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The Rothschild Banksters Preparing WW3

The Rothschild Banksters... Why They Love Making War! All credit for this video must go to Zane Henry and Michael Rivero. I only re-uploaded it to help get the word out about the people killing all of us for money. The Bankers! . Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. War is not about starting or ending them, and even less about who win or who loose. War is always funded 100% on both sites by the global banks (The IMF) with only TWO goals: Population reduction / genocide / mass killing in order to get forward to their main goal: WORLD DOMINATION and this is done from the very start by making sure the IMF system is in total control over the DEBT their war create. Controlling the DEBT of war IS the main purpose, in order to not just control the countries but to TOTALLY take EVERYTHING over !!!

In other words: The pure purpose of a war, is the war it self !!

Vice President Joe Biden Calls For A New World Order

Globalist & Vice President Joe Biden Calls For A New World Order : Vice President Joe Biden calls for the creation of a "new world order" at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington on April 5, 2013. "New World Order" is a globalist fascist movement.

Joe being Joe will be the response from many supporters of the Vice President, but his latest gaffe has created a frenzy in conspiracy theory circles. At the Export-Import Bank Conference in Washington Biden discussed the recent economic reports, saying that "The economy has now added private sector jobs every month, disappointing this month, but they nonetheless added jobs." A quick detour about a turnip truck then led to this comment: "In case you haven't noticed, I've been there longer than any of them and I hope you all haven't noticed...the affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order because the global order is changing again and the institutions of the world that worked so well in the post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened and some have to be changed. So we have to do what we do best. We have to lead." Alex Jones led the way on Infowars: "Vice President Joe Biden threw caution to the wind Friday as he shockingly declared, "The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order," adding yet another admission to an already long list of documented globalist bragging of plans for a centralized, one-world global government."

The Alex Jones Show - Sunday, May 19, 2013 (Full Show)

On the Sunday, May 19 transmission of Infowars Live, Alex probes the calamitous state of affairs in Washington, asking if America will act in the face of flagrant criminal activity, or succumb to the will of tyrants, who have made an art out of skirting accountability. As the administration spins its wheels in damage control mode, its socialist cheerleader Michael Moore twists logic on the Bill Maher Show, saying, "conservatives and right-wingers" who profess to love their country, actually hate it - because they don't unquestionably worship the government. Alex also breaks down Friday's IRS hearings with reporter David Knight and takes a look at the situation in Syria.

Is This The End of Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Jones runs down the Obama administration's attempt to exclude and intimidate the establishment's political opposition as scandals burgeon and Obama's handlers scurry around in damage control mode.

US Drone police sheer lawlessness

Press TV has conducted an interview with Sara Flounders, Co-Director of the international Action Center, New York, about the deadly US drone strikes in Yemen, which have tripled in the past year.

Will America Collapse? Answers From Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers

Top economists (Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Jeff Berwick, Jim Rogers) predict US Economic Collapse and Worldwide Economic Collapse!

Think of the dollar as a very weak over grown woman in a hospital bed with a crown of stars on her head with transfusions running, thermometer in her mouth and the doctors wagging their heads in deep dismay…
“The Bitcoin threat was eliminated on May 17 when the Gestapo Department of Homeland Security seized Bitcoin’s accounts. The excuse was that Bitcoin had failed to register in keeping with the US Treasury’s anti-money laundering requirements.”
This is an outright lie! DHS did NOT seize any Bitcoin accounts. The above, should read:
“Bitcoin experienced a minor bump in the road on May 17 when the Gestapo Department of Homeland Security seized MtGox’s account at Dwolla. Dwolla was a popular service that allowed U.S. residents to both send and receive USD’s to and from MtGox. The excuse was that MtGox had failed to register in keeping with the US Treasury’s anti-money laundering requirements.”
The last time people tried to roll out a new currency was during the Confederacy.
Anyone seriously think that the Federal Reserve would let rival currency take hold. Especially a currency they can’t collect rent on?
Perhaps if thy were Federal Reserve Bitcoins.

Jon Rappoport ~ The Nazi Eugenics Program Never Stopped

The Nazi Eugenics Program Never Stopped

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport warned of alarming future trends in the genetic engineering of human beings. Based on his contacts with several scientists over a period of 20 years, he's concluded that human genetics research is basically a continuation of the Nazi eugenics program, and that medical research into genes as causes of human illness is simply a cover story.

Part of this secret agenda, he detailed, is to demonstrate that people have genetic predispositions to certain diseases like cancer, so in the case of lawsuits, this argument can be made rather than placing blame for illness on environmental factors like pollution. In citing the book Remaking Eden, Rappoport noted that author Lee Silver foresees a time when the "gen-rich" (genetically enhanced class) will account for 10% of the population, while "naturals" will work as low paid service providers/laborers.

Eventually, the gen-rich class and the naturals will become entirely separate species, with no ability to crossbreed, Silver continued, adding that the trend for genetic enhancement was inevitable. Rappoport had no doubt that some of this research was already underway, possibly under compartmentalized lab studies, so that scientists don't even realize the significance of what they're working on. "The best thing that could happen," he stated, "is that recognized doctors and researchers stand up together, and say, this has to stop."


Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 20 years, and is the author of five books. He has written on medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues for newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe, including CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern and LA Weekly.The LA Weekly placed Jon's name in nomination for a Pulitzer Prize, for his interview with the president of Salvador University, where a military takeover had occurred.

Nazi eugenics were Nazi Germany's racially-based social policies that placed the improvement of the Aryan race through eugenics at the center of Nazis ideology. Those humans were targeted who were identified as "life unworthy of life" (German: Lebensunwertes Leben), including but not limited to the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane, and the weak, for elimination from the chain of heredity. More than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will, while 70,000 were killed under Action T4, a "euthanasia" program

After the eugenics movement was well established in the United States, it was spread to Germany. California eugenicists began producing literature promoting eugenics and sterilization and sending it overseas to German scientists and medical professionals.[3] By 1933, California had subjected more people to forceful sterilization than all other U.S. states combined. The forced sterilization program engineered by the Nazis was partly inspired by California's

Hitler's views on eugenics

Adolf Hitler read racial hygiene tracts during his imprisonment in Landsberg Prison. He thought that Germany could become strong again only if the state applied the principles of racial hygiene and eugenics to German society.



David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda
Some David Icke Quotes :
A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke

Everyone is a son or daughter of god.
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

In the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke

The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke 

The Decline and Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly ~ Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, deconstructs the myths of Canada's economic strength. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

Max Keiser - Bitcoin, Bernanke & Buffett | London Real

Max Keiser of Russia Today drops by to explain the genesis and implications of the digital currency Bitcoin, why The Federal Reserve and the banking system should apologise to the people for manipulating interest rates, how Warren Buffett is complicit in the Mexican drug trade by purchasing Wells Fargo, and Max's crazy times in the 1980s as a New York City stockbroker by day and punk-rock party animal by night.

Bitcoin bomb may blow up Banks bondage, hence US attacks

Bitcoin bomb may blow up banks' bondage, hence US attacks'

I was wondering when the fed was going to shut it down. Yeah it's kind of hard to defend against money laundering when the whole point of your currency alternative is anonymity and ease of exchange. It was only a matter of time. Even gold dealers can't exchange large sums of cash without reporting it to the IRS.

The government has a monopoly on of the worst kind of monopolies any one can have, they have this monopoly because they use coercion and force to keep it. In which case the US government also has yet another monopoly that is detrimental to citizens of any society, a monopoly on force and use of "legitimatized" violence...the US govt is one of the most corrupt monopolistic corporations in the world! They are now flexing their power to keep their monopoly which is threatened by free market forces trying to override government failures...
We need a revolution in this country if for no other reason than to level the playing field. Our money is worthless because of all of the hustles of the banks and our government. We not only need something like Bitcoin, we also need to get rid of the banks and install a new government.
Bitcoin is a new generation's response to wanting to pursue and alternative to what amounts to totalitarianism. Why should the US care? To preserve "Our Integrity" ? The banks are nothing more than a bunch of vampires in brooks brothers suits. Their motto should be “We’d prefer blood but………we’ll take cash.”

Economic Collapse In America 2013 - 2014

Economic Collapse In America 2013 - 2014

I think the collapse of the dollar is the last best hope this world has of ridding ourselves from the criminal elite based in Washington District of Criminals. We all know this Ponzi scheme will end someday, how exactly, and when is up in the air but it will end. What we will do, will be largely in response to what the rulers do in their attempt to maintain their power and privilege at the expense of people like us. Namely how will they continue to enslave us if we don’t use their currency, don’t do business with their banks and don’t buy their stuff anymore, and most of all stop paying their illegal debts? If a provisional government springs up in an aria of the country and declares all debt based on fiat currency illegal and null en void, what will the rulers do when they can’t rule us economically? If people with no “job” have time instead to grow their own food in yards and vacant lots and devote all of their efforts to providing for themselves and not the “government” what will the “government” do in response? If economies become informal and local, based on value and real wealth, (is this thing useful to me?) how can there be a giant monster of a “government” exploiting everyone for the benefit of a handful of elite in-bred ruling families? I think there can’t. So I wait for the death of the dollar with bated breath. I look forward to it and anticipate it. It is the hope that this murdering monster we know as the American Federal “Government” may at last die its long overdue death.

NEWS ALERT - N.Korea Launches 4th Missile In Two Days

NEWS ALERT - N.Korea Launches 4th Missile In Two Days

U.S. official says communications show North Korea could be planning to launch a mobile missile. North Korea Statement April 4, 2013 Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea issued a statement on Thursday. The U.S. is now hurling latest nuclear war hardware into south Korea, pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war, the statement said, and went on: Defying public rebuff and criticism at home and abroad, the U.S. sent to south Korea Aegis destroyers John S. McCain and Decatur equipped with interceptor missiles and SBX-1 in the wake of its introduction of nuclear submarine Cheyenne, B-52, B-2A, F-22 under the pretext of the Foal Eagle joint military exercises. Worse still, it said it would send super-large nuclear aircraft carrier to the waters off the Korean Peninsula soon. The sky, land and seas of south Korea are deluged with U.S. latest nuclear war hardware. The U.S. imperialists have pursued ceaseless war moves since their occupation of south Korea, creating a tough-and-go situation several times. But never have they worked so desperately to launch a nuclear war against the DPRK with all type latest nuclear hardware involved as now. This is not a mere threat and blackmail against the DPRK and a demonstration of armed forces but a very dangerous military provocation to unleash a nuclear war on the peninsula at any cost. The U.S. seems to show off its muscle by introducing latest nuclear weapons into south Korea but this would get them nowhere. It is seriously mistaken if it thinks it can frighten the DPRK with such latest weapons. Cutting-edge weapons are not a monopoly of the U.S. and gone are the days never to return when it could invade other countries with nukes as it pleased. The DPRK already declared that it would no longer remain a passive onlooker to the U.S. imperialists' frantic moves to ignite a nuclear war but make every possible effort including a preemptive nuclear strike to defend the dignity of the supreme leadership of the country and the destiny of the nation. If the U.S. imperialists provoke a nuclear war against the DPRK, they will not be able to escape a miserable ruin in face of the powerful precision nuclear strike means of the DPRK. The south Korean puppet regime will not be an exception as it is offering south Korea as the ground for displaying supplicated nuclear weapons and theatre of test nuclear war of the U.S. The U.S. and the south Korean warmongers had better stop their rash actions, deeply aware of the gravity of the prevailing situation.

Is This The END of BITCOIN? ~ U.S. BLOCKS World's Largest BITCOIN Exchange

U.S. BLOCKS World's Largest BITCOIN Exchange - Is This The END of BITCOIN?

More bumps in the road are probably in store for Bitcoin. The virtual currency has seen some massive swings in value over the last several weeks, but that volatility is not likely to end soon, its lead developer suggested on Saturday.

"We've been on a roller coaster ride," said Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, which provides much of the core backend development for the currency.

"I expect for the next few years we're going to remain on a roller coaster ride," he said, speaking in front of a packed room of developers, enthusiasts, venture capitalists and other industry players at Bitcoin 2013, the first conference in Silicon Valley to be held on the topic.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is managed and traded on a peer-to-peer computer network. Often referred to as a form of "crypto-currency," it is intended to be a decentralized form of payment not regulated by any financial institution or governmental body. A variety of online retailers and a growing number of brick-and-mortar stores are now accepting Bitcoins, which can either be purchased through exchanges on the Internet or "mined" by using specialized hardware.
Hitting some bumps

But the growing attention the currency has experienced has come with numerous setbacks as well, in the form of hacks, the shutdown of various exchanges, seizure of accounts and huge selloffs in Bitcoin.

In March, Bitcoins were trading for roughly US$30. Then for a brief period in April its price on the Tokyo-based exchange Mt. Gox skyrocketed to over $230. A couple of days later, its value plummeted to roughly $120 as a massive sell off forced Mt. Gox to temporarily shut down.

This past week, Mt. Gox received a seizure order of its funds by the Department of Homeland Security, triggered by an alleged failure to comply with U.S. financial regulations.

Despite the challenges, Bitcoin's Andresen is not deterred. "We have to be reliable and resilient," he said. The foundation, which currently just has two full-time staff, is looking to hire a Washington lawyer this year to engage with politicians and to help support the currency's growth.

Hundreds of attendees are at the Bitcoin conference, with roughly 20 exhibitors offering a range of Bitcoin-related products such as digital wallets, specialized trading services, and analytical tools.

"Star power" has even been provided by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss , the brothers claiming ownership of the idea for Facebook, who delivered the opening keynote on Friday night

Bitcoin supporters promise banking 'revolution'
Some workers are now even being paid with new virtual currency that you can only spend online.

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Bitcoin threatens both the financial elite's monopoly over the economy and the online web of payment systems which have been used as a tool to crack down on free speech on the Internet, Amir Taaki, a bitcoin software developer, told RT.

On Wednesday, The US Department of Homeland Security seized a payment processing account belonging to Mt. Gox, the largest international Bitcoin trader over claims the monetary exchange service had falsified financial documents.

The US government has never hidden the fact that it is closely watching the virtual currency, which international regulators have thus far failed to keep a lid on.

But while banks and governments have treated the Bitcoin payment system as an "existential threat" to current financial system, Taaki argues that the virtual currency epitomizes real free trade and is a necessary tool to maximize the benefits of a free and open market.

Amir Taaki: The basic gist of it is, there is this network of people worldwide, and any person that joins the Bitcoin network is responsible for upholding it. The Bitcoin is actually a form of money, like the dollar, euro or pound, but it's virtual currency

Lindsey Williams ~ America is next after Cyprus

Lindsey Williams on Goldseek Radio 18 May 2013

Lindsey Williams delivers more earth shattering critical information on the plans of the Illuminati (whom he refers to as ''The Elite'') to destroy the world economy through the derivative market, which will subsequently cause the collapse of every currency in the world. He states that the Elite will then pose as the savior of the global economy- by providing the solution they already had waiting in the wings; One World Currency. As the alternative to the decimation caused by inflation. Williams states that the turmoil in Cyprus was merely an example of what will happen in countries across the globe, although in less obvious terms; devaluation as opposed to outright confiscation. He refers to the Canadian Government's Economic Action Plan 2013 which includes provisions to institute ''bail-ins'' to save insolvent banks via the use of bank capital (i.e. your deposits) which can clearly be evidenced in documentation on pages 144-145. (Google ''Economic Action Plan of 2013'' of the Canadian Government- see for yourself. Also view the link here Williams also mentions that the healthcare bill which comes into effect on January 1st 2014 will completely destroy the United States Healthcare System.

Tribulation Last Days Prophecy The Rapture Book of Daniel Antichrist - What You Never Knew

'The Tribulation - Hidden Secrets Revealed From Texts Predating The Bible' found at is the new mind-blowing book by Dr. Scott McQuate that reveals powerful secrets about the epic event known as the Great Tribulation, that have been hidden beneath the pages of the Bible. Learn the fascinating and alarming messages, completely unknown to scholars and theologians, that the ancient Sumerians, Mayans, Hebrews and others tried to give us that have been concealed for millennia by the Illuminati. If you've read any other works by highly-acclaimed author Dr. Scott McQuate, you know that what he reveals from his research is unlike anything else you've ever seen. Read this scintillating, non-fiction book today and prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride that begins by exploring your very own DNA and a recently-discovered, ancient stone hive before moving to the Egyptian temple at Dendera and then onto the furthest reaches of the space-time continuum. This is never-before-revealed information that will shock you while providing real answers like nothing you've read before. Get ready for what the world has never known.

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