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The New Pope & The End Times in The Bible

13 March 2013 The FINAL HOUR Last days - end times news update 3-13-13

According to "UN wants new global currency to replace dollar."

"The dollar should be replaced with a global currency, the United Nations has said, proposing the biggest overhaul of the world's monetary system since the Second World War." By Edmund Conway, Economics Editor, 07 Sep 2009,

"A number of countries, including China and Russia, have suggested replacing the dollar as the world's reserve currency. In a radical report, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has said the system of currencies and capital rules which binds the world economy is not working properly, and was largely responsible for the financial and economic crises. "

"Although a number of countries, including China and Russia, have suggested replacing the dollar as the world's reserve currency, the UNCTAD report is the first time a major multinational institution has posited such a suggestion.

The proposals would also imply that surplus nations such as China and Germany should stimulate their economies further in order to cut their own imbalances, rather than, as in the present system, deficit nations such as the UK and US having to take the main burden of readjustment."

"Replacing the dollar with an artificial currency would solve some of the problems related to the potential of countries running large deficits and would help stability," said Detlef Kotte, one of the report's authors. "But you will also need a system of managed exchange rates. Countries should keep real exchange rates adjusted for inflation stable. Central banks would have to intervene and if not they would have to be told to do so by a multilateral institution such as the International Monetary Fund."

The proposals, included in UNCTAD's annual Trade and Development Report , amount to the most radical suggestions for redesigning the global monetary system.

Although many economists have pointed out that the economic crisis owed more to the malfunctioning of the post-Bretton Woods system, until now no major institution, including the G20 , has come up with an alternative. The goal is for the G20 to transform the International Monetary Fund (IMF) into a global Federal Reserve System. It is the Federal Reserve System which has controlled the U.S. money supply since 1914. The Federal Reserve System has nothing to do with the "Federal" government. It is a secretive and private corporation owned by international banking interests who control our political system, economy and money. In short, since 1914 the U.S. Government ended being a government run by "we the people" and has been under the control of international bankers. The Council on Foreign Relations is run by the same people who run the Federal Reserve. Here we have two of the most powerful groups in America and the world and there is almost a complete media black-out on them. The average American knows nothing about them except disinformation. Anyone who brings up the "elephants in the living room" is marginalized and demonized. Both political parties are controlled by these groups and their agenda has been a one world economic system and a one world government for a long time. Although, they do not realize it they are a fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of Daniel when he predicted a Revived Roman Empire and the "Fourth Beast."

We are moving quickly to Revelation Chapter 13 which talks of a global government and a one world economic system along with a "mark of the beast." The majority of the Church in America and around the world in Western nations is the Laodecian Church which had lost its spiritual vision. The root cause for this is that especially the Church in America has been seduced into substituting the philosophies of men for the Word of God. We are far deeper into the great apostasy that the Apostle Paul warned us about in II Thessalonians than most people realize. False teachers and false prophets abound in our time, except they do not wear signs which say "false teacher" on them.

Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Vulture Capitalists, Pope Smoke, $tudent Debt Bubble, NYPD & Kimani Gray

The Federal Reserve has been holding interest rates on the floor for eons, they're pushing a cheap credit scheme Abby. 2) Predatory loans assume that the borrower was duped. Unless they were legitimately duped & terms of the contract were violated, that's no more than a emotionally-charged smear/talking point. If the borrower defaults, what does the bank gain 3) Why do you think colleges continue to raise tuition? They know the govt is continually subsidizing these loans
Vulture Capitalists, Pope Smoke, $tudent Debt Bubble, NYPD & Kimani Gray : On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin calls out the corporate press for their round-the-clock coverage of 'pope smoke' whilst neglecting the Guantanamo hunger strikers, and the DHS buying 1.6 billon rounds of ammunition. Abby then talks to Pete Eyre, from Cop Block, about the NYPD's involvement in the death of a Kimani Gray and their egregious overstepping of civil liberties. Abby then talks to Michael Dannenberg, of Education Trust, about the trillion-dollar student debt bubble. BTS wraps up the show with a look at Charles and David Koch's financial empire & the extent of their influence in the corporate takeover of America.

Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (3-13-13) George Noory

On this Wednesday, March 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the story of a New Jersey woman arrested for allegedly making domestic terror threats after reciting the Constitution at a public meeting. Police violated her Second Amendment rights by demanding she turn over her firearms. Alex continues his coverage of government seizing guns in California, jailing a man for releasing balloons in Florida, and a story exposing the federal government's stockpiling a massive amount of ammunition finally going mainstream. Alex welcomes back to the show Coast to Coast AM radio talk show host George Noory, who is the author of Worker In The Light: Unlock Your Five Senses And Liberate Your Limitless Potential and also host of Beyond Belief, a weekly TV show exploring the unknown, and mysteries of the universe. Alex also talks with Daniel Francisco, the Executive Director of Project Veritas.

Franciscus I : The First Jesuit Pope

Francis I Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; December 17, 1936) is the 266th and current POPE of the Catholic Church, elected on March 13, 2013. He chose his regnal name in honor of the Catholic saint Francis of Assisi. He is the first Pope born in the Americas. Prior to his election, he served as Archbishop of Buenos Aires , since 1998, and as a Cardinal since 2001. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, one of the five children of an Italian railway worker and his wife. After studying at the Seminary in Villa Devoto, he entered the Society of Jesus on March 11, 1958. Bergoglio obtained a licentiate in philosophy from the Colegio Máximo San José in San Miguel and then taught literature and psychology at the Colegio de la Inmaculada in Santa Fe and the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires. He was ordained to the priesthood on December 13, 1969, by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano. He attended the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel, a seminary in San Miguel. Bergoglio attained the position of novice master there and became professor of theology. Impressed with his leadership skills, the Society of Jesus promoted Bergoglio and he served as provincial for Argentina from 1973 to 1979. He was transferred in 1980 to become the Rector of the seminary in San Miguel where he had studied. He served in that capacity until 1986. He completed his doctoral dissertation in Germany and returned to his homeland to serve as confessor and spiritual director in Cordoba.

Prophetic Update : Is The New Pope Francis The Last Pope of St Malachy Prophec?y

Prophetic Update 3-13-13

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected pope, and will be known as Pope Francis. Bergoglio, 76, becomes the first pope from the Americas. He has chosen to be known as Pope Francis. The 76-year-old has spent nearly his entire career at home in Argentina, overseeing churches and shoe-leather priests. Francis, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, reportedly got the second-most votes from the 115 cardinals after Joseph Ratzinger in the 2005 papal election, and he has long specialized in the kind of pastoral work that some say is an essential skill for the next pope. In a lifetime of teaching and leading priests in Latin America, which has the largest share of the world's Catholics, Francis has shown a keen political sensibility as well as the kind of self-effacing humility that fellow cardinals value highly. He is also known for modernizing an Argentine church that had been among the most conservative in Latin America. White smoke billowed from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel earlier Wednesday, indicating the cardinals selected Francis after two days of voting. Doomsday fanatics claim that a 12th century prophecy states the successor to Benedict XVI will be the last pope before the end of the world. After the Mayan 2012 prophecies failed to materialise, apocalypse aficionados have turned their attention to the purported writings of St Malachy, an Irish saint and Archbishop of Armagh, who lived between 1094 and 1148. St Malachy is said to have travelled to Rome in 1139, where he experienced a vision of future popes, writing down a series of 112 cryptic phrases that described each one in turn. This list was "lost" in the Roman Archives until 1590, found by Benedictine monk Fra Arnold de Wyon. The current Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI, who is stepping down, is number 111. The list ends at 112 with a black pope identified as "Peter the Roman", whose pontificate will allegedly bring the destruction of the city of Rome, the Catholic Church and usher the beginning of the Apocalypse. Saint Malachy's final words were: "Rome, the seat of the Vatican, will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."

The New Pope is Francis I From Argentina

Argentina's Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas. He choose the name Francis.

Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected the 266th pope, making him the leader of the 1.2 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church. Francis I was elected on Wednesday on the second day of the conclave in Vatican City, after receiving the required two-thirds majority, or at least 77 votes of the 115 cardinal electors from 48 countries.

Student Loan Debt: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Is Student Loan Debt Forgiveness a Good Idea? We cannot fix a Keynesian economic system that is on the verge of total collapse with a free market economic system unless you start over.In a Keynesian system money is debt and cannot ever be repaid back or their would be no money left in circulation. The only solutions without suffering an outright dollar collapse is debt forgiveness,and debt reduction,which would cause some inflation.

Student loans are difficult to repay in a sluggish economy, and many recent graduates are struggling under considerable debt. One proposal is forgiving student loans, but Prof. Daniel Lin argues that debt forgiveness does not resolve the underlying causes of rising student debt, and therefore cannot prevent future debt problems. Instead of debt forgiveness, Prof. Lin suggests making student loans like other types of loans: dischargeable in bankruptcy. This places the burden on lenders to ensure that students are not taking more debt than they can handle. While it would lead to a reduction in the amount of loan dollars awarded and increase interest rates, these are natural incentives that encourage borrowers to be more careful right now, and in the future, which puts pressure on colleges and universities to control their costs. According to Prof. Lin, making student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy is a good first step in reform aimed at resolving student debt and rising tuition costs

Breaking California Starts Gun confiscation state wide!

Breaking California Start's Gun confiscation state wide!


Armed Pilots = Safer Planes (No hijackings since 9/11) From 1970-1990 there were (2) mass shootings at schools, consisting of three or more homicides by an assailant. Then the Gun Free School Zones Act was passed in 1990. Since 1990, there have been (19) mass shootings at schools, consisting of three or more homicides by an assailant. Help save our children; allow teachers to carry concealed again! Armed Teachers = Safer Classrooms (No mass shootings since ) ...the globalists are manipulating everything around here, the guns will be taken away, then what ?, a matrix with RFid chips and no way out of a global enslavement...600 FEMA camps in the country on standby ready for inmates .

BREAKING: New York Shooting 6 Shot, 4 Dead

(CBS/AP) HERKIMER, N.Y. - Police in upstate New York are searching for a gunman after shootings at two different businesses left four people dead and at least two wounded, according to local media reports. According to, police say two people were fatally shot at Gaffey's car wash in Herkimer and two more were gunned down at a business on Washington Street in Herkimer. The survivors were injured during the spree, but police did not say at which location. State police told media outlets that the second business was a barber shop. Herkimer Village police would only say there was a shooting and a manhunt. In the meantime, local schools are on lockdown. The shooting happened about 65 miles east of Syracuse.

The War on the Second Amendment Has Only Just Begun

Cam Edwards talks to John Hinderaker

Corrupt gun grabbing politicians have done an excellent job brainwashing the public into believing that it is possible for a semi-auto weapon to be an assault rifle or assault weapon. This is completely opposite the original military definition of either an assault rifle or assault weapon. Politicians and limousine liberals want the public to connect 'assault' with semi-auto weapons on this matter so it would be easier to disarm the people. 'Assault' is inaccurate for any semi-auto firearm. We the mainstream US citizens must stand up for our rights in all corners of our nation. We must insist that our youth receives a balanced and unbiased education free from political extremism from the instructors. We must remove outside influence from our government. Silly liberals, paychecks are for workers.....we will keep our 2nd amendment.why don't they ban beer it kills more than gun's.they are lot's of things that kill more people than gun's.why are they not talking about any thing but guns.

America accuses China of Cyber Security Attacks

China has been doing this for a very very long time, and they are getting better at it. It used to be the Soviets that was the big problem, but the Russians have taken a back seat to the Chinese. I can recall over ten years ago I set up a network sniffer in my private home network, I'd get ten or more port probes that I traced back to China daily. That was over ten years ago. Today, If I set up my network sniffer, I will log over 200 attempts That I can back trace to China.

China has offered to help the United States combat cyber terrorism, which has been identified as the top security threat for the US. The White House has accused Chinese hackers of attacking the country's interests. On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama will meet with corporate leaders in the White House's Situation Room to discuss efforts to improve cyber security in private industries. He seeks to gain input from CEOs on how the government and the private sector can best work together to reach this goal. Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher report from Washington.
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