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Dmitry Orlov ~ America will Collapse like the Soviet Union

Dmitry Orlov engineer and author of ‘ Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects ‘ says : America must work on starting a new economy and not restarting the old one or it will resemble the former Soviet Union .It´s true the Soviet Union collapsed mainly because they overextended themselves the US is facisn similar problems since they are overextending themselves right now if not a complete collapse then it WILL most likely be secession movements that will make the first civil war look like a lovers embrace!! The collapse can be avoided when we tie the political whores’ hands behind their backs, getting rid of the Fed, going to an honest currency. Socialism seems to be what this guy is advocating. Let us earn honest money, pull the troops back, stop foreign aid, end the drug war, fire half the bureaucrats, who damage the economy with their ridiculous regulations. People should buy some junk silver or gold coins.

So basically World war 3 might start with US collapsing followed by massive rebellions worldwide China India and Japan might be the only nations that could weather the storm though I believ China will be affected since they will no longer be able to steal technology from US and Eu anymore!The third world countries will be on their own(starvation and total anarchy) without the western world feeding them even if the war only lasts a few years the aftershocks will be felt for centuries! We spend too much money on military spending, social security, medicare/ medicaid. People should really not be blamed for not wanting to cut these programs because that is what Capitalism has created. It has created a culture of looking out for yourself and fulfilling your needs. In order for the culture to change, we need to change our socioeconomic system and move beyond the market/ money system. Resource Based Economy .
Dmitry Orlov
Its problem reaction solution time.In witch i wonder what that solution may be?Its a world wide problem also.A side to step to global currency?Im sure that they have something set up.Its not too long ago than that Pope Benedict the mut second advocated it to the UN…But it seems too much of a giant step to their goal.Usually they go on baby steps.all just goes to show, the soviets werent less successful, if they had the opportunity to build a country using profit from war (like the US did in WW1 & 2), they may have outlived the American capitalist approach, by building an economic system based on dependency in crisis. The US system has now failed, capitalism does not work as far as I am concerned…

Boston Bombing Suspect Awake and Responding 'Sporadically' to Questions

4/21/13 - ABC News is reporting that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is awake and responding to questions while under guard at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. The 19-year-old has been unable to speak since he was captured Friday night. He has been in serious but stable condition, according to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, but was not expected to wake up so soon.
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino even said today: "...we don't know if we'll ever be able to question the individual."
Dzhokar and his older brother Tamerlan — who was killed in a shootout with police Thursday night — are accused of setting off two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring at least 180 others. Despite a serious throat wound that prevents him from speaking, the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect is beginning to respond to questions from investigators, federal officials tell NBC News.
Nearly 48 hours after he was taken into custody following an intense gun battle and manhunt, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was communicating with a special team of federal investigators... He was responding to questions mostly in writing because of the throat wound, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The suspect remains in serious condition. Law enforcement sources had said earlier they were putting the final touches on charges against Tsarnaev and would announce them Sunday. However, Justice Department officials said late in the day that charges would not be announced until Monday at the earliest. They did not give a reason for the delay.
Authorities have told NBC News that a special high value detainee interrogation team will question Tsarnaev without advising him of his Miranda rights. A "public safety exemption" allows investigators to question a suspect without being informed of his right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during questioning when it is thought that he or she might have vital information about a threat to public safety.

Boston Marathon False Flag - Who had the Greatest Motive? - Who Stands to Gain?

This false flag has echos of the JFK assassination. We seem to have look alike of at least one of the suspects. We have videos that don’t match the official story. We have multiple possible perpetrators on scene that appear to be in better positions to do the crime than the charged perpetrators. We have the apparent silencing of the patsy. We have all sorts of unexplained persons present that look suspicious. And we seem to have attempt to ‘disappear’ the physical evidence whenever possible. The main difference is that in the times of JFK the criminals appeared to be rough elements of the government and intelligence community. But today the killing seem to be run right through the center of our criminal government.

I have not had the time nor the resources to make conclusions of this video, but this video needs to be shared and proven false before it can be dismissed. So I ask that people download this video and break it down in every way. I care not for anything but the truth and as far as things appear at this point, there is no way to ignore the false flag signature of this event.

Woman calling into radio show saying first suspect was run over and shot BY Police

Woman calling into radio show saying first suspect was run over and shot BY police

Eyewitness to Shootout that killed the older brother calls into radio station- Says Gov SUV vehicle ran over suspect, and most likely dead instantly !!

Bio Microchip ready To Be Unveiled In 2013

Bio-microchip-ready-To-Be- Unveiled- In-2013,

When President Obama realized the importance and significance of the micro biochip especially with the development the Nano Technology, he embarked in the development of the biochip into possibly a mini medical laboratory right inside the human body (in conjunction with the computers). This will definitely ensure a healthier life for the user with the biochip constantly monitoring the health of the body. This will safe the American billions of dollar from , medication, hospitalization, health care, etc. This Verichip (micro biochip for human implantation) with unexpectedly great health benefit to the user, will be ready latest by 23rd March 2013. Every American will be grateful for this chip. Almost all Christians too will desire this Verichip for it will almost guarantee a healthy body and a longer lifespan. But it is the mark of the beast or '666'.
God's love for His people is shown that the implantation of this miraculous chip will cause WW3 to break out. So Israel will likely attack Iran in 2013 to start WW3.

Alex Jones : Boston Bombing a Patsy Operation

Alex Jones says the Boston bombing was a false flag and US powers have used it to hide the Obama criminal verdict and ram through Bills that strip rights and freedoms. In the background of this a bomb went off in Boston United States at the Boston marathon killing three and injured more than 170 others. Two suspects caught media attention. One was killed by police in a shootout. The second suspect escaped and was hunted down and now lies in critical condition in hospital unable to speak. The parents of one of the Boston bombing suspects in an interview have denied their son's role in the blast and the mother says her sons were set up by US secret service.

Michelle Obama visited Saudi Citizen suspected of Boston Bombing ?!

A Saudi Arabian newspaper is reporting that United States First Lady Michelle Obama visited in the hospital Saudi citizen Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Alharbi, the young man who had been labeled a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing. The newspaper accompanied its report with an image of Obama, although the background was generic and it couldn’t be confirmed immediately that she was at the hospital where Alharbi was being treated at the time. He reportedly suffered injuries in the Boston bombing. The newspaper’s Arabic-language report is being
highlighted by Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member who now is a peace activist. “Okaz, the same prominent Saudi newspaper that published photos of Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Alharbi in the hospital after the Boston Marathon bombings, is now reporting that the Saudi national was also visited by the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, durin g his hospital stay,” Shoebat reported. The newspaper is more than half a century old and publishes out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It also publishes simultaneously in Riyadh. Read more at

Alex Jones Show - Sunday (4-21-13) Full Show

On the Sunday, April 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the revelation that the two suspect brothers in the Boston Marathon bombing were known by the FBI. We'll examine the FBI's attempt to coverup that knowledge by releasing photos Thursday asking for the public's help, when all along they knew full well who they were looking for. We'll also get into other possible actors that could be involved in one of the most botched plots in the FBI's long résumé of terror. Alex also analyzes the history of staged events and gives insight into what type of self inflicted wound the Boston bombing is. Infowars reporter David Knight also covers the CISPA bill passing the House, which could put your personal information in the hands of military organizations like the NSA.


Boston Under Siege! Special Report

Alex runs down the rapidly developing story emerging on the Boston Marathon terror bombing and its two shadowy suspects identified on Thursday by the FBI. One suspect was killed by police last night and the other remains on the loose as authorities in Beantown impose a lockdown on the city and respond with a heavy-handed presence that resembles martial law. [FBI IGNORES MEN WITH BACKPACKS AT SCENE OF BOSTON BOMBINGS]


Boston Bomber Last message on Facebook to his Father : I have never done it , they set me up

Boston Bomber's Last message on Facebook to his Father - This will be the last message before the police will get me. I never done it, they set me up.I am sorry it has come to this

David Icke - The Sheep Breeding Season is Over!

This man is brilliant. He knows. Zachariah Sitychin knows. The TV is owned by our manipulators, and so is the newspaper. Watch the news on T.V and believe the exact opposite!!!! The Annunaki are here and very real and running the show. The Zeta Reticulans are also in control. The NWO will happen whether we like it or not. It just depends on who will be the leaders of it. Right now we tend to glorify leaders like Bush and Obama who are completely ignorant of how to show forgiveness, to be kind, and to help the poor and needy. Why do we measure success by how rich or powerful people are? If that is what you want then it is what we get.

David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda
Some David Icke Quotes :
A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke

Everyone is a son or daughter of god.
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

In the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke

The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke 

Terror Expert: Boston Attack More Columbine More Than 9-11, These Are 'Murderers Not Terrorists'

4/21/13 - Philip Mudd, former counterterror expert for the CIA and the FBI, joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday to discuss the nature of the threat posed by the Tsarnaev brothers and any network they may have been associated with in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. He said the Boston attack reminded him more of the 1999 attack on Columbine than a terror event orchestrated by a foreign network. "I would charge these guys as murders not terrorists," Mudd said of the suspects in the attack on the Boston Marathon.

"Do you think we have to fear copycats -- more of these small, domestic terror cells -- and how does law enforcement need to respond more effectively, not necessary to catch them, they did that pretty well, but to prevent it in the first place," Wallace asked Mudd.

Mudd replied and said that copycat threats almost always materialize after a widely covered attack like the one that occurred in Boston last Monday.

"What I fear though is that people too quickly categorize this as terrorism," Mudd added. "This looks more to me like Columbine than it does like Al Qaeda."

"Two kids who radicalized between themselves in a closed circle and go out and commit murder," Mudd observed. "I would charge these guys as murderers, not terrorists."

Wallace pushed back on this and said that Russian authorities had identified the elder Tsarnaev brother as being influenced by radical Islam while in Chechnya. "How can you write off the idea that there was some outside influence here?" Wallace asked.

Mudd said that he's not writing that off, but the term 'terrorism' was a misleading way to characterize the Boston attack. "The psychology is not that simple," Mudd noted. "It's two kids who decided for whatever ideology that they wanted to commit murder."

"The murder piece is as significant as the terrorism piece," he concluded.

Glenn Beck Will Expose Boston Bombing Monday

Glenn Beck Will Expose Boston Bombing Monday

Glenn Beck says the response to the Boston Marathon bombing will determine whether America survives and says The Blaze will expose the government cover-up on Monday.

Michael Savage Digs Deep into Mystery of Boston Bombing, Gun Control, Immigration - 4/17/13

History in the making. The global crime families, their spies, advisers and financiers have bitten off more than they can chew. Now starts their DISINFORMATION to confuse and bewilder , stay on target. Let’s hope their puppets lose their nerve and come clean.Oh how they weave the lies and pump up the subterfuge. Before it was the Chechen brothers, the FBI conducted a totally contrived and bogus raid at Brown University in Providence, RI looking for the terrorist bomber from India. That fake faded off the radar. Oh but wait, wasn’t it the Saudi student before who was quickly was extradited back to Saudi Arabia after a secret unofficial White House meeting with the Ambassador and Obama? Who can forget the very conveniently announced “interception of packages and letters containing Ricin” last week. That 911 retro nugget flared and floundered with a crash and burn and was pulled off the controlled media. They hustle and lie like they were genetically modified or created that way from birth. The narrative changed so fast after Bidondi shook them to their core at the initial press conference that the entire thing has become completely unhinged. Now it has turned to say and do anything time. Stuff the liars think will sell. As the saying goes, most people are not buying it. With their own words and “discoveries” they discredit and unravel themselves. Sadly, while the pursuit for the real truth goes on, it will not bring back those who were killed and the many who were very severely injured with loss of limbs, hearing, etc. The scales of justice will begin to balance out but it won’t happen unless people literally bulldoze with streams of unrelenting questions pointing out all of the inconsistencies along along the way. Swift is not going to pull a fast one. People have consistently underestimated the savvy and smarts of those in the military and veterans. They know the score and the details. Military and veterans also talk to each other a lot and do so very freely and openly. From training alone, minds are conditioned to learn about the ways of the so-called named enemy. Much to everyone’s chagrin, the enemy is within.


Israeli Press Says Patsy Brothers Were Double Agents! The whole story just does not make sense when the bomb in a BLACK backpack went off with a white patch near the handle,but suddenly its a gray backpack, that the younger brother was still wearing...

It is becoming clear the FBI's involvement in these bombings goes further than just investigating.There's good evidence to indicate the Tsarnaevs are patsies. CCTV footage shows Tsarnaev leaving the scene of the blast with his backpack. It could have been cut/pasted; a review of all CCVT footage to verify that that image doesn't appear in any other CCTV footage would make it air-tight. There's also footage of 2 guys, 1 w/ a big backpack, the other, a cap with the Craft logo. 1 fled without his backpack.
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