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Anonymous - FREE energy will FREE humanity

Dear citizens of the planet earth.
We are anonymous.
We are the answer to all living things that cry out for peace.
We are the protectors of the innocent.
We are the light in the darkness.
We are truth.
Corporations have more power than the governments.
Technology is surpressed from the masses.
Drones will be used by few,to control the many.
As long as man dies , liberty will never perish ?
The technologies to make the human beings live longer are here.
But they will only be availble to the elite and the rich.
As they free themselfs and enslave the rest of us.
A new class of heroes is born from the last place where there is still freedom.
That place is where the human mind has been uploaded.
All anonymous collectives you are missing the big picture.
Its exactley what they want ! you are fighting their puppets not them.
They will just wait that things to cool off, and will replace their puppetiers with others.
They will never stop.
Keeping you in the fighting state of mind is in their interest.
While they are developing new technologies to keep us dependent on their corporations.
Dependent on their resources, their technologies.
It has always been like this ,don't you get it ?
Find a way to release all supressed technologies.
Electromagnetic engines ! there is FREE energy, even if you don't believe it.
Make tutorials of how to build them with cheap household items.
Show people how to make their own materials needed to build them.
If we fix the energy problem there will be no need for a fight.
Use all your knowledge ,power and wisdom to do it.
We are all the same.
We will proove it.
They will pay for their crimes.
We will make sure of it.
But first lets make sure,
That our future is secured.
Message to the rulers of this planet.


Only someone that is brainwashed would trust any government because power corrupts. The vast majority of human history there has been tyranny everywhere. Total freedom has never existed and wherever any kind of freedom has ever existed it has never lasted. Yet you think people should trust their government? Why? Government doesn't have a good track record. Trusting government with freedom is like trusting a drug addict with money. Sooner or later they will give it away to get what they want.

Edgar Cayces Readings

Date: 07-10-08
Host: George Noory
Guests: Sidney D. Kirkpatrick, Major Ed Dames

Author and filmmaker Sydney Kirkpatrick discussed his research into the American prophet Edgar Cayce. He had exclusive access to Cayce's personal papers and trance readings, including the names of people who received readings, such as George Gershwin, Gloria Swanson, Tesla and Edison. Cayce provided thousands of readings in a trance state-- his sources varied, but they included deceased spirits and angelic beings, Kirkpatrick detailed.

Many of his medical readings turned out to have great accuracy-- Kirkpatrick described the case of a boy whose life was saved at the last minute by following Cayce's recommendation of taking belladonna. His health readings of individuals often contained additional information related to such topics as science, Atlantis, and earth changes. The Atlanteans suffered three cataclysms, brought about by their own technology, he noted.

Cayce said life does exist on other planets, but we wouldn't recognize it as life as we understand it.He spoke of an antigravity device that uses rotating magnetic discs, and described how to make a "Stansell" motor-- a perpetual motion machine.During a 1934 reading, he predicted a time when the western portion of the United States would be broken off, and there'd be a pole shift. He cited the name of John Peniel (a reincarnation of John the Apostle), as being a person who'd be around at this time to usher in the changes. Some have claimed that the author Jon Peniel could be this person.

The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order ~ Damon Vickers

Date: 02-15-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Damon Vickers

Chief Investment Officer of Nine Points Capital Partners, and author of The Day After the Dollar Crashes, Damon Vickers discussed how the New World Order (NWO) and globalization are not only inevitable but will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the entire world. "I know that the New World Order has been vilified, but the order of things looks like it's in the process of changing; looks like we are moving towards something new," he said. He's created a video that depicts a 14 Day Timeline showing possible events leading up to the crash of the dollar and the aftermath. The crash might begin with the world refusing to buy U.S. Treasury notes, he detailed.

Huge wage disparities such as between the US and China, as well as the disparity over the costs of production are creating "fault lines" that will result in a global currency crisis, he said, adding that when this unfolds we'll likely get an alignment of a global world government that shares a global currency. America's massive debt as well as the rest of the world's would be reset in a scenario he described as the Global Unification System. A global reserve would potentially replace the Federal Reserve, Vickers explained.

While he believes the NWO will ultimately have a very positive effect, he admitted that the transition into it could prove to be difficult, with food scarcities and other problems arising. Vickers noted that even though we are citizens of a particular country, we are also residents of the world, and thus have a global identity. In the NWO, he believes a variety of cultural and religious identities can be preserved, just as multiculturalism is currently promoted in the US. He envisions a body of about 300 people coming together to represent various segments of the global population.

Webster Tarpley ~ Beppe Grillo is a Right Wing Demagogue

Italy Elections: Anything but Austerity| Interview with Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley is a hard-core keynesian. Develop infrastructure, create jobs, print money. How can one create infrastructure by printing money. May work for a few months but will eventually result in a disaster, hyperinflation, etc. Tarpley started to become obvious of his who he is. Literally everything he's saying here is either statist or backasswards from reality. Grillo's NOs show that Grillo is against Agenda 21... while Tarpley turns the meaning upside down while he lists all those "jobs" that can be created BY AGENDA 21 projects! It's Tarpley who is FOR Agenda 21. But he doesn't explain with WHAT FUNDS all those Agenda21 jobs will be payed for. Also, Tarpley calls immigration restrictions, racism. Very disappointing.

America, Land of the Slave: Prison Labor = Modern day Slavery

More Black people in jail than there were slaves in the 1800's doing jobs for large companies . these companies could have and should have created jobs for the public instead of prisoners.This is a Barbaric system and the judicial system is using it purely for profits...You might remember Dick Cheney was indicted in 2008 for a private prison profiteering scam. The grand jury accused Cheney of a conflict of interest because of his alleged influence over the county's federal immigrant prison and his investments in the Vanguard Group, which invests in private prison companies.

Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today ~ The Slave Next Door

Coast To Coast AM - Mar 02 2013 - Human Trafficking C2CAM

Date: 03-02-13
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Brad BarkerJohn B. Wells welcomes Brad Barker, president and founder of HALO Corporation, will provide an inside look at true stories of human trafficking as well as positive accounts of rescue and recovery. Brad will share his insights on counter-terrorism, emergency response, public safety, practical defense training, and how to prepare.

Economic Crisis Triggered Mali invasion

Economic crisis in West triggers Mali invasion

An analyst says that the alliance of imperialist Western countries, all in economic depression at home, have violently invaded Mali to seize its riches to take back home. In the background of this a lot of civilians have already died or been displaced in the fighting in Mali since French-led invasion forces landed in January this year. A deteriorating humanitarian situation has been raised by locals. The militants the French and other allied countries are fighting the same al-Qaeda linked groups threat they themselves funded and fought alongside in Libya. It is reported that Qatar is still funding these forces to the angst for the French. Press TV has interviewed Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor Pan African Wire Magazine, Detroit about this issue.

Beppe Grillo The Italian George Carlin Explaining The Fraud Behind Money and Debt

The world is a tragedy to those that feel, and a comedy to those that think...Beppe Grillo is a comedian, blogger turn politician who is causing a lot of distress in the fake facade of the monetary system in Europe. After watching this video, you know why. The Money Scam is hidden right out in the open, yet buried in complication and confusion. A retired banker describes simply, the world's Money Scam and the reason every country is now going bankrupt. Private bankers have stolen the money creation process, and whereas once our money was created by the governments, debt-free, it is now created out of thin air and issued as debt with interest charges. In today's banker controlled world, money = debt, debt = slavery and therefore money = slavery --- our monetary systems have become systems of enslavement. Money is created out of nothing, issued as debt, not enough money is created for the future interest payments and inflation steals our savings. The money creation process should be taken away from the banks and given to the governments who can create money debt-free, interest-free. This is how it used to be done and we needed no income taxes. Finally, it is explained what we should do to stop supporting the money scam.

David Icke - The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!!

David Icke - The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!!

David Icke is a one man wrecking machine against the satanic elite.He has exposed the crown of London for what it was,global tyrants that infiltrated Christianity and used it to hide their true agenda. English writer and journalist David Icke to discuss recent studies speculating on the possibly-contrived nature of reality and the idea that the universe could in fact be one large computer simulation. Alex will also hit on other important news items and take your calls

Max Keiser ~ Robo-Bankers are Coming to Rob You

China is developing Robotic technology and likely in the near future will export Chinese cheap robotic labor around the world. China have been exporting cheap labor but now that Chinese labor is not that cheap anymore. So they want to do something different. Foxcon is undergoing a Robotic revolution inside the corporation starting few years ago. They has been developing making robots because their smart CEO knew their business model of militarized their Chinese factory workers. At some point of time they will become unmanageable. So robots are infinitely preferable. Foxcon is ongoing a Robotic revolution inside the corporation starting few years ago. They has been developing making robots because their smart CEO knew their model is not sustainable. That’s militarized their Chinese factory workers. At some they will be unmanageable. So robots are infinitely preferable.

US Economic Collapse 2013 - Be Prepared!

Capitalism made everyone selfish to death, the uber rich own printing presses...they then crash the system and buy up real assets, resources and infrastructure for pennies on the dollar ....when are the masses gonna say enough? There is only one way to survive it. You have to get out of debt, it means you'll need to suffer a huge sacrifice. We need a revolution. Americans need to be prepared to fight back. Stop worshipping these celebrities, stop watching propaganda media, stop being subdued in their music, clubs, drinking. Say no to drugs(narcotic and pharmaceutical. Keep your mind clear. Tell your children that you love them. Stay in family. They are turning Humans into animals. Slaves to the system as controlled and mindless robots .

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