Sunday, December 29, 2013

URGENT REPORT: "Radiation Cloud Fukushima Headed To USA"

Loud or vapor of smoke filled with radiation from reactor # 3 headed to West Coast of America

This is truly a disaster of epic proportions. This will turn into a global epidemic if aggressive steps are not immediately taken. Our primary food source is being contaminated and no one seems to be taking the needed steps to resolve this problem. All of the world governments should be involved in figuring out how to fix this problem. In the next 50 - 100 years, the true toll on the environment will be seen in the way of human casualties from increased cancers of all sorts, sterility, food shortages due to contamination, etc. Not to get biblical, but this could turn into an Armageddon scenario. When the entire world takes notice, it will most likely be too late.

This disaster is worse than Chernobyl. The problem is - the only way to liquidate the consequences effectively under Capitalism would be to institute a form of martial law when government would take possession of corporate property and utilize manpower via army draft. ''
This wasn't necessary in USSR, as they had a standing army at their disposal and the Chernobyl plant as well as most means of production and technology had collective ownership (in other words owned by the people (or, in other words - the government). This is the main reason why they were able to liquidate the consequences so fast.

Otherwise what you have is "limited liability" scenario. Separate corporate bodies like TEPCO not only lack but are powerless to mobilize the kind of vast resources and technology needed to liquidate the consequences of meltdown.
So of course, Japan is extremely reluctant to do go through this "federal emergency" scenario. Most Capitalist countries would be, naturally. And what can the global community do? Really - nothing. They can't mobilize the kind of of manpower and resources needed for precisely the same reasons - lack of authority and lack of resources.
If anything - this is a perfect example of the current system's incapacity to keep people safe. Think of TEPCO's disastrous management of the Fukushima plant, - reactor cooling systems had the least amount of seismic protection, they didn't keep a stock of 12 volt batteries in case of emergency and parts of the plant were in state of disrepair. Corporate ownership of resources is INHERENTLY IRRESPONSIBLE. Their only concern is the profit margin, and they simply assume that nothing bad will happen.
What's happening is a very typical example of the failure of current system to deal with man-made and natural disasters effectively. It's rather obvious, this is why I am willing to bet any sum of money that nothing will be done until it's too late to do anything anyway. In case of global contamination we will simply have a media blackout. And they will pretend that nothing is happening. Just watch.

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