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Obama Visit To Israel in The Prophecy

Obama says 'there is still time' to find diplomatic solution to Iran nuke dispute; Netanyahu hints at impatience While Obama said “there is still time” to find a diplomatic solution to the problem of Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, Netanyahu emphasized the clock is ticking.Responding that all options are on the table, Obama said, “We will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from getting the world's worst weapons.” Still, he suggested that the U.S. and Israel might have different timetables for how and when to respond. “Each country has to make its own decisions when it comes to the awesome decision to engage in any kind of military action. And Israel is differently situated than the United States,” Obama said. Netanyahu also spoke of “different vulnerabilities” but stressed the common ground. “I appreciate the fact that the president has reaffirmed, more than any other president, Israel's right and duty to defend itself, by itself, against any threat,” he said. The press conference, in which both men made statements and answered four questions, also focused on the situation in Syria and the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

The Financial Armageddon Has Started! ~ Alex Jones

Financial Armageddon Has Started!

One thing we do have to watch with these globalists who run all major organizations, is what is called double dealing where they incite each side and get what they want. That’s how wars are created for profit and to gain control of nations, and all of a sudden nations are indebted to IMF, simple as that. And if we continue to “eat our own” or dis each other, that is to their benefit and not ours. Anything global has to be avoided since it completes their centuries of work towards what we would call tyranny, oppressive power exerted by one individual.

Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (3-21-13) Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins

On the March 21, 2013 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, News Covered: Monsanto Protection Act Proves Corporations More Powerful Than US Government. We Have 1 Week to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers. GM salmon rejected by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aldi and other food retailers. Big Sis Refuses To Answer Congress On Bullet Purchases. Special Report: Conspiracy Theories SXSW

Mike Rivero ~ The Solution For Cyprus is Iceland

Why is every body so surprised that the banksters are stealing our money,it has been said that he who controls the money supply rules the world,the banksters can do what they like when they like,it is mandatory that you leave as little as possible in your bank account just enough for your day to day needs,there is a massive financial storm coming our way,be prepared,Cyprus is only the tip of the iceberg!!!

Breaking News -- The Cyprus Riots Begin -- Live Stream

Angry protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Nicosia Thursday to protest against the government's handling of the banking crisis that has left the country teetering on bankruptcy..
Cypriots are protesting in the capital Nicosia over possible job cuts and the ongoing banking crisis and the demonstrators tried to enter the building but were pushed back by police, according to the Ria Novosti news agency. No injuries were reported in the clashes..
The protesters are also venting their angry that Laika bank, one of Cyprus' largest banks, which is at the center of the banking crisis, may have to close down altogether and is almost certainly facing job cuts..
Eurozone finance minsters have acknowledged that the situation in Cyprus is "in a mess"..
RT's Tesa Arcilla who is in Cyprus went to talk to locals and found that many were getting increasingly desperate..
A Russian shop owner in Cyprus says he has lost 70% of business in the last few days and doesn't know how he will pay his rent. Many shops and businesses on the island are now only accepting cash..
The Cyprus Popular Bank imposed a 260 euro per day limit on ATM withdrawals on Thursday..
Tesa Arcilla reports that a poll of Cypriots found that 67% want to exit the euro zone and instead want closer ties with Russia..
The European Union has given Cyprus until Monday to raise the 5.8 billion Euros it must contribute to clinch an international bailout deal or face the collapse of its financial system and almost certain withdrawal from the Euro..
The government is currently in emergency meetings to try and resolve the crisis and hammer out a deal, with an announcement expected on Thursday evening. Any agreement reached by the Cypriot government must then be agreed on by parliament..
The EU is ready to banish the island from the Euro in the belief that it will contain damage to the wider European economy..
The European Central Bank has kept Cypriot banks operating on a liquidity lifeline, but it will be cut off on Monday if a deal is not in place...

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (3-21-13) Greg Palast & Jon Rappoport

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (3-21-13) Greg Palast & Jon Rappoport

On the Thursday, March 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the unfolding situation in Syria as the U.S. "elects" a new Syrian leader, moves to support al-Qaeda and a gruesome video surfaces showing the beheading of a civilian by the so-called "rebels." Alex also covers the latest on efforts by the gun-grabbers to take down the Second Amendment and the Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano's refusal to answer questions on bullet purchases by the agency. On today's show, Alex talks with Jon Rappoport about the alleged assassin James Holmes, mind control, the CIA and MKULTRA. Alex also talks with New York Times-bestselling author and investigative journalist Greg Palast about the banker heist. Palast is the author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps.

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks at National Press Club - March 15, 2013

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks at National Press Club - March 15, 2013

Thomas Drake, a former Senior Executive at NSA who was charged under the espionage act after he blew the whistle on waste and fraud and illegal activity at the intelligence agency, spoke at a March 15, 2013 National Press Club luncheon. Drake's event was part of the club's celebration of Sunshine Week, a national initiative to underscore the importance of open government and freedom of information.

Harry Dent Predicts Global Economic Crash in 2013

Harry Dent predicts global economic crash in 2013

Harry Dent of HS Dent Investment Management explains why he predicts a market crash in the third quarter of the year and that the U.S. is headed towards bankruptcy. Stock Market.. an aging Bull Market? Real Estate Party Over? Invest In Gold? Europe Crash Impact? The Government Has To Fail... Survive and Prosper in 2013 with Harry Dent.
Harry S Dent is a financial newsletter writer and author , who is also the founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Dent's latest book is The Great Crash Ahead. Other books include The Great Depression Ahead and The Next Great Bubble Boom.

Peter Schiff on The Next Housing Bubble

Peter Schiff 2013 - The FED is sowing the seeds for the annihilation of the US Economy!

Peter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.

Judge Napolitano on CVS Policy Forcing Employees to Turn Over Health Info: Consequence of ObamaCare

Judge Napolitano on CVS Policy Forcing Employees to Turn Over Health Info: Consequence of ObamaCare

3/21/13 - Appearing on America's Newsroom this morning, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano took on the controversial CVS policy of forcing its employees to submit personal health information as part of receiving health insurance coverage from the company. The outspoken libertarian posited that the unpopular mandate is a consequence of federal micromanagement of health-care through ObamaCare.

The largest retail pharmacy chain in the country is now requiring its employees to hand over personal health information like their weight, body mass index, and glucose levels or face an annual fine of $600. The company says it is requiring this as a way to ensure their employees are as healthy as possible.

Napolitano told host Martha MacCallum of the policy: "I think this is a consequence of the federal government micromanaging health care and forcing employers to provide coverage to all employees, many who otherwise wouldn't qualify for it, and forcing them to provide coverage, whether the employees need it or not."

The judge noted that under federal law, CVS has an interest in hiring only healthy employees in order to save money now that they are forced to cover all of their workers. "So will ObamaCare result in larger people with larger body mass and higher glucose levels not getting employed? Would that be an unintended consequence of ObamaCare?" he suggested.

He later explained that the policy is "so expensive because ObamaCare has a one-size-fits-all," meaning people cannot tailor an insurance policy to met their individual needs. "We knew that was coming but I don't think we realized — even those of us who didn't read all 2700 pages but have a good understanding what is in there — we didn't realize the economic effect of people not being able to get jobs because they're overweight. Maybe judges will have to decide what is obese? Is it 10 pounds heavier than your height? Is it 20 pounds? Is it 50 pounds?" he added.

MacCallum pointed out that CVS defends itself by noting that 79-percent of other companies have a "health assessment" policy in place. "The fine clearly helps to pass along the cost of ObamaCare to the employee, right?" she asked.

"Absolutely," the judge replied. "Because contrary to what the president said, these insurance policies will cost more than the coverage you had before the federal micromanagement."

Anonymous: Martial Law is imminent March 23, 2013 , Are you Ready?

Anonymous: March 23, 2013 Martial Law is imminent
23 march = 233 = Skull and Bones. Imagine the power they will have once they crush any opposition, they will have no-one to answer to. You guys are fucked . Sorry . You need to remove the entire government to stop this , so short of a military coup it's never going to happen . Your government is so corrupted and psychopathic it is simply terrifying... for the whole world . Truly the enemies of humanity. If all men stood together anything is possible , but ignorance is rife.

Lindsey Williams ~ Coast to Coast AM - March 19 2013 - NWO and Preppers

In the first half, ordained Baptist minister and former Chaplain to the 'Elite,' Lindsey Williams, shared what he'd been told by one of his 'Elite' contacts-- the agenda of the New World Order (NWO) for the next 4 years. He revealed that the NWO was displeased with Pres. Obama, as he went against their wishes by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline plan, among other things. The Elite do not want a financial collapse or catastrophic event with the American dollar for at least two to three years, which gives people temporary economic opportunities, he continued. The reason behind this is "forced debt creation" such as through college loans, and government spending, he said. This will bring debt levels up so high that when the Elite get ready to pull the plug on the currencies of the world, people will give up the Constitution, and accept a new world order, he outlined, adding that the end game for this scenario was four years.

While the super rich make up their own rules, the middle class will be taxed into oblivion, and be put into more and more debt, he continued. Within four years, 70% of Americans will be receiving some sort of check from the government, and the dollar will be phased out as the reserve currency and petro dollar of the world, Williams stated. Regarding gold and silver, he suggested that confiscation was unlikely-- the Elite are keeping this from being bothered. "One thing the Elite fear more than anything else, is the masses waking up...and as a result they are having to escalate their plans," he warned.

In the latter half, electrical engineer turned expert in self reliance and backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft, discussed her recent appearance on the reality series Doomsday Preppers, as well as unusual types of foods that can be eaten as part of a sustainable lifestyle. On the TV show, she demonstrated to a family how to eat insects-- specifically mealy worms, crickets, and scorpions. In many countries outside the US, insects are commonly eaten, she noted, adding that they're high in fat, protein, and minerals, and provide important nutrients not available in plants. Absurdly, the TV producers requested that she demonstrate how to milk a rabbit (their milk is said to be high in protein), but she refused.

Wildcraft said she eats a variety of animals, including squirrels, gophers, and rabbits, many of which she butchers herself, with the understanding that it's a sacred thing to take a life. In the event of severe hardship, people should get acclimated to eating such animals and insects in advance, she suggested.

The Carlyle Group, the Bush family and 9/11

The Bush family, the Saudi Royal family, Osama Bin Laden's family and Donald Rumsfeld's inner circle - these are just some of the high profile figures who have played a direct role in the rise of one of the most powerful and influential and secretive firms in Washington. The company is called The Carlyle Group. And in the wake of the events of September 11th and the invasion of Iraq, its power and influence have become significantly stronger. The company operates within the so-called iron-triangle of industry, government and the military. Its list of former and current advisers and associates includes a vast array of some of the most powerful men in America and indeed around the world. This program exposes the history of the Carlyle Group, from it's inception as a private equity firm to it's precent status as one of the largest defence contractors in the world.

The Carlyle group is one of America's ten biggest military contracting firms. This firm specializes in what they call 'crony capitalism'. That means they make money by gaining access to the world's leading decision-makers.

The Carlyle group was founded in the late 80s by a fellow named Rubenstein. It is a highly influential multi-sector group, mostly defense related companies and corporations. In the 90s, it started bringing on board the Bush family and Bin Laden family. The two families became the key members of their board. The Group stands accused of involvement in and benefiting from 9/11 attacks.

The Carlyle Group operates in four business areas: Corporate private equity, defense, market strategies and fund of funds, through its AlpInvest subsidiary.

In its 2010 annual report, Carlyle reported assets in excess of $150 billion under management diversified over 84 distinct funds.

We Empower them, they do not Control us

One of Illuminati control techniques is Population Control: Invented food shortages, water contamination, lack of space, depletion of "green” are maneuvers to slice off 2/3rd of the world’s six-billion citizens, and save themselves, while allowing death and other horrors to befall the other 4-billion. Subtle means of ending our existence include abortion (Planned Parent is the main culprit), genetic engineering (cloning allows engineers to create an army of soldiers bred to have massive muscle bulk, superior senses, powerful killing skills or to breed doubles to replace people; it also introduces chimeras (hybrid animal/human forms), and angels of death (ridding hospitals, clinics—the general population—of infirmed and old people who put burdens on our society. Euthanasia is a form of this, as are fatal surgical procedures).

Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Explains Decision to End His Life

It sounds like he was under the impression he signed up to defend his country, not pillage a country under false pretense. His argument is valid.

In the week marking the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, we spend the hour looking at the remarkable life and imminent death of Iraq War veteran Tomas Young. Citing his overwhelming physical pain from wounds that left him paralyzed in Iraq, Young recently announced he has decided to end his life by discontinuing his medicine and nourishment, which comes in the form of liquid through a feeding tube. Young joins to explain his decision from his home in Kansas City, along with his wife Claudia Cuellar. We're also joined by Phil Donahue, the legendary TV talk show host, whose 2007 documentary, "Body of War," follows Tomas' rehabilitation and his political awakening to become one of the most prominent antiwar U.S. veterans speaking out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. "On one hand, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired," Young says. "And on the other, I don't want to watch my body waste away." Donahue calls Tomas' announcement "a very unusual act of moral courage. He wants people to see this because he came home from the most sanitized war of my lifetime. We don't see this. Less than 5 percent of us have made a personal sacrifice for this war. And Tomas is one of them."

S Korea says China behind Cyber Attack

S Korea says Chinese IP behind cyber attack

South Korea says an initial investigation shows a Chinese internet address was the source of a cyber attack on one of the companies shut down by computer crashes. South Korea's telecom regulator said on Thursday that a Chinese address created the malicious code in the server of one of the banks, Nonghyup, that crashed on Wednesday.

FALSE FLAG WATCH 22 March 2013 Is A Good Day For Bad News

Something Big Soon – 322 – Olympus Has Fallen - I don't know what to believe. An order for explosives too? Along with N. Korea's threats & the Olympus Has Fallen movie and all of the symbolism associated with 3/22. the new movie Olympus Has Fallen that's coming out tomorrow 3/22? What the hell is up with that?? It's about an Asian terrorist on the inside who kidnaps the president within the White House itself and there's a lot of planes firing on the White House & it's on fire!! What the hell are they trying to tell us? What the hell are they trying to encourage? Or is the movie the smokescreen to keep us from seeing something more sinister?? What do we all do when the Internet goes out? Only those in survival communities will be in good shape?

(CNN) -- The North Korean military issued a fresh burst of ominous rhetoric Thursday, warning that U.S. bases in Guam and Japan are within its "striking range."

The statement from the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army, carried by the North's state-run news agency, follows the announcement by the United States this week that its B-52 bombers were making flights over South Korea as part of annual military exercises.

Global Financial Collapse 2013 THE TICKING BOMB What is a safe place?

The Government is causing the crisis, they cause all financial crisis. They do this by moving Interest rates, Interest rates control the flow of debt/credit. When Interest rates are to low, banks that are meant to lent to the public, don't because there is not enough reward to risk. This makes sense when you think about it, the reward goes down, so the risk becomes larger in relation to the reward( reward to risk, ratio). The FED is an Government agent, and the fed is hinting at a rates rise...

The next time, it might get us into a war. That's a way to stimulate the economy I hear. I hope not.

Is the Vatican the House of Satan ?

Satanic Vatican

The Vatican has been infiltrated by the same satanists that are ruling the world today , the bible tells us not to worship idols or bow down to statues that man has made and Catholics do this,The Catholic people need to start READING a BIBLE for themselves. The sad thing is that most if not all Catholics do not read their bibles & they just go to church & listen to these sinful men, confess their sins to these sinful men & put all their trust in these SINFUL MEN! These men are not gods & they certainly isn't God! The sad thing is, is people have been sold a lie in the system from these people for far too long. Jesus said in Him there are NO lies, NO deception and NO evil. The REAL Jesus born of a virgin, would NEVER do what these people have done, and are still doing today, rest assured of that.Read the book of Daniel & Revelation & you will see who the beast is!

This is an insanely detailed and long look at the Vatican and its satanic beliefs, practices and doctrines.
On April 8, 2012, Easter, a vigil was held in which Lucifer was evoked in public.

The Vigil Song is Quoted as saying:
Flammas eius lúcifer matutínus invéniat:
ille, inquam, Lúcifer, qui nescit occásum.
Christus Fílius tuus,
qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit,
et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.

Which translates:
Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind,
I say: Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,
Christ is your son
who came back from hell, shed his peaceful light and is alive and reigns in the world without end.
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