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The Economic Collapse and The End Of Our Liberty

Americans are slaves who are constantly under police surveillance.Democracy,freedom and opportunity are just illusions created to calm obeying sheep. We are hypnotized by idiotic Hollywood movies, idiotic TV shows,false values, bad school system ,miserable salaries and by constant lies of false patriots and corrupted government. None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free Goethe

"End of Liberty" exposes from a real life perspective how the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse. All Americans are now experiencing countless warning signs on a daily basis that a societal collapse is near. Unfortunately, most Americans don't understand the significance of these warning signs. Each warning sign by itself doesn't appear to have a lot of meaning, but together these warning signs present a very detailed picture of the current state of the U.S. economy and where this country is soon headed. The documentary is over an hour long and features Gerald Celente, the most accurate trends forecaster in U.S. history. End of Liberty also features the National Inflation Association's president Gerard Adams, who on February 5th purchased call options in the silver ETF at $0.89 (NIA publicly announced his purchase to NIA members on February 8th) that he sold last week at $4.25 for a gain of 378% in a little over eight months. This film was written with the help of thousands of NIA members who submitted their ideas of warning signs that a societal collapse is near. NIA's critically acclaimed documentaries Meltup, The Dollar Bubble, and Hyperinflation Nation have now received a combined 2.1 million views. In all three of NIA's previous documentaries, NIA strongly urged its viewers to consider investing into gold and silver, in order to protect themselves from a collapsing U.S. dollar. Since the release of NIA's first documentary Hyperinflation Nation on June 28th, 2009, gold has risen by 48% from $940 per ounce to a new all time high of $1,388 per ounce, and silver has risen by 74% from $14.13 per ounce to a new 30-year high of $24.65 per ounce.

Webster Tarpley world crisis radio February 23 2013

Webster Tarpley world crisis radio, February 23 2013 edition!

Webster Griffin Tarpley is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. Tarpley is a member of the "world anti-imperialist conference" Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human HistoryAgainst Oligarchy. He is currently completing a study of Pearl Harbor as an episode in Wall Street's war against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and FDR's economic bill of rights. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. From 1974 to 1984, he was a correspondent in central Europe, during which time he co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro (Who Killed Aldo Moro, 1978) a study of international terrorism. In 1979-80, he appeared as commentator for Teleradiosole, a television station in Rome. From 1984 to 1996, he was a correspondent in Washington DC. Tarpley is the co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has sold 30,000 copies and remains the only critical biography of the former President. In 1997 he published an anthology entitled Against Oligarchy: Essays and Speeches 1970-1996. These books can be consulted on the internet at His 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the Bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement, has sold over 20,000 copies. His two books on Obama are virtually the only critical ones in print from a progressive viewpoint. Tarpley has lectured in numerous colleges and universities around the world. In 1995 he was named a consultant to the Universal Ecological Academy of Moscow. He holds an MA from Skidmore College and a Ph.D. in history from the Catholic University of America. Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks.

Abdication of the Pope & Usury in Christendom ~ Michael Hoffman

Red Ice Radio - Michael Hoffman - Abdication of the Pope & Usury in Christendom

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the Associated Press and the author of six books of radical history, journalism and literature. He describes himself as a "heretical writer." Hoffman is also the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History. In the first hour, we begin discussing Pope Benedict's resignation. Michael questions who procured his abdication and he talks about ruthlessness in the pious conclaves. We'll also discuss Masonry within the Roman Catholic Church. Then, we talk about his new book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. Michael explains how the Renaissance was not a great rebirth but instead saw the rise of the machine of the social robot, the rise of money power and usury. He talks about usury in religious doctrine and the early Protestant's resistance to the usury revolution. In the member's hour, we return to the Vatican and discuss their symbiotic relationships. Michael talks about how they play both sides as the Kabalistic chameleon. He'll speak more about the destructive qualities of usury, a parasitic element in our world. Later, we talk about scientism as the new God and cryptocracy replicating a Satanic force.

Doomsday 2013 ~ National Geograhic Top Secrets

National Geograhic Top Secrets S01E02 Doomsday

According to some doomsday theorists, we are running out of time. Scientists and conspiracy writers break down the 10 worst-case doomsday scenarios, as well as secrets to support each theory. History has proven that a catastrophic earthquake occurs about every 500 years and the next could happen any day. With low birth rates around the world, human extinction could be on the horizon. From a viral pandemic to a giant asteroid, this special explores how the world might end sooner than we think.

The Cardinal That Could Become First Black Pope from Ghana

2/23/13 - Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, considered by many to be the favorite to succeed Pope Benedict XVI (which would make him the first black Pope), created an uproar with his response to Christiane Amanpour's question about the possibility of the Catholic Church's sex scandal spreading to Africa. For Turkson, the issue isn't Church-wide cover ups of the scandal or any other systematic problem; instead, Turkson thinks the abuse occurred because there were too many gay priests in Europe and North America. "African traditional systems kind of protect or have protected its population against this tendency," he said. "Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind are not countenanced in our society."

Right. As CNN dutifully noted in their post about the interview: "According to the American Psychological Association, 'homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are.'"

Ruth Hunt, the director of public affairs at Stonewall UK, a LGBT charity, condemned Turkson's statement. "Cardinal Turkson's comments show a surprisingly callous disregard for the human rights of millions of people worldwide," she told the Times UK.

A spokesman for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests also criticized the remarks. "We hear less about clergy sex crimes and cover ups in Africa for the same reasons we do throughout the developing world - there tends to be lesser funding for law enforcement, less vigorous civil justice systems, less independent journalism, and an even greater power and wealth difference between church officials and their congregants," he said.

And if you think Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State and another popular pick to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, has a more progressive stance, bad news; according to the Daily Mail, his views are almost identical to Turkson's. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone...said that some psychiatrists had found a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia. 'That is the problem,' he said.

The 7 Trumpets of Revelation : Economic Collapse, Famine, Aliens, Global Warming and The End of the World

The Pope has just resigned... I hope this suffering world will end and Jesus will come back and serve justice! Amen!

Matthew 24. Then the end will come when you catch sight of the disgusting abomination standing in a holy place..........Let no one deceive you... The Holy Place is NOT the church of Rome as they are NOT holy or keepers of the commandments of God's law: The Torah. The only holy place on this planet is still Israel as God has promised this land to Abraham's seed...........?

Ancient Text, Prophecy, and Consciousness ~ Steven Hairfield

Date: 02-14-06
Host: George Noory
Guests: Steven Hairfield

Scholar of ancient text, prophecy, and consciousness, Steven Hairfield discussed our changing times. Through his cross study of the Vedas, Sutras, Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls, and works of the Hopis and Mayans, he believes that everything is pointing towards the imminent "awakening of the soul" or "birth of the divine." This transformation deals with a change in polarities both on a personal and planetary scale, he explained.

Hairfield sees massive earth changes occurring as we are coming to the conclusion of two cycles- one of 5,000 years, the other of 25,000 years. He has recalibrated the Mayans' end date of "2012," and predicts that cataclysmic events could come this year, such as major quakes on the West Coast of the U.S., which he said are overdue. Eventually he foresees much less land mass, such as shown in the maps of Lori Toye. An advocate of meditation, Hairfield stressed the importance of experiencing the stillness of mind in order for guidance. He views the upcoming changes as a positive transformation for humankind.

Challenges to Security in Northwest Africa ~ STRATFOR

Mali, another gold theft. The leaders of Mali already know about the "gold shuffle" and the gold bars with tungsten. They are looking for a new petrol dollar, like Libya. Irony much? This is the same news since 700 AD.

Stratfor's Vice President of Africa Analysis Mark Schroeder discusses the links between al Qaeda and the jihadist groups operating in north and west Africa, threats to Nigeria and the French intervention in Mali.

Edgar Cayces Prophecies and Insights ~ John Van Auken

Cayces Prophecies and Insights

Date: 05-20-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: John Van Auken

Director at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) since 1969, John Van Auken discussed the "Sleeping Prophet's" visions for the future, as well as his insights into such topics as the Mayans, Egypt, Atlantis, dreaming, and health remedies. The Mayans were comparable to the Atlanteans in terms of their being attuned to "celestial consciousness," but both groups eventually devolved into more war-like states, Cayce said. Interestingly, Cayce's view of seven cycles or ages corresponds with the Mayans, Van Auken noted. Passageways in the Great Pyramid at Giza have prophecies carved in stone, which end in the year 2038, and Cayce concurred that these predictions were for the most part correct, said Van Auken.

Cayce believed that souls similar to ours exist in different forms in other dimensions and planets, and that it's possible to communicate with them. Further, he said that the human body was evolving into a new form, and that we would eventually have 12 chakras (energy centers) instead of seven. Regarding reincarnation, he suggested that our individual personalities are absorbed back into the soul upon death.

According to Van Auken, Cayce accurately predicted such events as the Stock Market Crash of 1929, World War II, and the Indonesian tsunami of 2004. His future predictions include a pole shift, and the Great Lakes draining into the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi & Ohio rivers. Cayce gave many medical readings throughout his career, and the A.R.E. offers a free database of some of this information.

Stefan Molyneux ~ Anarchy Means "Without Rulers" - Not "Without Rules"!

The literal meaning of "Anarchism" (from it's Greek origins) is "contrary to authority." Anarchism means no submission to authority, laws, or government of any kind. No Anarchist society has ever existed successfully, because it can't. Human beings have not evolved to a point where NO "enforcement of rules" is needed and it is doubtful we ever will. Sameness is not in our genes, diversity is. Period. Minarchism is the only rational way forward: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, + Rule of Law.

The Freedomain Radio Sunday Philosophy Call in Show, February 17th, 2013

0:00 Dr. Warren Farrell Co-Hosting Next Week!
1:30 Anarchy and Religiosity
21:40 Selling Freedom to Liberals
1:01:20 Anarchism and Business Ethics
1:14:00 Documentary/Tokyo Update!
1:57:10 Rousseau, Childhood and Intellectual Hypocrisy

David Icke - What Are You Doing? ME ME ME...

Absolutely never hear public figures speaking out about important topics like this especially when they have the access to talk to thousands of people..fucking right its all about me ME ME tell them David , I've been following David Icke for ages. All he's been saying all these years is happening now. Inspiring. Even if people disagree on the lizard thing or the artificial moon, how can they possibly deny what he says about our system and our society ???? i hope they dont play some trick like with assange to silence and discredit him.

Russell Targ ~ Inception of Remote Viewing & The Reality of ESP

Red Ice Radio - Russell Targ - Hour 1 - Inception of Remote Viewing & The Reality of ESP

Russell Targ is a physicist, scientific researcher and author whose pioneering contributions to laser and laser communications has earned him two National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Queens College and did graduate work in physics at Columbia University. Targ has published over a hundred scientific papers on lasers, plasma physics, and ESP research. In 1972 Targ cofounded and worked for the innovative CIA-sponsored Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where psychic abilities were tested for two decades. Targ retired as the senior staff scientist from Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Co. in 1997. His latest book, The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities, comprehensively details the recently declassified data collected at SRI, as well as serving as a guide to allow everyone to tap into their own psychic potentials. He teaches remote viewing workshops worldwide, and has coauthored eight books on the topic of psychic abilities. In this program we cover the inception of the remote viewing program at SRI and the reality of extra sensory perception. Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann were two talented remote viewers that Targ worked with in the early days. He also talks about Werner Von Braun at NASA and the CIA's interest in the concept of psychic spies. In the second hour, Russell asks Henrik to describe an object he held in his hands during the first hour. Also, we discuss psychic defense, healing and hurting from a distance. Later, Targ talks about his interest in theosophy and describes how early scientific discoveries was made by utilizing remote viewing. (Note: This program was recorded one day before we heard about the passing of Ingo Swann.)

Europe on verge of Economic Apartheid

An analyst says if European central banks continue to act on behalf of bankers and wealthy institutions rather than the whole economy, Europe will soon face an 'economic Apartheid.' The European Commission says the eurozone will witness another year of recession in 2013 as the economic output is slated to decline by 0.3 percent following a 0.6-percent contraction in 2012.

The European Commission said on Friday that the unemployment rate across the 17-nation bloc would also rise in 2013. The EU's winter economic forecast said that the jobless rate in the euro area would hit 12.2 percent for 2013. Press TV has conducted an interview with Brent Budowsky, a columnist from the Hill, to further discuss the issue. The program also offers the opinions of political and economic expert Chris Dorsey and Secretary General of the CIPI Foundation Paolo Raffone.

Max Igan ~ Programming and the Predator Mind

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - February 22th, 2013

Individual achievement and self respect don't seem to have any place within collective ideology. To serve others or creation as you put it without realizing there are real human predators out there who will feed off your energy seems a little naive. The collective mind could be a myth because humanities achievements have historically stemmed from individuals ideas, an individuals determination to solve a problem we all face?
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