The Bavarian Order of The Illuminati ~ Jeva Singh-Anand & Josef Wäges

Jeva Singh-Anand left teaching in 2005 to become a freelance writer, later branching out into technical and literary translation. He has translated two out of the three full-length German to English translations Illuminati source documents as well as Karl Krause's Higher Spiritualization of the True and Authentic Hieroglyphs of Freemasonry: In Twelve Lodge Lectures. Krause's work sparked his interest in Freemasonry and on the night of the 2012 Venus transit, he became a Master Mason. Josef Wäges' preoccupation with all things Illuminati goes back many years. He has collected all of the original writings of the Illuminati and is currently collaborating with Jeva Singh-Anand and Reinhard Markner on a translation of the complete ritual and doctrine of the Illuminati, which features previously unpublished documents. They have been called "apologists" for the Illuminati but are however among the few who have actually translated the ritual and doctrine of the real Bavarian Illuminati. They will discuss the origins, history and fate of the order. We'll talk about Illuminati rituals, the connection to freemasonry, the occult and their political legacy. In the second hour, we speak more about the rituals and the structure of the illuminati degrees. Also, we discuss the ideology of the Illuminati and where they would be on the political spectrum of today.


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