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UK on the Verge of Triple-Dip Recession

UK GDP fell BY 0.3% in the last quarter of 2012 - worse than most forecasts predicted. It's the biggest contraction since 2008. Experts say Britain's third recession in four years is now looming. The latest figures have set even more alarm bells ringing over the government's economic policy. On Thursday, the IMF slammed it - saying the government must change course, and slow down planned spending cuts, that will hit the most vulnerable the hardest. But the government defiantly defends the policy. While some experts believe the country can still avoid the feared return of recession, most are not hopeful. Britain has a bumpy economy and a bumpy road ahead.

Anonymous Declares War on The U.S. Government to avenge the death of Aaron Swartz

Anonymous Said It Was Declaring War On The U.S. Government , The hacker-activist group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for taking down a government website Saturday. NPR's Giles Snyder reports for our Newscast unit:"The group says it hijacked the website of the U.S. sentencing commission to avenge the death of Aaron Swartz, the Internet activist who committed suicide earlier this month. The hackers also claim to have infiltrated several government computers and are threatening to make secret information public."Family and friends blamed federal prosecutors for aggressively pursuing Swartz for allegedly downloading millions of academic articles with the intention of distributing them for free, Snyder says. Just 26 at the time of his death, Swartz was a co-founder of the social media website Reddit.Instead of the agency's home page, the group posted a message saying a line had been crossed. They claim to have "infiltrated several government computer systems and is threatening to make public secret information," Snyder says.

Ron Paul : The War on Global Terrorism is a Domestic War on our Civil L|iberty

January 26, 2013 : Ron Paul on "The Libertarian Future" - Mises Institute's Carl Davis Distinguished Lecture 1/26/2013 Ron Paul giving the Carl Davis Distinguished Lecture on "The Libertarian Future" Ron Paul : "The war on global terrorism is a domestic war on our civil liberty"

The Lost Tomb ~ Coast to Coast AM

Four guests reacted to the claim that Jesus' tomb may have been found. During the first 90 minutes, ancient language scholar Mike Heiser and theological researcher Darrell Bock shared their thoughts. The finding of ossuary boxes from a 1st century tomb is actually "old news," dating back to a 1980 discovery, Heiser pointed out. Bock concurred, calling it old evidence being given a fresh spin. The theory that the boxes once contained the bones of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is "a lot of hype," he said, and though their names were inscribed on the boxes, those names were very common in the population of that era. If it was truly Jesus' family tomb wouldn't it be found in Galilee, he asked. Heiser noted that even the archeologist who made the original discovery was skeptical of the current claims.

In the second 90 minutes, Glenn Kimball, an expert on ancient manuscripts, and investigative mythologist William Henry appeared. Such tomb claims are prolific, Kimball declared, citing Japan, Kashmir, Africa, and Western Europe as other places where Jesus has been said to be buried. Henry mentioned FDR's interest in finding Christ's casket in China. He commended James Cameron and his crew for putting together an interesting investigation, but he believes the real issue worth exploring is the resurrection, the bodily transformation/ascension that is within us all. Kimball noted the story of resurrection dates back much earlier than Jesus, and was, for example, described in the ancient Sumerian records.


Mike Heiser received his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and ancient Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently Academic Editor for Logos Bible Software, a company that creates ancient language research software and digital resources for studying the ancient and biblical world. Mike is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Institute for Biblical Research, the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, the American Academy of Religion, and the Evangelical Theological Society. In 2005, Mike was named by Fate Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Ufology.


Glenn Kimball has a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Communications. In addition he has successfully completed all course work for a Ph.D. in Communications and passed his doctoral exams, lacking his dissertation. He was the former president of International Exchange School and vice president of two cellular phone companies. Glenn has taught school at Southern Illinois University and was ranked by student evaluations in the top ten instructors at the university. He has been collecting ancient texts since the age of fifteen and is famous for being able to integrate very diverse texts into a contiguous story line.

Due to the censorship of time and doubt, most of the documents and oral stories chronicling the early life of Jesus were destroyed, lost, or forgotten. After 25 years of research, during which Kimball visited museums, Indian tribes, medicine men, and universities, he assembled some of the missing links and unsolved mysteries of Christianity.


William Henry is an investigative mythologist and author of ten books on ancient mythology and neo-archaeology with a Stargate twist. By applying the latest theories in science and consciousness to ancient myths of the gates of the illumined gods, including Sumerian, Egyptian and Holy Grail gateway myths, he hopes to uncover the secrets of the guarded, by such groups as the Illuminati. His latest book, Oracle of the Illuminati, states that we are on the verge of rediscovering the sacred science of creating peace on Earth.

Historical Occurrences Of Cometary Alignments ► James McCanney Science Hour ► 01.24.2013

January 19, 2013 posting ... the topics for this coming week's show are already forming into a truly important and informative show ... i have uncovered some VERY interesting historical occurrences dealing with cometary alignments with the planets ... it relates to some esoteric astronomical studies that date back to the middle ages ... be sure to listen to the radio shows of past weeks if you missed them and get ready for this coming week ... guaranteed to bring out the best in my work with information you will not hear anywhere else ... Jim McCanney

Essential Liberty! ~ Stefan Molyneux

0:00 Why Statelessness? 3:28 Human Nature is Hierarchical? 8:54 Violence Crime without Government 12:36 Government Causes Crime Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio - and winner of the 2012 Liberty Inspiration Awards - talks with Ben Lowrey about how any why a society will flourish without a state. Freedomain Radio is the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web


Illinois Moms Arrested for Refusing 'Smart Meters'

Maybe its time to move on, I mean how was America founded?, mainly by people who were harassed in Europe or criminals who fled prosecution or poor people who hoped for a better life they simply left, now they had a place to go to, the problem is that there is no such place anymore, but there are places which aren't in focus and aren't a police state yet,

BenJamin Fulford : The Nazis are creating a Sunni Super state in the Middle East

BENJAMIN FULFORD ON THE NEXUS OF INTEL GANGSTERS The Nazis are creating a Sunni Super state in the middle East , the skull and bones originated in Turkey , the Nazis in their search for allies created the Muslim brotherhood and helped the Indians to gain independence from Britain now they are creating a Sunni superstate in order to counter the Persian empire , the europeans want to secure the middle east as a buffer against Asia

East European Immigrants Flooding into Britain

Problem of Europe immigration to the UK (25Jan13) : One problem that David Cameron's Europe referendum does not much look at is the problem of "Open Borders" immigration and instant welfare claims from these immigrants who've not paid anything into the system. Recorded from BBC Newsnight, 23 January 2013.

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