U.S. and World Economy Predictions for 2014 to 2020, Astrology, Bible Prophecies

U.S. and World Economy Predictions for 2014 to 2020, using Astrology and Bible Prophecies of the Book of Revelation.Predictions of world events, 2014 to 2020. By Astrology, Bible prophecies including the Book of Revelation.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride.
Giant earthquakes predicted in 2014. Rise of the Antichrist in Russia. Alien UFO invasion in 2020.
Astrology charts, the Bible's Book of Revelation.

(Recorded December 31 2013).

Prophecies and Astrology, for 2014 - 2020. Will the Antichrist rise to power? The return of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon? Events described in the Bible's Book of Revelation, the rise of the Antichrist 666, the Battle of Armageddon, the return of Jesus Christ?
World War 3, a nuclear war, an atomic war with nuclear weapons launched on nuclear missiles? Russia sees the rise of the Antichrist Putin 666. Economic depression in Europe?
Critical dates. Predictions for years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Bible prophecy and Book of Revelation prophecies. The Antichrist is identified as President Putin of Russia. The coming of the Messiah.

November 2016. Will Hillary Clinton be elected U.S. President? If Hillary is elected then Hillary - Isis (great of magic, Moon deity) and Putin - Ra (Sun deity) will be in power. And I think Hillary - Isis will have the magic to control Ra.

April 2019. 66 years, 6 months, (666) since potential Antichrist Putin was born in 1952, could relate to the Antichrist Putin and the Battle of Armageddon.
June 14 2019. Unusual Astrology pattern - June 14 2019, Grand Water Trine. Mars - 18 Cancer, Neptune - 18 Pisces, Moon - 18 Scorpio. Mercury also at 15 Cancer. Note that 18=6+6+6.

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