Hood and now this latest attack.

"Candidly, we have a problem with the military. If you cannot trust military officers to carry weapons on a military base after Ford Hood and after this, then people don't believe in the Second Amendment at all," he said.

Napolitano said if there were armed military personnel at the Navy Yard yesterday, the casualty figures would have been much lower. Plus, he said the presence of armed officers could have dissuaded the gunman from attacking in the first place.

Read more:

Occupy Anniversary Special: Highlights, Pitfalls & the Shifting of Public Consciousness

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on the DC Navy Yard Shooting, Police Captain Turned Activist, Highlights and Pitfalls of Occupy Wall St, and How OWS Shifted Public Consciousness.

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - America Going To Hell

This country is heading straight down the tubes unless we get these CRIMINALS out of DC. They are doing a great job of destroying the American worker and the middle class.

Whistleblower Robert Connors Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy & Jacko's Last Phonecall


We can't confirm the authenticity of this video. Use your discernment.

This video was released on Robert Connors' youtube channel yesterday. It is the only video on his channel.

Says he's a 20-yr employee of DOD. Said he worked on the second stage of MK Ultra, known as Operation Sedgwick, which was intended to control the African American population and urban youth through music.

Says he has video and audio recordings proving the existence of project and is giving DOD until 9/23/13 to fess up or he'll release the info via Youtube. He's encouraging other DOD employees to speak up.

Video contains a telephone recording of Michael Jackson speaking of a government conspiracy to murder him.

I did a google search on "Robert Connors Department of Defense" and got the following links, which show he does work for DOD.

Manchurian Candidate Aaron Alexis Reports to Police Someone Sends Vibration into His Body

9/17/13 - Washington Gunman Recently Told Cops He Was Being Bombarded By Microwave Signals That Kept Him Awake At Night.----(CNN) -- Aaron Alexis -- the man authorities say is responsible for killing 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard -- told Newport, Rhode Island, police last month that an individual "had sent three people to follow him and to talk, keep him awake and send vibrations into his body," according to a police report. According to that report, which is related to an investigation into a harassment complaint at a Marriott hotel in Newport, Alexis said he first heard the people "talking to him through a wall" at a Residence Inn in Middletown, Rhode Island, where he'd been staying. He packed up and went to an unidentified hotel on a Navy base in Newport where he heard the same voices talking to him. He moved to a third hotel, the Marriott, according to the police report. There, Alexis first told authorities that the three individuals spoke to him through the floor and then the ceiling. Alexis said the individuals were using "some sort of microwave machine" that sent "vibrations through the ceiling, penetrating his body so he cannot fall asleep." He told authorities, according to the police report, that "he does not have a history of mental illness in his family and that he never had any sort of mental episode."

Navy Yard Shooting: The Day After

Washington, DC tries to regain normalcy one day after a mass shooting at the Navy Yard killed 13 people. New details are emerging about the shooter, Aaron Alexis, who's believed to be the lone gunman. RT's Sam Sacks recaps the day that was and gives the latest on the FBI's ongoing investigation.

Max Keiser ~ Economic Terrorism & NSA, CIA - Economic Crisis 2013

The Fed lends to the banks very low interest loans to lend to the public at a higher rate so the bank can make a profit. That's fine, but what the banks are doing is taking that low interest loan money and buying US 5 year treasury bonds that pays a higher interest rate and making a huge profit out of thin air. That is just one scam they are pulling --the other one is printing money so the government can tax us through inflation.

The Alex Jones Show : James Wesley Rawles : Zombie-fication of America Tuesday September 17 2013

The Alex Jones Show : (VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday September 17 2013: James Wesley Rawles 

 Zombie-fication of America
On this Tuesday, September 17 worldwide transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the background of alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, who is undoubtedly a textbook example of the "zombie-fication" of America. Reports indicate Alexis was not only dependent on SSRIs but was also desensitized to violence through mass media. Obama responded to this shooting with more demands for domestic gun control as he approved the open transfer of firearms to al-Qaeda. Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and survivalist author James Wesley Rawles joins the show to discuss how you can protect your family from this mass implosion of society. Alex takes your calls throughout the broadcast.

Gun Control debate heats up following Navy Yard Shooting ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

Gun Control debate heats up following Navy Yard shooting . Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in

 Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, reported hearing
voices in the weeks before the rampage, and said that three people were
sending vibrations through the ceiling to keep him from sleeping, police
said Tuesday.
Police in Newport, R.I., said that Alexis called
them to a Marriott hotel there on the morning of Aug. 7 and reported
that he was being followed and was worried that the people were going to
hurt him.
Alexis told police that the three talked to him through
the walls, floor or ceiling at three hotels — two commercial hotels in
Rhode Island and one on a naval base there. He told them that they used a
microwave machine to send vibrations and keep him awake.
MKULTRA still alive and kicking, just different methods.

News Alert ~ Iran to Shut Down Fordo Nuclear Site

Endtime Ministries presents an excerpt of the September 17th show with Irvin Baxter. Visit for more information about Endtime Ministries.

Rush Limbaugh : Media Can't Bring Themselves to Condemn Obama's Post-Shooting Partisan 'Assault'

9/17/13 - President Obama shocked many politicians and pundits on Monday when, after delivering brief remarks on the Washington Navy Yard shooting, he proceeded to give his planned speech on the economy, replete with Republican-bashing. Rush Limbaugh was also disturbed by Obama's "assault" on the GOP in a time of crisis, and found it beyond unbelievable that even though the media was clearly uncomfortable with it, they couldn't quite bring themselves to outright condemn it.

Limbaugh echoed a similar point made by Joe Scarborough, namely that George W. Bush would have been taken to the woodshed if he had made that kind of partisan address during a crisis. But, as Limbaugh noted, most of the media is only going so far as to call it "tone-deaf," and simply calling it a big screw-up instead of using the opportunity to understand who Obama really is.

And so the Drive-Bys [go], "No, we gotta somehow explain this and cover for Obama." Because they see everything through the prism of, "Oh, gosh is it gonna help Obama or is it gonna hurt Obama?"
He also ripped apart Jay Carney for defending the appropriateness of Obama's address, mockingly declaring that "that even in the midst of such a disaster like this, we cannot lose sight of the focus of the real important matter in Washington, and that's what a bunch of creeps the Republicans are."


From Syria to Iran : What is at stake for Tehran as Washington deals with Syria? Is Obama genuinely interested in diplomacy? And could the dreadful conflict in Syria be used as a means to take on Iran? CrossTalking with Mohammad Marandi and Faheem Younus.

Greg Palast ~ on Financial Frauds and The Fed (17Sept13)

Keiser Report: Guest Greg Palast on financial frauds .Guest Greg Palast from on the looming vote for a new Federal Reserve chairman, and finaicial frauds in Wall Street.

Legal Weapons? ~ The 5 Worst Weapons Still in Use

OK, so this one is up for debate, but we've put together a list of the top five worst weapons that are still in regular legal use, today. From downright nasty technology to devastating to local civilians, many of these weapons are in the process of being banned, or have had campaigns launched to outlaw them. Disagree? Let us know if there's something you think should be on the list. There's a couple of things we didn't include -- The first is chemical weapons, because *most* countries have now banned them and they are only very rarely used, and the second is 'dum dum' or hollow/soft point bullets. These particularly horrendous rounds open up and expand on impact, causing massive internal injuries and making removing the bullet very difficult to remove. Whilst police and civilians in some countries still use them, they are outlawed in warfare.

Five Years after Lehman Brothers failed

Shraysi Tandon explores what the United States and other governments around the world have done to regulate financial risk taking in the years since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Dan Alpert, a partner at Westwood Capital Managing, weighs in.

Mexico - Cross Border Killings

Fault Lines travels to the border town of Nogales - currently the nexus for this increasingly lawless law enforcement - to meet the Mexican families who have lost their young sons at the hands of US agents who many accuse of being immune from the law.

The Emergency Dictator cut Detroit Power Intentionally

The Emergency Dictator cut Detroit Power Intentionally  .Pastor D. Alexander Bullock, Change Agent Consortium

BREAKING! Navy Yard Shooter Was Being Treated For "SERIOUS Mental Illness"

September 16, 2013 BBC News : BREAKING! Navy Yard Shooter Was Being Treated For "SERIOUS Mental Illness"

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