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Ex US Marine Speaks The Truth!

Ex US marine and human rights activist Ken O'Keefe  pulls out all the stops and gives his take on world events.

NDAA is terror terror is fear fear is control dictator obama will start WW3 libya syria iran = WW3 but he is just a face of the body chess game the people are pawns obama is the queen the banks are the king but who is the player the devil humans will never see 2020 next 8 years at least 4 billion people will die 1 and 1 = %50 FEAR THE WRATH OF GOD

MICHAEL SAVAGE ~ The Savage Nation - July 03 2013 FULL SHOW (Protests in Egypt against president Mohamed Morsi)

MICHAEL SAVAGE ~ The Savage Nation -Massive protests in Egypt against president Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian army removed president Morsi from power.

Michael Savage's radio show known as "The Savage Nation", has a very large audience, consisting of millions of listeners and growing, on stations across America. The "Savage Nation" is a very informative talk show. The show is very popular but can be held discreet due to the fact that Michael Savage himself does not concern himself to be part of the mainstream media which can be full of propaganda and deceit. This is what makes Michael Savage and his show a rare gem. A rare gem that some people might not be familiar with. This is why I made this page. I feel this man and his show should be recognized by any and all who are not familiar with his distinct virtue and his appreciation of Borders, Language, and Culture.
talk show host and author Michael Savage's latest book is A Time for War.

Ben Swann : The NSA Is Lying

Investigative journalist Ben Swann sounds off on civil liberties, his $1.25 million media project, the Constitution, illegal NSA spying, and more.
Ben Swann is one of very few actual journalists left in this country.

"It's not about Left vs. Right... It's about Liberty vs. Oppression"-Ben Swann
Ben Swann Reality Check, breaking down the left/right paradigm
II CORINTHIANS 3:17 Now the LORDis that spirit and where the spirit of the LORD is there is liberty people open ur eyes these marxist commie globalist r taking r liberty away open ur eyes stand up wake up america
QUESTION: Is the Bill of Rights created for We The People?
ANSWER: No, it is created by Rothschild for his United States corporation
QUESTION: Did the British founding forefather(s) win the American War of Independence?
ANSWER: No, it was directly + indirectly won by The United Kingdom of Great Britain
QUESTION: Did the British founding forefather(s) create the United States Constitution?
ANSWER: No, it is created by Rothschild

Financial Armageddon End Times Prophets

Prophet's role in Armageddon and systemic collapse

There were only two basic ages in the economic History of Mankind. The line seperating both ages was correctly specified first by End Times Prophet.

The same Prophet who explained first that cyclical theory was the core lie used to cover-up the fundamental Law governing the second age, mathematically maximally reduced returns an exponential curve. (1)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained that imminent end of age was the reason to launch military Armageddon, with the ultimatum to Serbia, the 13 October 1998 deadline.

The same Prophet who predicted and explained the begin of military Armageddon, 13 October 1998 - 24 March 1999.

The same Prophet who explained in 1999 that Illuminati selling oil below production costs was one of main reasons why the populace could be mislead to not believe their own eyes (i.e. oil platforms drilling at rapdily increasing depths in the ocean). (2)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained in [August 1999 - 1 January 2000] that Vladimir Putin was sent to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the battle of Armageddon.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of illuminati overtime, 1 January 2000.

The same Prophet who explained shortly before 9/11 2001 why in the nineties Japan was the first area of Illuminatziland to witness the begin of the end of age.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of end of age in late 2003 in the US. (3)

The same Prophet who explained how genocide of "unproductive" and reduction of the populace in Illuminatizland to "human cattle" were the main reasons why the illuminati were able to extend illuminati overtime after Septmeber 2005. (4)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained how the illuminati planned a ontrolled collapse of major banks, using the "swiss" UBS symbology to launch it, as another trick to extend illuminati overtime but above all as another sign of the last months before systemic collapse. (5)

The same Prophet who explained that, shortly after oil prices peaked at $150 a barrel and one U.S. dollar to 23 roubles, systemic collapse began, with oil demand again below oil offer, what made it possible again for the illuminati to sell oil below production costs.

The same Prophet who explained that Financial Armageddon, the last possible economic tactic weapon before nuclear Armageddon, was launched, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, going as far as $33 a barrel and 37 roubles for one U.S. dollar.

The same Prophet who explained thr begin of the retreat of the attackers, as they begun running out of ammo. (6)

Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before * TOTAL DISARRAY *
Now the same Prophet explains that the retreat enters the last stage, as the illuminati abandon the $50 oil price trench that they were defending for weeks.
A few weeks, in the illuminati end times scale, after systemic collpase, is more than millions of years in the illuminati geologic time scale. Another scale that was maximally reduced by Prophet to only TWO basic ages. (7)

Obama Cries For Mohammed Morsi, Begs Egyptians To Take Him Back!

7/3/2013 - U.S. President Barack Obama has urged Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi to respond to issues raised by the demonstrators, the White House said on Tuesday.

The U.S. president "told President Mursi that the United States is committed to the democratic process in Egypt and does not support any single party or group," the White House said, according to Reuters news agency.

"President Obama encouraged President Mursi to take steps to show that he is responsive to their concerns, and underscored that the current crisis can only be resolved through a political process," it said in a statement.

On Monday, Obama said more work lies ahead to create an inclusive Egypt that is truly representative and responsive to its people.

Obama placed the call from Tanzania, on the final stop of his African tour and told him Washington was committed to "the democratic process in Egypt and does not support any single party or group," the official said.

"Our commitment to Egypt has never been around any particular individual or party, our commitment has been to a process," Obama said.

The U.S. president spoke cautiously about the potential for political violence, as hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets in renewed protests.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials refrained from saying whether or not the United States would support such action.

"The details are up to the participants themselves. What we're focused on is the broader goal of reconciliation between the different groups compromising so they can move forward with their transition and with their economy," said State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell.

BREAKING: Obama releases statement DEMANDS Morsi be re-instated or will send U.S. Military!!!

The President cannot dictate to the Egyptian People what to do. There is absolutely NO REASON for U.S. Troops to be sent to Egypt.Amazing ,he want's this for the people of Egypt but not for US !!!!!! . 15 000 Russian soldiers brought here to prepare for "Future demonstrations and events" because Obama is not sure if American soldiers would fire on American citizens. When will the US Intelligence communities return the power to a civilian government in the USA and restore the recognition of OUR rights?

Independence Day 2013 ~ Possibility of a False Flag Attack

Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's military deposed the country's first democratically elected president Wednesday night, installing the head of the country's highest court as an interim leader, the country's top general announced.

Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi said the military was fulfilling its "historic responsibility" to protect the country by ousting Mohamed Morsy, the Western-educated Islamist leader elected a year ago. The country's constitution has been suspended, new parliamentary elections will be held and Adly Mansour, the head of the country's Supreme Constitutional Court, will replace Morsy, El-Sisi said.

Breaking: Egypt Military Coup - 300 Leading Muslim Brotherhood Figures Arrested

July 3, 2013 --- Al Ahram reports that 300 leading Brotherhood figures have been arrested security official says the head of the Muslim Brotherhood political party and the Brotherhood's deputy chief have been arrested. The security official said Saad el-Katatni, the head of the Freedom and Justice Party, and Rashad Bayoumi, one of two deputies of the Brotherhood's top leader were arrested early Thursday, in connection with an escape from prison during the 2011 uprising against autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press.

The arrest came hours after the head of the armed forces ousted Egypt's first democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi, of the Brotherhood, who is also wanted in the case. More than 30 Brotherhood members escaped from prison during in January 2011

FINANCIAL SURVIVAL ~ Are You Stuck in Financial Survival Mode?

FINANCIAL SURVIVAL ~ Are You Stuck in Financial Survival Mode? Dwight Bain is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. He is a Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Life Coach and Certified Family Law Mediator in practice since 1984 with a primary focus on solving crisis events and managing major change to overcome major stress- both personally & professionally. Bain is a best-selling author and member of the National Speakers Association who partners with the media, major corporations and non-profit organizations to make a positive difference in our culture.

MIKE RIVERO ~ Fireworks Banned for Independence Day in America

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday, July 3 2013: (Commercial Free Video) 

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

Astrology Forecast for July 3, 2013

These days I'm feeling like I want to yell!
Break free, strike out, completely rebel!
I no longer need meet the standards of others,
But get with the beat of my own Inner Drummer.
The New Moon in Cancer this Monday is an excellent opportunity to feel deeply into and come home to your innermost self. While this may bring up some passionate desires to scream and shout and let it out, it may be better to chill for awhile and set some long range strategies to exit any limiting conditions you find yourself in. In the meantime, don't forget to chill and play a little bit! In joy.....

STAN DEYO ~ Earth Changes & Hopi Prophecy

Stan Deyo discussed earth changes during the middle hour. He warned that the North Island in New Zealand could have a volcanic eruption, which may lead to a tidal wave in that region. He also shared details of Hopi prophecy, which predicts increased heat from the sun causing fires, as well as major seismic and volcanic activity, particularly along the West Coast of the United States. Deyo believes this could happen within two years.


Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".

The phrase "Earth Changes" was coined by the American psychic Edgar Cayce to refer to the belief that the world will soon enter on a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations in human life on the planet.

This includes "natural events" (such as major earthquakes, the melting of the polar ice caps, a pole shift of the planetary axis, major weather events, solar flares and so on) as well as huge changes of the local and global social, economical and political systems.


Cayce himself also made many prophesies of cataclysmic events involving the whole planet. He claimed the polar axis would shift and that many areas that are now land would again become ocean floor, and that Atlantis would rise from the sea. The belief that the California coast would slip into the sea—a common feature of Earth Changes predictions—originated with Cayce's alleged prophecies.[citation needed] In more recent times, self-proclaimed psychic Gordon-Michael Scallion has issued a variety of prophecies centering on the concept of "Earth Changes" and publishes a monthly newsletter, The Earth Changes Report.

Cayce's term has been taken up in certain segments of the New Age movement, often associated with other predictions by people claiming to have psychic abilities. Belief in Earth changes is also found among Native Americans, some of whom refer to the concept as "the Great Purification." These beliefs have occasionally been associated with Christian millennialism and beliefs about UFOs. Some New Age adherents believe that Earth changes will preface a "Golden Age" of spirituality and world peace.

RAND PAUL On The Issues: Foreign Aid

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on foreign aid.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) urged that the United States bring its troops home from a costly war in Afghanistan, cut foreign aid especially to potentially hostile countries like Egypt, and take serious steps towards reforming entitlements and the tax code. He also said that, like his father Ron, he believes he can appeal to the youth vote and help make the GOP competitive in "blue and purple states."

HARRY DENT : The Markets are on Crack , The Economy on Coma

Harry Dent : Bubbles Are Getting Bigger . Stimulus-addicted markets are driving riskier practices that could make the next crash, when it comes, substantially worse than the 2000 and 2007 bubbles, says Harry Dent.

Harry S Dent is a financial newsletter writer and author , who is also the founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Dent's latest book is The Great Crash Ahead. Other books include The Great Depression Ahead and The Next Great Bubble Boom.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI Attempted Set Up Explained

Attempted Set Up of Citizen journalist and prolific protest livestreamer Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change . cyberwar attacks against reporters and journalists of truth

The founder of We Are Change, Luke Rudkowski became famous for exposing the Bilderberg meetings , Wearechange group got its success in confronting countless politicians on issues that matter. We Are Change now has hundreds of chapters all over the world and has made international headlines time and time again.

A few hours before making this video, Luke Rudkowski of received an email from an anonymous sender claiming to be a Bilderberg whistleblower with attached photos from inside the 2013 Bilderberg meeting at the Grove Hotel in Watford, England. Luke opened the email from another computer and the email stated that he was a whistleblower and wanted Luke to break the story so he was sending him these photos exclusively and specifically stated that Luke needed to download the photos. Fortunately before downloading, Yahoo gives a preview of the photos and the photos were actually graphic child pornography. Luke has had his computer searched by forensics when going into Canada to cover the G20 when they searched him and interrogated him for hours, something like this could happen again when we come back to the U.S. from travelling Europe. Had this been the case, even with deleting, they would still find the images. There would be no understanding of the true story and he would be facing a felony charge. Besides that also completely jeopardizing his work, reputation and livelihood. We wanted to make this public for Luke's safety and also for people to be aware that this kind of thing happens. We do not know who this was, all we know is that it is so important for anyone in this line of work to remain extremely vigilant.

4th of JULY Myth Busting: Where Are Most American Flags Made?

July 3 (Bloomberg) -- While the U.S. imported about $3.8 million worth of flags last year, it's a myth that most U.S. Flags are manufactured in China. Bloomberg gets the facts about Old Glory that may surprise you.

Egypt’s Election is not a Choice it is Another Card Trick – By Jason Liosatos

Elections are generally like choosing from a deck of cards which are all the same, nothing changes however many times you choose, each choice giving the same disappointing results.

The people want to be free, and whoever they choose will still be a leader and them the followers. The different political parties or governments that are offered as a choice to vote for are like a simple card trick. If I offered you three or four different cards to choose from, whichever one you choose is still one of the choices that I wanted you to have, but you would think you had chosen, but not if all the cards are the same thing, ‘from the same pack’.

So it’s like being offered a choice of three things to eat and you don’t like any of them, but if people are starving and desperate they would choose one of them, even if it smelt and tasted ominous, if there was no other choice that’s what most people do, it’s the same with political choices. There is no good choice available. Because ethical people don’t get into the higher echelons of government as I have explained in another section.

It’s like being handed a menu in a restaurant with four options on it, you don’t like any of them, they look and smell suspicious and they never are actually what they describe themselves to be, usually the complete opposite, but there are no other restaurants available, so you stay and choose one or go without as I do. They promise you a steak and serve a plate of horse manure. So we keep handing our power over to these people.

More simply put, whoever you vote for it’s the same rotten wine in different bottles, and as mentioned in another section, none of the political parties have the vision to steer humanity safely. They lack vision, ethics, morals, and are obsessed with money, power and short term greed at the expense of the people. It’s always been the same, and will change only when people take their power back which they are constantly being coerced into giving away.

It is like a mythical Gorgon with three or more faces, each from the same body, with different names, who hypnotize victims with its evil gaze. – Jason Liosatos


Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones TV - A global unification of peoples and nations will never be successful, under this corrupt financial / governmental monetary system, that people except and adhere to under the leadership of corrupt, demonic, sociopathic, Godless, gambler's of other people's lives and wealth... , the wicked will continue to do what they want regardless because it's all scripted to go wrong. If people bought up all the precious metals, the money changers would wage all out war on the people. I say just take care of yourselves quietly because they look forward to people who "stick" out so they can build a dossier on them for future reference

JULY 4tTH 2013 POSSIBLE FALSE FLAG - COAST GUARD DISTRICT 7 - Off Shore Methane / Nuke Detonation

Info on evidence we need to take note of with the foreign troops and other preparations we see.

In the video he indicates that it appears that between June 21st and 26th that Foreign Troops under UN, NATO, Russian, Ukraine, Polish, German, Italian, Mexican, Chinese etc have left training areas and are currently in "staging areas", this has occurred with the back drop of the US Coast Guard in District 7 Standing down; Google US Coast Guard District 7 Stand Down and you will note numerous articles and reports of this.
District 7 on the East Coast covers Florida, SC, and Georgia Coasts, link to Coast Seach Google Images for Coast Guard Districts Map.
An event such as this would provide the perfect reason for a martial law declaration; and the perfect cover for the financial crimes of the globalist cabal who are seeking to initiate the final collapse of the current US Dollar Petro System into their NWO.

The Alex Jones Show - Edwin Vieira - Wednesday, July 03, 2013 (Full Show)

The Alex Jones Show - Wednesday, July 03, 2013 (Full Show): Edwin Vieira 

 Infowars Nightly News host David Knight wants your declaration of resistance on this Wednesday, July 3 transmission of the Alex Jones Show. He talks to Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., constitutional lawyer and author of The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of "the Militia of the Several States." Vieiera holds four degrees from Harvard and has presented several cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. David discusses the recent revolt in Egypt as citizens rise against the Obama-backed dictator Morsi. He wants you to call into the show to explain how you promote liberty in your neighborhood and how you resist the feeling of indifference many Americans share towards the crumbling of our constitutional republic as it descends into a tyrannical, cyberspy police state

GLENN BECK Explains Why Egypt's Revolution 'Failed' ...During Food Insurance Promo

7/3/2013 - Glenn Beck may have been a bit premature in labeling Egypt's revolution a "failure." Wednesday morning on his radio show, before the Egyptian military successfully ousted President Muhammed Morsi, Beck somehow managed to turn an on-air advertisement for emergency food supply company Food Insurance into a treatise on how the Egyptian revolution will never have the same success as the American one.

While espousing the virtue of "preparation" in relation to Food Insurance, Beck declared, seemingly out of nowhere, "that's why Egypt failed and America won. That's why revolutions usually fail."

As Beck explained, "you have a bunch of people who are willing to smoke dope, live out in a park and have sex in a tent with everybody they meet." He contrasted those types of revolutionaries with the Founding Fathers, who were willing to "sit in a room for years and study and try to figure out: 'What does freedom mean and how do we make people free?'"

"So very few people do preparation, and that's why there's failure. You can cut corners, but you can only get away with it for so long." With that, he finished reading his ad copy.

George Zimmerman Laughs In Court

July 3, 2013 - George Zimmerman defense attorney Don West began his client's murder trial with a disastrous attempt at humor, but on Wednesday, fared better as straight man. While questioning Zimmerman's Seminole State College criminal litigation professor, Alexis Carter, West asked if a person should have to wait "until you're almost dead before you can defend yourself," to which Carter replied "No, I would advise you probably don't do that."

The line got a laugh from defendant George Zimmerman, who otherwise has displayed little emotion during his many hours on camera during the trial.

Throughout the trial, the courtroom cameras have frequently been trained on a poker-faced Zimmerman, but when Alexis Carter took the stand Wednesday morning and greeted his former star pupil from the witness stand, Zimmerman beamed in response. On direct examination, Carter contradicted a key claim that Zimmerman had made in an interview with Sean Hannity, testifying that he had, in fact, instructed Zimmerman extensively on Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

However, Carter was much more helpful to his old student on cross-examination. One of the key points made by the prosecution Tuesday was that Zimmerman's injuries were "insignificant," and were not "life-threatening."

On cross-examination, West used Carter's legal expertise to suggest that even if Zimmerman's injuries were not serious, he might have had reason to defend himself. "Nn the issue of injuries though, when you talk about that with the class in your understanding of the law is that the focus is what's going on in the person's mind, not whether they have actually been injured," West said. "It's the fear of the injury, is it not?"

"It's imminent injury, excuse me, imminent fear," Carter replied. "So, the fact alone that there isn't an injury doesn't necessarily mean that the person did not have a reasonable apprehension of fear. The fact that there wasn't an injury doesn't necessarily mean there was a reasonable apprehension of fear."

A smiling West followed up by saying "You don't have to wait until you're almost dead before you can defend yourself."

"No, I would advise you probably don't do that," Carter deadpanned.

The courtroom camera cut to George Zimmerman, who couldn't suppress a laugh at his old instructor's quip.

"I take it you never know where that moment will be," West continued.

"No, unfortunately you don't," Carter replied, adding that he believed a lot of his students "all probably had situations where, you know, a tussle maybe became more. So things can change. For example, a situation that may not have appeared to be deadly, or the risk of great bodily harm at first, can develop into that."

Carter's testimony is crucial because the prosecution can use it to establish Zimmerman's ability to formulate a self-defense narrative, and to assert consciousness of guilt by virtue of his claim in the Sean Hannity interview. Carter's opinions about Zimmerman's injuries appear to help the defense, but also reinforce the level of detail in the class' discussions of self-defense scenarios.

Stratfor ~ The Rise of Sectarianism in the Middle East

George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan on the Rise of Sectarianism in the Middle East : Stratfor Founder and Chairman George Friedman and Chief Geopolitical Analyst Robert D. Kaplan discuss the fraying of nation-state entities and the rise of sectarianism across the Middle East.

BREAKING: Egypt's Morsi Overthrown, Army Denies MILITARY COUP to Gather Supports

7/3/13 - Egypt's top military commander says the army is now in full control of the country and President Mohammed Morsi has been replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as the interim head of state. He made the announcements in a Wednesday night speech -- the latest twist in an all-out power struggle inside Egypt that Morsi's national security adviser is describing as a military coup.
Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said the country's constitution has been temporarily suspended and Morsi has failed to meet the demands of Egypt's people.
Fireworks and cheers erupted from the millions gathered in Tahrir Square after the announcement was made.
Top military officials and opposition leaders met Wednesday and agreed on a political roadmap for the country's future, el-Sissi said. A new presidential cabinet will be formed as well as a national reconciliation committee, which will include youth movements that have been behind anti-Morsi demonstrations.
Morsi's response was not immediately known, but an aide says he has been moved to an undisclosed location.

TEXE MARRS & Edward Hendrie - The Jesuits are Crypto-Jews

Texe Marrs & Edward Hendrie - The Jesuits are Crypto-Jews : Edward Hendrie in 'Power of Prophecy' with Texe Marrs, June 2013.

Texe Marrs was assistant professor of aerospace studies, teaching American Defense Policy, strategic weapons systems, and related subjects at the University of Texas at Austin from 1977 to 1982. He has also taught international affairs, political science, and psychology for two other universities. A graduate Summa Cum Laude from Park University, Kansas City, Missouri, he earned his Master's degree at North Carolina State University.

As a career USAF officer (now retired), he commanded communications-electronics and engineering units. He holds a number of military decorations, including the Vietnam Service Medal and the Presidential Unit Citation, and served in Germany, Italy, and throughout Asia. He was chosen Airman of the Year while serving in Korat Air Base, Thailand.

President of Power of Prophecy Ministries and RiverCrest Publishing in Austin, Texas, Texe Marrs is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows throughout the U.S.A. and Canada in response to the public's search for greater insight into Bible prophecy, secret societies, politics, and world affairs. His latest books are Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star—Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds; Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati; Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places; and the highly acclaimed Conspiracy World: A Truthteller's Compendium of Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge.

In addition to his many books, Texe Marrs has produced over 30 bestselling video documentaries, including the investigative exposé, Die, America, Die!—The Illuminati Plan to Murder America, Confiscate Its Wealth, and Make Red China Leader of the New World Order, as well as Rothschild's Choice—Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America, a #1 national bestseller at Texe Marrs' monthly newsletter is distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers around the world. His radio program, Power of Prophecy, is beamed by shortwave radio and internet to nations around the globe.

Breaking: Egyptian Military Removes President Morsi and Suspends Constitution

Al Hayat TV is reporting that Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi is under house arrest. However, Morsi's spokesman denied the report to ABC News.
On Tuesday, Egypt's military imposed a deadline for Morsi to resolve the situation after days of massive protests broke out around the country. Earlier on Wednesday, Egyptian leaders met with the army chief, "signaling the military was taking concrete moves toward implementing its plan to replace Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected leader who came to office a year ago."
The military moved to tighten up key institutions before the deadline. They "stationed officers in the newsroom of state television on the banks of the Nile River in central Cairo. Troops were deployed in news-production areas."
Morsi gave a defiant speech on Tuesday night, refusing to leave office.

TIM RIFAT Torsion Field Selective Mass Extermination

Tim Rifat on Khazars, Zionist Monsters, Syria, Israel, Rothschilds, Disinfo News, Propaganda, Cancer Research, Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iraq, Programmed Population, S-300, Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Freemasons, Elephant in the room, Normalizing Pedophilia, Lucifer, Knights Templar, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, The Soul, Torsion Field, Russia is a Weimar Republic controlled by Jews, Obama, 100 year Federal Reserve, China, Princess Diana, The Rothschilds want your soul, Psychotronics, and more.

Turan (Tim) Rifat was born in Brighton in 1957. He has a university science degree and another in education. Whilst doing his Ph.D., the author decided he’d had enough of mechanistic science, so for the past 15 years he has been researching the paranormal, with the aim of developing its physics, as well as carrying out numerous workshops on healing and personal development. His research task took rather longer than imagined, and led to some unfortunate confrontations with ‘evil’ forces-MI5 being the least of these. Recently, he set up Paranormal Management Systems (PMS), the only company in Europe with expertise in biophysical RMCT that can come close to what the Russians have developed and which outstrips the US knowledge base in the biophysical area. PMS evaluates this military-domain RMCT material and develops it in terms of its applications for business in enhancing profitability and performance. Turan Rifat offers courses and consultancy in the RV/RI field. He is currently writing a book, Remote Viewing: The Story of the Real X-Files, and is planning to follow up this article with one on ESP and telepathy, with reference also to synthetic telepathy

BREAKING: Military Coup in Egypt : Army Announces Egypt's Morsi He's No Longer President

Fresh presidential and parliamentary elections are to be announced in Egypt amid reports that Mohamed Morsi has been told he is no longer in charge of the country.

Egypt's state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on its website that the army told Mr Mursi at 7pm (6pm UK time) that he was no longer head of state, quoting a presidential source.

The country's leading Muslim and Christian clerics and opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei will shortly unveil the details of a political road map for a short transitional period followed by new national polls, state news agency MENA reported

Breaking: Mohamed Morsi No Longer President of Egypt!

Fresh presidential and parliamentary elections have been announced in Egypt amid reports that Mohamed Morsi has been told he is no longer in charge of the country. Egypt's state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on its website that the army told Mr Mursi at 7pm (6pm UK time) that he was no longer head of state, quoting a presidential source. The country's leading Muslim and Christian clerics and opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei will shortly unveil the details of a political road map for a short transitional period followed by new national polls, state news agency MENA reported. - in sky news

RUSH LIMBAUGH BLOG : Media Agitating For Race Riots In Regard To Zimmerman Trial

Rush Limbaugh: Media Agitating For Race Riots In Regard To Zimmerman Trial\

 July 3, 2013 - Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh declared on Wednesday that the media's coverage of the trial of George Zimmerman for the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin is designed to instigate race riots in the event the defendant is acquitted. He expressed his disappointment over the state of race relations in America, noting that the election of President Barack Obama was supposed to move the nation close to racial harmony.

"I have been so dumb," Limbaugh began. "I've been so gullible and just too trusting."

"I really thought that one of the reasons that we elected and then reelected Barack Obama was so that there would not be any more race riots," he continued. "I thought the election of the first black president would end racial strife, and so did millions of Americans who voted for Obama on that basis."

"Now we actually have media people agitating for race riots in regard to the George Zimmerman trial because the prosecution in this trial is imploding," Limbaugh declared. "We have a media that is totally invested in Zimmerman being found guilty and handing and then electrocuted and then drowned and then shot and then cremated for whatever happened to Trayvon Martin."

"Such high hopes," he concluded. "I really thought it was going to be the end to all this."

Obamacare Chip Is Coming, Official Mark Of The Beast?

Healthcare Chip With All Your Information on Your Right Hand by 2017 for Everyone...Could Roll in by 2014...Be Aware and Keep an Eye Out for This...I WILL NOT COMPLY

BREAKING: Prosecution To Rest Zimmerman Case Today, Trial Will Shift To Defense

7/3/2013 - The state of Florida will rest its case against George Zimmerman for the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin on Wednesday. After two weeks of proceedings, the state will end the prosecution phase of the Zimmerman trial and transition to the defense phase which is set to begin on Friday.

Zimmerman's attorneys attempted to argue that they need more time to prepare for their phase of Zimmerman's trial and requested that they resume on Monday, but the judge objected.

She said that the jury, which as already been sequestered for weeks, will be off tomorrow for the national holiday. She refused to let the trial lapse until next week and instructed the defense that they must begin to present their case on Friday.

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Geopolitics & War Trends - Coast to Coast AM

Date: 01-09-13
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Robert Young Pelton, Stewart Rhodes

Author and adventurer Robert Young Pelton discussed the geopolitical situation in various countries such as Afghanistan, his experiences working with private military contractors, and the war trends he currently sees happening. The mistake the US made with Afghanistan was getting into the nation-building business, installing Hamid Karzai as the president, and creating a kind of "kleptocracy," he said. Currently, US soldiers go out and arrest or kill people identified as murderers or terrorists, yet at the same time the Afghan government is working diligently to bring these murderers and terrorists into political power, so it's a no-win situation for the US, he commented.

Regarding, the Benghazi assault in Libya, repeated requests for increased security were turned down by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Pelton noted. Then, "instead of admitting that this had been a predictable and expected situation, the State Dept. came up with a ridiculous story about a video that incited these people to riot, even though the actual al-Qaeda insurgents were saying, 'no, that's not why we attacked your Embassy,'" he detailed. The problem with al-Qaeda, he continued, is that they are now spread across the globe like a franchise, and can't be attacked on a single battlefield.

Pelton analyzed the situation in countries such as Russia, and Mexico, as well as various nations in Africa, and how AFRICOM (United States Africa Command) has been deployed. He also talked about how private contractors are often ex-military personnel who discover that they can make more money as a contractor, and won't have to be constrained by military regulations. There has been an increase in the use of proxy forces, where for instance in Uganda, the US hired the Ugandan army to go after the Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia, he reported.
2nd Amendment Rights

First hour guest, Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, talked about 2nd Amendment rights, and reacted to the news that Pres. Obama could use executive orders to restrict guns. He suggested that citizens should resist any orders to disarm, and that the administration may be trying to take people's guns away before a coming collapse. Further, he argued that military semiautomatic rifles like the AR15 or AK47 are exactly the kind of arms people might need to defend themselves against tyranny.


Evangelical Christian, former businessman, and Air Force officer Chuck Missler reacted to the May 21st Doomsday & Rapture prediction, popularized by Christian radio host Harold Camping. Bible prophecy is a field of study that "suffers as much from its enthusiasts as it does from its detractors," he commented, adding that Jesus repeatedly emphasized that "no man knows the day or the hour." Further, he noted that there's a doctrine in the New Testament that states there's no preceding event prior to the Rapture, so its time couldn't be calculated in advance. Missler also talked about fallen angels, the demonic nature of UFOs, and the Antichrist.
Underground Bases

Appearing during the second hour, researcher of underground & underwater bases, Richard Sauder, discussed who is operating these facilities and the concept of parallel civilizations. These bases are run with a combination of misdirection, illusion, and concealment by a variety of actors whom he referred to as "the organization." This stealthy group is extremely well-financed, and interfaces with a number of terrestrial human agencies, as well as some "off-planet" organizations, he declared. They likely have developed electro-gravitic and antigravity technology (such as seen in UFOs), which is being used behind our backs, he added.


Beginning in early childhood, Richard Sauder experienced first-hand contact with a variety of paranormal phenomena that have left him a bit puzzled and thoroughly persuaded that there is much more to the Earth and to human perception and consciousness than the mainstream American culture believes. Some of Richard's favorite research and reading interests are underground and underwater bases and tunnels, electronic mind control, Freedom Technology, human prehistory and remote antiquity, the Kundalini energy and alternative thought patterns. His underground and underwater bases and tunnels research commenced in 1992 and continues to the present day.

He has a B.A. in sociology, an M.A. in Latin American studies, an M.S. in forestry and a Ph.D. in political science. He is the author of three books, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? , Kundalini Tales , and Underwater and Underground Bases . In addition, Richard has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, has spoken at several conferences, and his writings and interviews have appeared many publications.


Chuck Missler received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and then served in the U.S. Air Force. After leaving active duty, he became Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles at Lowry Air Force Base. Chuck has earned a Masters Degree in engineering from UCLA and a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. Chuck has worked as a systems engineer at TRW, followed by a Senior Analyst position serving both the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

He also worked for the Ford Motor Company where he established the first international industrial computer network. He has served as a consultant to the Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions and has also participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic advisor, or turnaround specialist. During the past 30 years, Chuck has also served on the Board of Directors of over a dozen public companies, and was Chairman and CEO of six of them. In addition, Chuck is the author of over sixty publications, including Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, Cosmic Codes - Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity, and "Alien Encounters.

MICHAEL SAVAGE ~ Discusses Zimmerman Case, Snowden, and More

Michael Savage - Opening Monologue - Discusses Zimmerman Case, Snowden, and More ....Michael Savage - July 2, 2013 - Full Show - Michael Savage Continues Discussion on Zimmerman Trial and Mentions How Janet Napolitano signed a deal to bring 15.000 Russian troops to U.S. to help in disasters.

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